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Maroue Reus, also known as Dunkel Blau, is an audio engineer, animator, and CG designer on Battle for BFDI. She is first credited in BFB 9 alongside Amor Boretto.

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  • Her favorite BFB character is TV.
  • She is a self-described object show aficionado.
  • She has an interest in robotics and has competed in robotics competitions.
  • She created the Photo Cake.
  • Like Caedmon and Amor, she is also a furry fan.
  • Her nickname, Dunkel Blau, is German for dark blue. (Dunkel — dark, Blau — blue).
Voice Actors
Adam KatzCary HuangCindy JiangGraham TaylorKatherine SunKenzie BryantMichael HuangSabrina BarbaSam LeeSatomi HinatsuThomas Chick
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