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This article contains content that was released or created before the first episode of Battle for Dream Island.

Pencil wins the $100,000!
Announcer to the Murderer Trout, "Jumbo"

Murderer Trout, stylised as MURDERER TROUT, is a team in Total Firey Island, Total Firey Points and Total Firey Switch. They are the early version of the Squishy Cherries, and their rival team was the Yelling Beavers. The team's namesake was the team known as Killer Bass from Total Drama Island.

Pencil, who was on this team, won Total Firey Island itself.


Bubble TeamIcon.png Coiny TeamIcon.png Eraser TeamIcon.png GolfBall TeamIcon.png Firey TeamIcon.png Pencil TeamIcon.png Spongy TeamIcon.png Woody TeamIcon.png


Name Contestant Gender Comic Comic Rank Team Rank Votes
Eraser Eraser TeamIcon.png Male 1st Voted Out in Total Firey Island/Book 1: Crying Contest 16th 8th 6+
Golf Ball GolfBall TeamIcon.png Female 2nd Voted Out in Total Firey Island/Book 2: Balance Beam 15th 7th 8
Woody Woody TeamIcon.png Male 4th Voted Out in Total Firey Island/Book 4: Elimination Volleyball! 13th 6th 13
Spongy Spongy TeamIcon.png Male 7th Voted Out in Total Firey Island/Book 7: Spelling Bee 10th 5th 11
Firey Firey TeamIcon.png Male 8th Voted Out in Total Firey Island/Book 8: Breath Holding Contest 9th
4th 15
Bubble Bubble TeamIcon.png Female Possible 9th - 15th Voted Out in unpublicized comics Possible 8th to 2nd Place in unpublicized comics Possible 3rd to 2nd Place in unpublicized comics 5+
Coiny Coiny TeamIcon.png Male 10+
Pencil Pencil TeamIcon.png Female Winner 6+



Note that some comics have not yet been shown to the public. Those comics have not been listed here, as it is unknown if the Murderer Trout appear in them or not.

Total Firey Island

In Crying Contest, Firey is concerned as "water is his poison". When the challenge starts, he continues with this, focusing on avoiding everyone's teardrops so that he doesn't get extinguished.

Similarly, Eraser also doesn't cry, describing that crying is for wimps. These thoughts might be shared with Pencil, who doesn't participate as well for unexplained reasons. The team ends up losing in heavy due to these three refusing to cry; and Eraser gets the boot.

Firey pushes Coiny off the titular beam in Balance Beam, sabotaging his own team.

Coiny bouncing off of Spongy.

To stay on the balance beam, Golf Ball suggests holding hands to stay sturdy. However, this strategy works against them, as when Bubble is pushed, the rest of the Trouts fall as well. They lose the challenge and Golf Ball is eliminated for his bad strategy.

The Murderer Trouts get their first win in Mile Run, in part to Coiny being able to jump off of Spongy. The team all cooperated at beating the race and was the quickest overall.

In Dodgeball, Bubble accidently hits Spongy in the back of the head. When the ball goes for Woody, he gets too scared and Coiny quickly hits it for him.

Later in the strip, when it's down to only Woody and Coiny on the Trouts, the ball goes for Woody, who is too scared to hit it again. They lose, and missing the winning shot gets him enough votes to be eliminated.

Pencil and Firey each get to the bells in Rope Climb. But when Coiny tries to reach and ring his bell, a Yelling Beaver cuts it.

In a turn of events, this sabotage backfires and results in a disqualification for the Beavers, leading to another victory for our Trouts.

During Dodgeball, Bubble has surprising skill and is able to knock out enemies Blocky, Tennis Ball and Match.

Firey on the other hand has mixed productivity; slapping Coiny, but near the end of the match pulling through to get Tennis Ball and Ice Cube. The Murderer Trouts end up winning the match.

In the titular Spelling Bee, Firey, Coiny, Bubble, Spongy and later Pencil are the representatives. However, Spongy is uncooperative, saying "meh" when called to the front and choosing to drop out.

Firey, Bubble and Pencil eventually spell words wrong, and are disqualified. At this point in the match, Coiny is the only Trout left, and after a long time falls asleep. This means he is disqualified and the Trouts lose.

Spongy gets the most votes and is eliminated for not even trying at the start.

In Breath Holding Contest, Firey and Coiny bicker and fight. This isn't what makes them lose though, as Bubble breaks first[1][2]. Firey gets the most votes and is eliminated.

Bubble rolling a 5.

Bubble wins the first round in Dice!, rolling a 5 to her opponents 3.

Pencil mourns that her friend Match is on the opposite team, and loses the second round rolling a 1. An especially talkative Coiny pulls through round three, and Bubble makes it through round four (with an unknown roll).

Round 5 is Bubble vs Tennis Ball (a Yelling Beaver), and wins for the team rolling a two.[3]

Skipping ahead unshown books, in Jumbo, Pencil seemingly beats the spelling competition again and jumps over a hurdle, winning the $100 000.

Wins and Losses

Comic Win/Lose Strategy
"Crying Contest" Lose Golf Ball, Woody, Spongy, Bubble and Coiny cry.
"Balance Beam" Lose Holding hands to stay sturdy on the beam.
"Mile Run" Win (1st) Beating the race the fastest.
"Dodgeball" Lose Getting Woody to score the winning shot.
"Rope Climb" Win (2nd) Getting Pencil, Firey and Coiny to ring the team bells.
"Dodgeball" Win (1st) Knocking out Blocky, Tennis Ball, Match and Ice Cube (sequential).
"Spelling Bee" Lose Coiny sleeping during the match.
"Breath Holding Contest" Lose Attempting to hold their breath the longest.
"Dice!" Win (2nd) Rolling the die at random.
Mathematically, there must be 2 more losses in the unseen comics.
"Jumbo" Win (1st) Pencil beats the challenge faster than Snowball.

Vote History

Contestant TFI 1 TFI 2 TFI 4 TFI 7 TFI 8 Overall
Eraser TeamIcon.png 7 - - - - 7
Golf Ball TeamIcon.png 3 5 - - - 8
Woody TeamIcon.png 5 4 4 - - 13
Spongy TeamIcon.png 1 3 3 1+ - 8+
Firey TeamIcon.png 6 3 3 1+ 2 18+
Bubble TeamIcon.png 0 1 2 1+ 1 5+
Coiny TeamIcon.png 1 3 3 1+ 1 9+
Pencil TeamIcon.png 1 2 3 0+ 0 6+


  • Golf Ball and Spongy are the only team members to have no arms.
  • Pencil ended up winning Total Firey Island.
    • This is ironic, as she was first out in BFB.
  • 5/8 members have yellow heavily incorporated in their design.
  • The only teams in BFB not represented are Bleh and Death P.A.C.T..
  • The Murderer Trout have placed 2nd and still won, fittingly, 2 times:
    • The first time was in Rope Climb when the Yelling Beavers won first, then the Murderer Trout second. The Yelling Beavers were later disqualified.
    • The second was when the Yelling Beavers's die score originally beat Bubble's, but it rolled over and landed on a lower number.


  1. It's worth noting that Bubble broke mere seconds before the Yelling Beavers.
  3. Bubble's two would've originally lost against Tennis Ball's five. But TB's five rolled to a one.
Murderer Trout

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