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Match's house is a conjectural name.

The subject of this article or section has never been given an official name stated either via in the Battle for Dream Island series, or by jacknjellify; the current one is unofficial.


The subject of this article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

Match's house is a non-canon recurring location that has appeared in a few pieces of BFDI related media. It appears to be the residence of Match, where she occasionally invites her friends over.


Match's house's appearance in "First BFDI Drawing EVER!" displays it with a countertop with a box of matches and a mirror or window suspended over it. The rest of the house has not been seen in that comic.

Match's house reappeared in "Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!". Match's house's interior is now painted pink in color, likely to match the color schemes of FreeSmart and iance. The wall is a hot pink in tone, with the floor being fuchsia with a white trim for the transition on the floor. There is a box and a potted plant in the corners of the room.




Match's house made its first appearance in "FIREY to keep our customers happy", more commonly known as "First BFDI Drawing EVER!". In it, Firey apologizes for taking one of Match's matches, and she says that it was okay. Match then asks Firey what he needed the match for. He then says that he lit Spongy on fire with one because he said it was okay to do. Match is angered by this and tries to counter Firey by saying what would he do if Teardrop did it to him. Firey only says that he would handle it.

Match's house appears again in the remake of "FIREY to keep our customers happy", fulfilling the same role as it did before.

Match's house reappears in "Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!", where she communicates with Pencil in order to get Coiny, and later X to look into a camera to find a creature. The camera is transmits a signal to a television in her house so she can use their eyes to form two zeros so her table can spell out "600,000" instead of "6,000". As X continues to try and find the supposed creature in the camera, Match tells Bubble and Ruby to lift up the TV. The two hurl the TV into the air, and Match pulls over a wooden table with frosted decorations reading out "6,000" with a turntable to the right and starts playing "6000 Subscribers", and the TV falls with X looking in to form two new zeroes, making the number 600,000. X comments he can't find a creature.


  • Matchbox ("First BFDI Drawing EVER!")
  • A window or mirror ("First BFDI Drawing EVER!")
  • Countertop ("First BFDI Drawing EVER!")
  • Sink ("Firey #1")
  • Television ("Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!")
  • A potted plant ("Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!")
  • Box ("Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!")
  • Wooden table ("Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!")
  • Turntable ("Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!")
  • Frosted decorations of a six, two zeroes, and O ("Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!")
  • Two pieces of paper reading "Thanks for" and "Subs!!" ("Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!")
  • Walkie Talkie ("Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!")


  • Match has invited Firey, Bubble, and Ruby to her house.
  • The room seen in Match's house in "First BFDI Drawing EVER!" appears to be a kitchen.
  • The timespan between Match's house appearing in "First BFDI Drawing EVER!" and "Thanks for 600,000 subscribers!" is one of the longest in BFDI. It has not appeared from May 2nd, 2008 to April 13th, 2020, or 11 years, 11 months, and 11 days.
  • The exterior of Match's house has not been seen.
  • Match's house is the first defined location in the history of Battle for Dream Island.