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"Sorry, Michael's best comic. You may be alive, but it's-you're not-you're not in BFDI." - Puffball Speaker Box
This article contains content that was released or made prior to the first episode of Battle for Dream Island.

Michael's best comic is a pre-BFDI comic made by Michael Huang. It is apparently the first time Michael drew the BFDI Characters.


Pencil backs up into Bubble, popping her. Teardrop walks over, and then Pencil and Teardrop's tips touch each other, and they bend, recreating Bubble.


  • This is the only depiction of Bubble popping with her limbs not disappearing.
  • This is the only time that bubble has a face while being popped.
  • The concept of Pencil turning into Bubble is later used during the Cake at Stake in "Sweet Tooth".
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