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"Message to Loser (Lyric Video) - SONG by Four from BFB" is a video by jacknjellify. It shows Four singing a song about Loser. The video was released on November 13, 2020.

The song is based off the episode "Let's Raid The Warehouse" when the elimination took place. In the elimination, Four sings to Loser "despite your popularity, you got eliminated" while revealing the voting results for everyone in the Have Nots.

Throughout the video, some clips of old BFB episodes are shown, trying to lip-sync the song, with lyrics.

In the song, Four sings about Loser being a great guy in the first verse. In the second verse, Four starts to sing about Loser's flaws and mistakes. In the third verse, Four now sings about how Loser is a bad guy in reality. On the final verse, he sings about Loser being "Loser by nature." Unsurprisingly, the verses talk about all the things Loser did- whether good or bad.

After the final song was released, a beta version for the song was posted by Antony Kos.




I have a message to tell you

(What is it?)

You’re the strongest, the brightest

The shining example

You’ve got more loving fans

Than our planet can handle

And they worship you

They’re stuck on you like superglue

Yes, your prowess is tried and true

You’re our idol cube

(Aw, thank you!)

Your authority made you

The head of The Losers

Now you beg for your praise

And you can’t be a chooser

All the votes are cast

Few from viewers that you’ve amassed

Loser, oh, how it’s felt so fast

Here’s some deja vu

Despite your popularity, you got-

(The second-most number of votes to stay?)


You assume that you’re so righteous

So blind to your lying

Did you honestly think

That you’d win without trying?

You said you played

With your toys at an earlier date

Than then they were actually made





If that wasn’t enough

Yeah, you read Donut’s diary

(But it wasn’t like that)

Liar, liar, pants on Firey

(Not a great look, Loser)

It was all on tape

Loser, you’ve got yourself to blame

See BFB frame 168,855




Despite your popularity, you got-

(Okay, the third-most number of votes to stay?)


Did you think you’d B.R.B. when you left the E.X.I.T.?

(No, the E.X.I.T. is full)


You fell from grace

So you’ll be our befitting contestant

Oh, Loser by name

Loser by nature

So guess what, Loser?

Despite your popularity, you got... eliminated!

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