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Maroue Reus, also known as Dunkel Blau, is an audio engineer, animator, and CG designer on Battle for BFDI. She is first credited in BFB 9 alongside Amor Boretto.

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  • Her favorite BFB character is TV.
  • She is a self-described object show aficionado.
  • She has an interest in robotics and has competed in robotics competitions.
  • She created the Photo Cake.
  • Like Caedmon and Amor, she is also a furry fan.
  • Her nickname, Dunkel Blau, is German for dark blue.
  • In December 2016, Dunkel Blau made many tool-assisted speedrun videos of BFDIA 5b that showcased many new discoveries, the most famous being the grab boosting technique. The technique made her the first to discover a theoretical way to beat the level 053. I'm sorry, which was not intended to be beatable. She made the first TAS of all levels with all Win Tokens, and was one of the earliest players to make speedruns of the game. The 100% TAS video and a later animation of grab boosting on 024. Strange discovery are some of the most viewed videos about BFDIA 5b of all time.
  • She has a FANDOM account named Dunkel Blau.
  • She did a 2017 remake of one of Cary's oldest shows called "Rush Hour Elimination".
  • She is an admin and current owner/head-in-command in the HTwins Central Discord server.


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