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See what Match wants, Match is gonna get!
— Match, "Questions Answered"

Match is a female contestant in Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, and Battle for BFDI.

She is part of the alliance with Bubble, Pencil and Ruby. She likes to call Pencil "Pence-Pence" (first seen in "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?"), and she won't allow anybody else to do that.

In Battle for Dream Island, Match was on the Squishy Cherries and survived past the merge stage. She was eliminated in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", so she placed 14th.

In Battle for Dream Island Again, she was on Team No-Name and was eliminated in "Get in the Van". However, she escaped elimination with the help of Pencil and joined her new team: FreeSmart. However, Firey Speaker Box soon realized she wasn't eliminated and sent her to the TLC in "The Long-lost Yoyle City".

Match had a chance to join IDFB. She received 3,427 upvotes, which was the most out of everyone.[1]

In Battle for BFDI, she was a member of iance and was eliminated in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?". She placed 58th overall.

Because Match was eliminated in pre-split BFB, she will make appearances in Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two.


Match is a matchstick. Her flammable part is red, and her wooden part is light tan.

In "Gardening Hero", she has dyed blue hair.


Firey #1
  • Match's tip is colored blue and red.
Firey #2
  • Match's tip is colored red.
  • Match has thicker and darker outlines.
BFDI 20-21
  • Match's tip is colored blue.
  • Match's tip is now red again instead of blue.
  • Match has thinner outlines.
  • Match has a darker tip.
  • Match has lighter outlines.
  • Match has a slightly lighter stick.


Match has the personality of a stereotypical teenage girl. She repeats the word "like", and she is friendly to some contestants but mean and exclusive to others. She has an unbreakable bond with Pencil, as she never argues with her. She calls her nicknames, and they seem to have been friends with each other before BFDI started.

From left to right, Eraser, Match and Bubble doing the puzzle in episode 7.

However, Match is very harsh, judgmental, and disrespectful to the other contestants. In "Get in the Van", she insulted and kicked Book and Ice Cube, the "alternates", out of her alliance. She had a long dislike toward Spongy until BFB 5, and she demoted Bubble to a "bember" for trying to stop Lightning from zapping Fanny. This rude, inconsiderate behavior can affect her teammates, scolding them on many past occasions.

In BFDIA, Match is quite numb to the well-being of others she doesn't consider her friends. In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", she justifies Tennis Ball's death because he was lazy. She also insults Gelatin, who died to save her life. In "No More Snow!", she shows no remorse for melting Ice Cube to extinguish her flame.

The character she dislikes the most is Spongy, as seen whenever she plays "Spongy Cake". She feels he smells bad and is too overweight. For example, in "Barriers and Pitfalls", Spongy weighed down the chairlift needed to progress through the challenge.

In BFB, Match has several mood swings. In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want" and "Fortunate Ben", she is friendlier to long-time enemies. For example, she complemented Flower's fashion sense and played Spongy Cake with Spongy (though in "The Escape from Four", she dislikes him again for being gross). However, in "Questions Answered", she makes fun of Bubble's weight and yells at her for getting the answers wrong. Match demotes Bubble again, this time to a "bemb". Match later explains to Bubble that she was trying to act more like Pencil. Still, Bubble chastised her for her harsh behavior and how that kind of leadership only ends up hurting people. This implies Match lacks the self-awareness to see the consequences of her actions.

Official Character Guide biography

Match is the typical spoiled brat. Like, for sure! Match is a wooden matchstick who never burns out when she's on fire. Match is caring when it comes to her friends, but she might also seem lazy or selfish because of her constant "Break Times". She also complains a lot.

Match's best friend is Pencil, and the two become devastated when either one is eliminated. Match doesn't really like Spongy, and has developed the hand-clapping game Spongy-cake to mock him.

Did You Know?: Match has an irrational fear of handheld gaming devices.


  • Fire resistance: Match is immune to fire, as shown in "BFDIA 5b" and "No More Snow!". Her hair however remains flammable like real matches and in fact appears to be the only place that can burn and catch fire on Match's body.



Battle for Dream Island

Match talking to Pencil about Flower's fear of bugs

In "Take the Plunge: Part 1", she is seen with Pencil talking about Flower being afraid of bugs. They both yell when Ice Cube is about to pop Bubble. During the challenge, Match, Pencil, and Bubble form an alliance. A few moments later, Ice Cube knocks them off.

In "Take the Plunge: Part 2", Match is chosen in Pin's team by Pencil because she is a part of the alliance. When Pin asks her team about choosing Pen, Match agrees. Match later picks Firey, but Pin refuses. Match and Pin start to stare at each other when Firey says that Match made a good choice. When Eraser and Pen choose Blocky, Match seems to be unsatisfied with the decision. When Blocky picks Spongy, Match is angry. When the team is trying to pick a team name, Match screams on the megaphone.

She is angry when Blocky says she's one of their oars. During the challenge, Match tells Blocky to not keep her underwater for 30 seconds. After the boat breaks, Pencil suggests Match swim with her, but Match says she has no energy left. She notices that some contestants are floating on Spongy. During the stinger, she tells everyone they should get back to land.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", she waits for Pencil so that they can stick together. After about 5 minutes, Match exclaims that Pencil is taking too long. After a while, she complains about Spongy. She realizes Pencil is here and they start to run, while some other contestants fall. Match is shocked when she sees the wall. Later, she throws Tennis Ball over the wall. She falls along with the rest of her alliance when Rocky breaks the tramway line.

In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", Match complains about the cake but survives her first elimination at 1 vote. She plays Spongy Cake with Pencil and she accidentally makes a fire. She complains when Bubble calls her a "guy" and pops her.

In "Sweet Tooth", Match gags while looking at the ice cake. She has an argument with Pin over if they had a large number of votes or not and if they have feelings or not. She makes fun of Bubble during the challenge since she "can't" count to 3, but gets shocked when she finally counts to 3. She realizes she wasted half of the challenge time and decides to buy one of Leafy's cakes with the $20 she has. She also gives Woody $5. She gets 15 points on her strawberry cake.

Match defending herself from being slapped by Needle

In "Bridge Crossing", Match shows her disgust for needles but still talks to Needle with her correct name, where as Pencil who liked "Needies" gets slapped by her.. After being safe with 1 vote, she thanks the Announcer when she did not get called a "piece". In the challenge, she jumps off a cliff to follow her alliance after Bubble falls off from the breaking bridge .

In "Power of Three", Match is once again safe with only 1 vote. Match then gets angry at the Announcer when he indirectly calls Match a piece. In the challenge, Match is sorted into the same team as Bubble and Pencil, which she called a miracle. She calls Snowball a "rager" when he pushes her trio the balance beam. She continues to the next island by swimming. At the next island, however, Match unknowingly locks Pencil in a vault, causing her and Bubble to turn around and retrieve her. Match's trio safely finishes in third.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", Match and Pencil have a hard time finishing the jigsaw puzzle since the pieces are upside down and instead talk about the time when Eraser stepped on a nail in BFDI 1B. Her team loses the contest and is still trapped in the room by night.

In "Cycle of Life", Match and Pencil talk about their votes so far, Match mentioning that she got votes in four episodes in a row. In the relay race, Match is carried by Pencil, and she carries Bubble next. She accidentally pops Bubble and has to wait for her to get back. Her team loses the contest due to Bubble getting popped before she could finish.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Match and Pencil notice Ice Cube falling from a cliff before getting knocked down themselves when she gets recovered. Match and her team finally win a challenge by being first in the six-legged race.

In "Crybaby!", she votes for Teardrop to stay in the game and looks disappointed when Snowball ends up joining their team. During the crying contest, she points out that Eraser and Snowball aren't even trying to cry. Her team ties in the first two challenges but wins in the hand stand tiebreaker against Another Name, but Eraser gets the Win Token due to everyone else slipping on Rocky's vomit.

In "Lofty", she picks Rocky to join their team because she doesn't like Golf Ball's dimples. She doesn't last long in the challenge due to Leafy popping her balloon.

In "A Leg Up in the Race", Match places 6th in the ladder challenge and is safe from elimination after the points are established.

In "Don't Lose Your Marbles", Match and her alliance talk about how great it is for them all to be in the final 11. During the challenge, she accidentally turns in a maroon ball and gets a 10 point penalty. Match manages to find a red ball and gets 10 points for being the 5th to turn one in. She's relieved that she made it out of the danger zone, but this doesn't last long after Bubble turns in her ball. Match is up for elimination by the end of the episode.

Match being eliminated from the LPTD

In "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", she is first seen saving Firey from falling off a cliff and calls out to Pencil to save her before everyone ends up falling. She got eliminated with 66 votes, devastating Pencil. Match tells her to keep going to win for the both of them. Match was also the first one to be teleported to the Tiny Loser Chamber via the Laser Powered Teleportation Devices instead of being thrown to the TLC manually. In the bread loaf contest, Match comes in 5th and doesn't rejoin.

In "Reveal Novum", she and the other eliminated contestants try to escape the TLC by pushing it sideways. They end up falling down a slope and into a lake. Match says that this is the end, but they are saved by the sun rising before the TLC fills with water.

In "Gardening Hero", she dyes her "hair" (actually her match tip) to blue to try to get the viewers to vote for her but also was a recommended character named Blue Match, along with Pink Match and Green Match.

In "The Glistening", she votes for Ice Cube to get eliminated. She failed to rejoin at 35 votes and got sent to the TLC, but not before wondering if her blue dye would give her 20 bazillion bonus votes.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", it is shown that she dyes her match tip back to red. Her, along with the rest of the eliminated contestants in the Tiny Loser Chamber, were eaten by Announcer's bugs.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", she, along with the other eliminated contestants, are set free from the TLC. She votes Bubble to win, and is the only one to do so, since Pencil changed her mind as she would get slapped by all other supporters of Leafy. After Firey wins Battle for Dream Island, Match, along with Pencil and Bubble, tell Firey he has to let them in, and Firey agrees. Later, after Dream Island is sold because of "budget slices", Match, Snowball, Tennis Ball, and Woody are abducted by a UFO. Match turns off the power of the UFO, causing it to fall, and everyone gets scared. Match tried to make the UFO fly again, but then realizes it's a one-way switch. The UFO then crushes Flower, after Woody dies of a heart attack due to his fear of the color gray. Match then greets everybody, and it is revealed that she is still alive. She ends the season by saying the last word, "Yeah" in a conversation with Pencil, which is also the first spoken word of the entire season.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Match gets enough votes to compete in the season. Her friend Pencil is quick to start a conflict with Donut. When Puffball suggests putting one original contestant on the newbie team to even the teams out, Donut picks Match in spite of Pencil. Firey discovers that contestants can switch teams, so Match switches back. When the contestants share their screens, Match says she likes the portrait screen just like Pencil, but as the contestants' favorite screens are shown, Match's features a screen of Puffball. Match's team wins the challenge due to their larger team of 19 members from 3 members of the opposite team at the tug-of-war.

In "Get Digging", Match is seen criticizing Ice Cube for making a weird face at the beginning and calls her a hideous menace, and kicks her out of the alliance. Tennis Ball says their team needs a large bowl for the stew. Match asks if her bowl is big enough, but Nickel has an even larger one. Both of them get rejected by Golf Ball. Later, Match and Pencil ask Ruby if she wants to join their alliance due to Bubble being non-existent at the moment, and Ice Cube making an ugly face, and she accepts. They add some ingredients to their Yoylestew, which some are inedible and deadly. Her team lost due to poor quality and ingredients as said by TV.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Match and her alliance are all safe from elimination, after being worried. During the challenge, Match and her alliance excuse themselves from the contest. Ruby later admits she was acting weird about reviving Bubble because she thought she'd be expelled from the Alliance. Match reassures that all 4 of them could be one alliance together. After some discussing, Match and Pencil convince Bubble to let Ruby join. After Bubble gets popped, she tries to get Tennis Ball to build a recovery center for her and everyone else who died, but Tennis Ball said he couldn't possibly just build one.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Match impresses Ruby by saving Firey's life, but doesn't do the same for Tennis Ball as he deserved it for being lazy. Later, she is shocked and jealous when Teardrop got over 500 likes and wishes she had gotten this amount of likes. Gelatin shoves Match out of the way to avoid being crushed by a falling HPRC, killing himself in the process. Match then claims that Gelatin is awful at life-saving. She and Pencil then use the HPRC to recover Bubble, who pops immediately and is recovered again. When Team No-Name enters Golf Ball's Underground Factory, Match complains about Golf Ball killing Pencil in an incinerator. Golf Ball retaliates, so Match stops arguing. Match ends up getting killed in Bomby's explosion and they lose the contest due to their Dream Island getting destroyed.

In "Get in the Van", Match gets eliminated at 201 likes and 426 dislikes, but Pencil uses ropes to fling her back to the Cake at Stake area. She and the rest of her alliance leave Team No-Name to form FreeSmart. She manages to avoid elimination by pretending to be a tree in front of Firey Speaker Box. During the challenge, Evil Leafy swallows the FreeSmart Van.

In BFDIA 5b, Match is the 2nd playable character. She has her tallness as a disadvantage over the game.

In "No More Snow!", Match finally escapes from Evil Leafy, but she and Ice Cube are then thrown off in an explosion. She returns later in the episode, and she says the explosion wasn't enough to kill her, but instead set on fire. Nickel suggests that the fire gets put out since they were in a forest, and she melts Ice Cube to do so.

Match kicking Nickel out of their break time, telling him to get back to work

In "It's a Monster", Match takes a long break from cranking the HPHPRCC and invites her alliance members to join her. Nickel attempts to join in but she smacks him and has him get back to cranking. After a day, her break time ends and she gets back to cranking, while berating Nickel for his complaining. She gets another break time, almost immediately and never gets back to cranking afterwards. Sometime later, the other still alive contestants finish cranking the HPHPRCC. Yellow Face tries to recover Spongy, but Match stops him and tells him to prioritize. She then recovers Pencil. After they're team is revived, they continue the challenge inside the brand new FreeSmart SuperVan. When the FreeSmart Supervan submerges underwater, she revives members of her team while drowning.

Match being sent back to the TLC after FreeSmart wins the challenge.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", Match and her team reach the Mountain and get out to walk the rest of the way. Match yells at Ruby for being clumsy and dropping the HPRC in a pile of glue. When they reach the summit of Yoyle Mountain, Match argues with Firey Speaker Box after he says her team "unfortunately" won. Firey Speaker Box notices that Match is out of the TLC while she should be eliminated, so she is flung back to the TLC.


In "Welcome Back", Book asks Pencil if they should try to get Match out of the TLC. She is briefly shown sitting sadly inside the TLC with everyone else. Oddly, Pencil is indifferent to the idea, stating she was a bit too "Needy". Match is voted 1st to get out of the TLC, however, she is not seen getting out of the TLC because IDFB 2 was never released so far.

Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Match is seen with her alliance. After Bubble gets popped twice, they try to find who's popping her. Later, she and Pencil cheer over Lightning zapping Spongy. Match then orders Lightning to electrocute Flower, but Bubble decides to tell Lightning to do whatever he wants, leading to her being demoted by Pencil, from a member to a bember. She becomes a part of team iance. She comes up with a strategy to jump to the basket, along with telling her teammates unnecessary "ways" to jump higher, such as dropping the "L"s on Snowball's name, or by having Ruby close her eyes. However, she refrains from talking to Flower, due to her saying they're enemies. This does nothing to help in the challenge and they are the first up for elimination.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Match congratulates Ruby and Bubble for getting a low number of votes and is safe with 1,362 votes. After Pencil gets eliminated, she asks what they should do with Pencil gone. Bubble remembers that they have alternates, but comments that the alternates cannot join the alliance, as they are on a different team and also dead. After her team wins by licking Ice Cube free from a jawbreaker, she realizes that Ice Cube is an alternate to her alliance. She begs for her to join. But Ice Cube instead goes back to team Bleh.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Match gets 1st place for her team by putting Fanny on her team swing's fulcrum.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Match and Ruby are very briefly showing their Four makeover to Four and X.

In "Fortunate Ben", Match is seen playing Spongy Cake with Ruby. After Ruby is finished talking to Flower, Match starts playing Spongy Cake with Spongy, after analyzing the game.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Match has a staring contest with Bubble and looks toward Pen while they have The Twinkle of Contagion.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Match, after spotting Fries sporting a jawbreaker mask, is seen saying Flower's eye for fashion has gotten so good lately.

You are hereby demoted to merely a bemb!

Match yelling at Bubble for not knowing the answers to several questions

In "Questions Answered", the pattern of Match bullying Bubble continues. She first says Bubble is "swollen" lately after hearing Fries and Gelatin say the word. When Bubble got the answer to the second question wrong, Match demoted Bubble from a Bember, to a Bemb, stating that "she wasn't even worthy of Bembership status". This makes Bubble scream shockingly. Later, after her team unfairly loses due to Stapy's cheating, Match shows her recorded evidence about Free Food sabotage to Donut and made her team place 7th. Fanny calls Match a hypocrite during the episode's stinger because she didn't know the answers herself, but got mad at Bubble.

In "Enter the Exit", Match tries to talk to Bubble. Bubble refuses to talk to Match and gets popped because of a cake that was thrown a earlier by X. After that, she and Fanny argue about really caring about Bubble. She later was used by Blocky to try to bring Four back. When Four comes back and recovers Bubble, she greets her but gets ignored.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Match complains about Flower being too slow in the contest and how Pencil would ensure she got through the other contestants. This causes Bubble to lash out at her but Match acts relieved because she is finally talking to her again. Match proceeds to apologize for lying over knowing the quiz answers in "Questions Answered" and explains she demoted Bubble to "bemb" to try and be a strong leader - apparently in Pencil's place. Hearing Bubble state that this act was only harming others, especially her, Match apologizes for her behavior. Despite, Bubble not forgiving her instantly, Match decides not to get upset.

Match being eliminated and sent to the EXIT before Bubble has a chance to talk to her

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Match, along with the rest of iance, attend Cake at Stake. She is eliminated with 12,758 votes. She says that she should have seen her elimination coming, and she is sucked into EXIT before Bubble can talk to her. Bubble feels guilty, believing it's her fault Match is eliminated.

In "The Escape from Four", Match, along with the rest of the eliminated contestants, is surprised when Loser starts reading Donut's Diary out loud. When Pencil grabs a stethoscope to listen to the "celebrity's juiciest secrets", Match joins her and grabs one of the parts of the stethoscope, thinking Loser was reading his own diary. Shocked by what she heard, she asks Pencil when Loser combined with Four, which Pencil replies she doesn't know.

Later, Match seen with the others attempting to escape. She tells Stapy he's too fat to climb, so Pencil has Loser replace him. Bracelety starts breathing rapidly over getting to see Ice Cube, so Match tells her not to hyperventilate and that she needs to take a chill pill. However, she starts hyperventilating to when Bracelety says she could check out Flower's new fashion line, "Super-Slip Shoes So Blah", if she escaped. When Liy asked Match and Pencil to climb the tower to boost Loser up, she complains about not having her break time. However, when she heard that they would be demoted to "Bember", she follows Liy's orders. She is disgusted when Liy suggests climbing through Spongy, and bails along with Pencil.

Battle for BFB

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", a flashback of a scene never seen before shows Match and Pencil talking to Eraser while the Announcer watches from the side.

In "Chapter Complete", Match is first seen with Stapy as he demonstrates his ability to bend one of his staples into the shape of a four. Match is grossed out and asks what it's supposed to be, to which Stapy says it's his favorite host. Match then corrects him, saying it's "our" favorite host and happily points out that Four is there. A voice is suddenly heard asking when Four will come back, and Match tells Four to explain what's going on. Later, when Four asks who doesn't like him, Match says that he should know the answer to that and laughs mockingly. She then mocks Four for not only having real people who hate him, but also the friends in his imagination who feel the same. She asks why the people on the surface won't leave him alone if they truly hate him and prefer the Announcer and Four says that's a very good question. Match then reminds him that she's a figment of his imagination, showing her disgust over how he just complimented himself for his own idea. Four then snaps Match and the other imaginary contestants out of existence.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Match appears briefly in the stinger, watching Liy and Stapy with the other EXITors.


Main article: Match/Relationships


Season 1
Episode Votes
3 1
4 1
5 1
6 1
14 66 (eliminated)
21 35 (to rejoin)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 315 (joined BFDIA)
3 143 likes, 176 dislikes
5a 201 likes, 426 dislikes (eliminated)
Season 4
Episode Votes
2 1,362
12 12,758 (eliminated)
Total votes
Elimination Prize Total
14,792 344 15,486


  1. "Insectophobe's Nightmare": May have died when Ice Cube pushes her off a cliff (debatable).
  2. "Lofty": Is killed in Bomby's explosion.
  3. "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None":
    1. Falls down a cliff (debatable).
    2. Disintegrated by hydrochloric acid.
  4. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2": Is devoured by bugs.
  5. "Zeeky Boogy Doog": Dies in another one of Bomby's explosion.
  6. "It's a Monster": Drowns hundreds of times in the Goiky Canal.

Other deaths:

  1. "BFDIA 5b": Match can die in numerous ways if she comes in contact with any obstacles.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Last BFDI": Burns to death when her "hair" is lit by a lighter.
  2. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Sucked into Black Hole.
  3. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Crushed by the Announcer Crusher.


Total Kills: 8

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Book 1 "Zeeky Boogy Doog" (along with Spongy, Ruby, Puffball, and Golf Ball)
Bubble 4 "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?"
"Cycle of Life"
"Zeeky Boogy Doog" (along with Pencil and Pin)
"It's a Monster" (along with Book and Ruby)
Flower 1 "Return of the Hang Glider"
Ice Cube 1 "No More Snow!"
Pencil 1 "The Long-lost Yoyle City" (along with FreeSmart)

Other kills:

  1. "BFDIA 5b": Match can kill Book, Ice Cube, Waffle, Tune, and Lego Brick by throwing them into obstacles. She can also extinguish Ice Cube if she's on fire.

Non-canon kills:

  1. "Life of an Ice Cube 2": Pops Bubble with a snowball.



  • Match is the first character to call Pencil "Pence-Pence". The second was the Announcer and the third was Ruby.


  • Match, Flower, Woody, Spongy, Blocky, Golf Ball, and David are the only BFDI contestants who have never been safe with the least votes.
  • Match was the first contestant to be eliminated by the Laser Powered Teleportation Device.
  • Match is the only contestant who got eliminated and then had a chance of returning in the same episode.
  • Match was the first to switch teams in Battle for Dream Island Again after the rule that team switching is free was declared.
  • Match is in 4th place in the most dislikes in Battle for Dream Island Again with 426 dislikes. 3rd place is Teardrop with 440 dislikes, 2nd is Donut with 573 dislikes, and 1st is Puffball with 1,455 dislikes.
  • Match is one of the few contestants who always has more dislikes than likes more than once. The others are Golf Ball and Fries.
  • Match is one of the five contestants who were eliminated in BFDIA; the others are Donut, Dora, Teardrop, and Puffball.
  • In both BFDI and BFDIA, Match is the lowest-ranking member of her alliance. However, this changes in BFB, when Pencil is eliminated in "Lick Your Way to Freedom".
  • Match is one of the only two contestants to actually resist being sent into the TLC for some time: In her case, she lasted over 71 days. Flower, the other one, resisted a few seconds, trying to mirror every laser incoming at her, failing at the fourth.
    • David and Roboty also avoided elimination, but they both did so in BFB.
  • Match is the lowest-ranking contestant in BFDIA who is voiced by Cary Huang.
    • She's also the only member of the Squishy Cherries who was eliminated during the season's short run.
  • Match is one of the four original contestants who haven't competed on more than one team in a single season, along with Pen, Pin, and Eraser. Not counting FreeSmart as she was officially eliminated as a Team No-Name member.
  • Had IDFB continued, Match would have been the first one released from the TLC/LOL.
  • Because Leafy rejoined, Match is the second original contestant to be eliminated in BFB, not counting David as he was brought in as a recommended character later in the show.
  • Match and Pencil are the only original contestants in the EXIT.
  • Match was in the bottom two with Rocky, Golf Ball, and Snowball in her eliminations, all of whom coincidentally made up one of the teams in "Power of Three".
  • Match is the first contestant to be eliminated in three different seasons, getting eliminated in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", "Get in the Van", and "What Do You Think of Roleplay?". The second was Teardrop.
    • Along with Blocky, all three tie for the second most times voted out at three.
    • Unlike the other two, Match's rank got increasingly worse with every elimination.


  • When Match talks, she often says "like" repeatedly in her sentences.
  • Match was the fifth character created as seen in carykh's "First BFDI Drawing EVER!" video.
  • Match said the first and last words in season 1, saying, "Yeah!", in both instances.
  • Match said that Pencil had the same favorite screen as hers, but her favorite screen in the "favorite screen slide-show" was shaped like Puffball.
  • Match is the first FreeSmart member whom Book rescues in BFDIA 5b.
  • She has said "OMG"s the most compared to the others: "Oh my like, woodsicles", "OMG", "Oh my gosh", "OMQ", "OMW", and "OMT".
  • According to Cary in his BFB 3 reaction video, Match's voice in BFDIA was made using a plugin in FL Studio.
  • Out of all of the content made by jacknjellify, Match only likes the "Thanks for 4 years!" video.[tf4yotf4y]
  • In "Gardening Hero", Match dyed her "hair" blue.
  • Match has an irrational fear of handheld gaming consoles, like the BFDI DDS.[2]
  • Match has a house that has so far only appeared in non-canon media.
  • According to the "Firey" comic series, Match is talented at sudoku.
  • According to If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge, Match's height is 8'4", or 254cm.
  • Match is the only BFDIA contestant which never had her body shown in full in a voting video.


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