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Kevin MacLeod, who composed most of the music used in BFDI

This is a list of the music tracks used in the Battle for Dream Island series. In the first three seasons, most of the music are composed by Kevin MacLeod. However, in Battle for BFB and Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, Michael Huang composes the music, and most of it is either posted on his YouTube channel or his SoundCloud.

Bold text indicates the track plays in the first time in this episode for the entire series.


Battle for Dream Island

Take the Plunge: Part 1

  • New Friendly - "Yeah I know, she was so surprised", until the intro.
  • Rocket - "Let's help each other!", and the whole contest.

Take the Plunge: Part 2

  • Sunshine [reversed; sped up and pitch to about 180% edited] - Played when Leafy and Pin picked teams.
  • New Friendly - "See, you know how Flower gets angry at everyone?", "Be more careful!", 15 minutes later...
  • Shiny Tech I - "People! The other team is also getting close!"

Barriers and Pitfalls

Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?

  • New Friendly - Played during the first half of Cake at Stake.
  • Rocket - "I get to push you off!" (flashback)
  • Shiny Tech I - "Alliance, schmalliance. Go! Go!" (flashback)
  • Chee Zee Cave - Played during the second half of Cake at Stake.
  • Golf Ball's song [original music by jacknjellify] - Golf Ball takes the test confidently.
  • Chee Zee Lab - "Hey! It's me!"
  • Unreal Superhero 3 [original music by Kenet & Rez] - "Just drew a little doodle!"
  • Spongy Cake [original music by jacknjellify] - Pencil and Match play the game.
  • Chee Zee Lab - "Aaaaah, can't stop, can't stop!"

Sweet Tooth

  • tada.wav - APRIL FOOLS!
  • Chee Zee Cave - "Pin. You have a Win Token. Would you like to use it now?"
  • Tada sound effect - Magical Die of Judgement’s Debut

Bridge Crossing

  • Lightless Dawn - Played during Cake at Stake.
  • Chee Zee Lab - Played during the contest.

Power of Three

  • Chee Zee Cave - Played during some of Cake at Stake.
  • New Friendly - "Look at this.", "The other teams are Leafy, Tennis Ball, and Teardrop; and Coiny, Ice Cube, and Needle."
  • Mistake the Getaway - "We're in first!"
  • How it Begins - "Ok, let's get started. Push!"
  • Shiny Tech I - "Island 3!"
  • No, No, No, No! [original music by Coiny, Ice Cube, and Needle] - Announcer explains the elimination.

Puzzling Mysteries

  • New Friendly - "Hey guys, watch this!"
  • Chee Zee Cave - Played during Cake at Stake and part of the contest before the commercial break.
  • Pinball Spring - Played during the commercial.
  • Chee Zee Lab - Played during the contest.

Cycle of Life

  • New Friendly - "Announcer thing, Announcer thing, Announcer thing!"
  • New Friendly [reversed] - Played after Intro.
  • Silver Blue Light - Played during the "Blocky's Funny Doings International" Prank.
  • Split In Synapse - Played during the contest.
  • Unreal Superhero 3 [Appezeanie] - Played during Ice Cube's "cycle of life".

Insectophobe's Nightmare

  • Backed Vibes - Played during Cake at Stake.
  • Manic Polka - Played during the contest.
  • Split in Synapse - Played after Firey screams.


  • Pinball Spring 160 - Played during the commercial.
  • Rising - Played during Cake at Stake.
  • Radio Martini - Played during the contest.


  • Rising - Played during Cake at Stake.
  • Itty Bitty 8 Bit - Played during the contest.

A Leg Up in the Race

  • Four Beers' Polka - "Hey Coiny! You're a penny! You're worthless!"
  • Alchemists Tower - Played during the contest.

Don't Lose Your Marbles

  • Itty Bitty 8 Bit - Played during BFDI's 1st birthday.
  • Chee Zee Cave - Played during Cake at Stake.
  • New Friendly - Played during the start of the contest.
  • Rising - Played near the end of the contest.

Half a Loaf Is Better Than None

  • Enter the Maze - Played at Cake at Stake.
  • Movement Proposition - Played during the rejoining contest.
  • Organ Filler - Played during the hurdle contest.


  • Chee Zee Caves - Played at Cake at Stake.
  • Faster Does It - Played during the Barf Bag contest.
  • Backed Vibes - Played during the Taco contest.

Bowling, Now with Explosions!

  • Radio Martini - Played during the puppet section.
  • Rising - Played at Cake at Stake.
  • Klockworx - Played during the bowling challenge and the point draining or reduction.
  • Motivator - Played during the commercial.

The Reveal

  • New Friendly - "Hello, Bubble!", until the start of the intro.
  • Gnarled Situation - Played during Cake at Stake.
  • Organ Filler - Played during the frisbee contest.
  • Ether Disco - Played in the Blocky's Funny Doings International commercial.

Reveal Novum

  • Airport Lounge - Played during the first Cake at Stake.
  • Covert Affair - Played during the second Cake at Stake.
  • Super Friendly - TV Dreams and Wishes ep. 1
  • Gustav Sting - Round 1 / Round 2 / Final Round intro.
  • Rising - Played during the stare-off between Pencil and David.


  • In the West - Played during the Cake at Stake.
  • Pixel Peeker Polka (faster) - Playing during the unicycle contest.

Gardening Hero

  • Prelude No. 1 in C, BWV 846 (J.S. Bach) - Played during contest

The Glistening

  • Constance - Played during the rejoin.

Don't Pierce My Flesh

  • Our Story Begins - Played during Cake at Stake
  • New Friendly - "We are amazing!", until the contest.
  • Movement Proposition - Played during contest


  • Bicycle - Played during contest

Insectophobe's Nightmare 2

  • Organ Filler - "Bubble! I demand an apology!", until the intro; after the intro until Cake at Stake.
  • Motivator - Played during the advertisements
  • Hit The Streets - Played when the contestants run away from the bugs
  • Mirage - Played during Flashback

Return of the Hang Glider

  • New Friendly - "Hey Pen.", until the intro.
  • Backed Vibes (clean) - Played during Cake at Stake
  • Spacial Harvest - Leafy buys Dream Island
  • Silver Blue Light - "Leafy, I'm sorry for what I did."
  • Smaller Cap = Less Plastic (40% tempo) [original music by Andrew Wang] - Played during the credits

Battle for Dream Island Again

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

  • Movement Proposition - Played while the contestants are chasing Leafy.
  • New Friendly - "Hey guys, Look.", "Hey, Eraser; any more rules?", "Oh, eliminated contestants must be treated with TLC.", "Let's split into teams.", "Well, spin it already; I'm getting impatient.", "Hey Pin, why don't you switch, too?"
  • Radio Martini (sped up) - Played when the contestants show their favorite screens.
  • Decisions - Played during the contest.

Get Digging

  • Summer Day - "Let's try to come up with a team name."
  • Dub Eastern - Played during Cake at Stake.
  • The House of Leaves - "Fine. Teardrop, if you refuse, we'll let you go back."
  • Overcast - Played during the contest.
  • Motivator- "Need to kill someone right away? Then buy our..."
  • Disco Lounge - "Hey Ruby, want to join our alliance."
  • Stringed Disco - Played when Puffball flies to Yoyleland.
  • Backed Vibes - Played when the results are shown.

Insectophobe's Nightmare 3

  • Der Kleber Sting - Played when Teardrop gets poisoned.

Zeeky Boogy Doog

  • Fig Leaf Times Two - Played during the entire episode.
  • Motivator [reversed] - Played when Yellow Face starting an ad about "a vat will pour an island".

Get in the Van

  • Itty Bitty 8 Bit - Played during BFDI's third birthday.
  • Amazing Plan - Played when Bubble was on the swings.
  • Organ Filler - "Keep throwing!"
  • Eliminating BFDI (original music by jacknjellify)- Played when Book climbs the Eiffel Tower, and in 80% speed inside the Clubhouse of Awesomeness
  • Smoking Gun - Played during Cake at Stake
  • Aces High - Played when the recommended characters are shown.
  • There It Is - "Wait, we should probably take the HPRC with us."
  • The Wanderer - ending


No More Snow!

  • Mirage - Played during the 1st scene.
  • Wounded - "Ruby died of sadness shortly after."
  • Wallpaper (Faster) - "No more snow!"
  • Seinfeld Theme - "Hey NEEDY!"
  • Constance - "Needle, are you doing OK?"
  • Local Forecast (slower) - "Hey, you two are FreeSmarters, where's the HPRC?"

It's a Monster

  • Hitman - "The HPHPRCC will self-destruct in..."
  • Brittle Rille - "I think someone owes me an apology."
  • Who Likes to Party - "There's so many bright lights in this van."

The Long-lost Yoyle City

  • Showdown - "Hey, the HPRC, it's been stolen!"
  • Backed Vibes - "Why do I have to carry this bag?"
  • Hero Down - When Yoyle City is first shown: "FreeSmarters, behold."
  • Moonlight Hall - Played when FreeSmart were driving through Yoyle City.
  • Sneaky - "So, how would you like to die?"
  • Call to Adventure - Played when W.O.A.H. Bunch and FreeSmart climbed up the summit of Yoyle Mountain.
  • Full On - Played when Fries recovered Rocky and then Team No-Name ascended to the summit of Yoyle Mountain.


Welcome Back

  • Carpe Diem - "Welcome to Day 1127 of our video diary for today!"
  • Secret of Tiki Island - "Ruby! You forgot to remove the lens cap this time!"
  • Carpe Diem [sped up, pitch edited] - "Oh my bubble blower, I've got to eat this green gumdrop..."
  • Secret of Tiki Island (at 0:40) - "Hey, uh, Ruby, I hate to be too inquisitive, but..."
  • Blue Ska - Played multiple times in the episode, gets faster throughout the episode.
  • Suave Standpipe - "Our diary followers have no idea what's happened to us in the last three years."
  • Killers - Played when Pencil falls, and then at a lower pitch when Bomby explodes.
  • Rocket Power - "Sorry for annoying you earlier, Fries."
  • Floating Cities [sped up] - "But look at this place! It's got treasure just waiting to be stolen."
  • Giant Wyrm [sped up] - "I always wanted to know what it feels like to use this."
  • Quirky Dog - "Well, obviously you bring Snowball out first."
  • Leopard Print Elevator - "Do you have trouble deciding who to save from the Tiny Loser Chamber?"
  • Blue Ska (pitch edited) - Played at the end of this episode. ("See you in IDFB 2!")

Battle for BFDI / Battle for BFB

See also: List of unknown tracks

Unlike the previous three seasons that utilized music by Kevin MacLeod, Battle for BFDI features original music composed by Michael Huang. However, "The Four is Lava", and every episode after "The Escape from Four" also have Kevin MacLeod music.

Getting Teardrop to Talk

Lick Your Way to Freedom

  • Park - Beginning of episode: "Blocky?"
  • Consy - Cake at Stake: "Iance, you lost last time, so you do the Cake at Stake."
  • Lighto (2016 Version) - Donut flinging scene
  • Never Gonna Be (Pitched down) - "Fine! Your 8 dead friends are now in 8 of those jawbreakers!"
  • Boc World - Pencil: *gasp*
  • Coins - "Bleh is safe!"
  • Night Mote - "ROBOTY!"
  • Flop - "Roboty!"
  • Hit It - "Okay, Black Hole, do the thing.", "Another Name Than That is safe!"
  • Cullen House - "Loser's getting someone!"
  • Lade - Voting information and credits
  • Night Mote (1.5x) - Post-credits scene: "You can stop licking, David, we already lost."

Why Would You Do This on a Swingset

  • Widge - "I'm so excited to start preventing death!"
  • Consy - "It's time for brake at flake!"
  • Minutes - "Oh, no, David! Now it's just the two of us!"
  • Hoppie Fixed- "The third contest is..."
  • Cullen Jacuzzi - "Book, no..."
  • Septagon - "Woah! Iance just had a radical idea!"
  • Flop - “Times are'a changing...”
  • Chorkey- "Just look at how far we've come, ..."
  • Delta - "Push through!"
  • Lade - Voting information and credits

Today's Very Special Episode

  • Park - "Hey, Bell!"
  • Consy - "Rock, paper, scissors!"
  • Boc World - "Okay, so I know the one of us with the most votes is eliminated, but who of us is safe?"
  • Tropical And - "Hold on, her name's not ringy?"
  • Season Coming to an End (high-pitched) - "Lightning, can you zap me?"
  • Flip Flop - Played when the challenge starts.
  • Flop - "Hey Black Hole, do you think you might be able to-"
  • Crunchy Stereo - "It's your new look"
  • Lickie (slowed down 50%) - "Team Death P.A.C.T., what are we going to do?"
  • Cullen Jacuzzi - 8-Ball apologizes to Golf Ball.
  • Lade - Voting information and credits

Fortunate Ben

  • Dinlkie - Match and Ruby play Spongy Cake, Pen is safe: "Yay!"
  • Park - Beginning of Cake at Stake
  • Bnob- Liy's resolve: "When I joined this team, I thought I could put my traumatic killing past behind me..."
  • Chorkey - Challenge
  • Lade - Voting information and credits

Four Goes Too Far

  • Tropical And - "Hey viewers", "Jeez! Four's destruction keeps getting more and more ruthless"
  • Jonkie - A Better Name Than That sled scene
  • Park - "Yeah, makes sense..."
  • Dinlkie - "Roboty! Where are you!?"
  • Bnob- Pin and Coiny interact. "What's the matter?"
  • Jonkie- The Losers! stare at Bell
  • Unknown Track 9 - "A crack. What could cause a crack to form here?"
  • Lade - Voting information and credits

The Liar Ball You Don't Want

Questions Answered

  • Flop - "Um, Fries..."
  • Ballers - Donut communicating with ABNTT through TV
  • Branchless - Beginning of Cake at Stake
  • Unknown Track 9 - 8-Ball gets crushed by the moon.
  • Now - "Contest time! It's a quiz show."
  • Branchless - "Frooba dwooba!"
  • Hush - "It's okay, everybody's tongue slips up occasionally."
  • Consy - "Debatably correct, but no."
  • Blackcomb - "Question 6..."
  • Lade - Voting information and credits
  • The Show - The footage plays

This Episode Is About Basketball

  • EC - "Stapy! Will you play eat the dirt with me?"
  • Tropical And - "Free Food come here. Just sit around I don't care"
  • Driving - "Gelatin, what are you doing up there?!"
  • Coins - "X, you mean to tell me you've been here the whole time?"
  • Branchless - "I just got a regular cake this time. Is that okay?"
  • Hoppie Fixed - "The ninth contest is..."
  • Music of Four's 3D Hand - "Woody! I believe in you!"
  • Lade - Voting information and credits.

Enter the Exit

  • Sink - "Cloudy? What's wrong?"
  • Branchless- "I am ready for this Cake at Stake!", Inside of EXIT.
  • Different - "Now David go be eliminated."
  • Branchless (sped up to 300%, low-pass filtered) - "Cloudy's safe! So is Woody!"
  • Bnob- "Where's X? I need Bubble back!"
  • Ballers- "I'm back! The tenth challenge is..."
  • Boot - "Bring Back Four!"
  • Hush - "Come on Four! I know you're in there!"
  • Season Coming to an End- Four recovers the dead contestants.
  • Boc World- "There she is! She's the one who tried to send us a bomb!"
  • Night Mote- Roboty at the waterfall.
  • Hallway - "When's Four coming back..."
  • Lade (low-pass filtered)- Rejoin voting information and credits.

Get to the Top in 500 Steps

  • Hallway - "Hmm..."
  • Chapter Complete - During and after Cake at Stake. Before the contest. "Pie's not even trying to pass Flower! What's she doing?".
  • Park- "Four, I don't think my team wants me..."
  • Bnob- Match and Bubble's argument.
  • Storm - Plays when the Losers complete the challenge.
  • Firey Underwear - "Out of my WAY! I need my SPACE!".
  • Lade- Voting information and credits.

What Do You Think of Roleplay?

  • Dinlkie - "I mean it was really weird."
  • Remix track #6 - Played while Bomby was in lavatories
  • Gamla - "Are! You! Seated?!"
  • Driving - "Ummm... Uhhh,,"
  • Gamla - "Missing contestants are excused!"
  • Branchless - "Shouldn't we focus on the challenge?"
  • Cylinder - "Bleh is safe"
  • Hit It - "What! It's true!"
  • Park - "Right, Spongy?"
  • Introa - "Wait a second..."
  • Chapter Complete - "That is a really bad joke!"
  • Lade- Voting information and credits.

Return of the Rocket Ship

  • Here Demo - "Spongy, I think we should call it a day."
  • Evolekaf - Played just after the intro
  • Infetterence - Played during Cake at Stake.
  • Remix track #6 - Played when Ice Cube walked out of the soup bowl.
  • Remix track #7 - "Want a scrumptious dining experience, but never have the cutlery on hand?"
  • Gkfifphoh - "Yellow Face has an ad?!"
  • Driving - "And you! Not only are you not on our team..."
  • Hoppie Fixed - "The urgency is that Four and X are going to announce the next contest right now!"
  • Coins Wrong Sidechain - "X's treasure are various emeralds underground!"
  • Dinlkie - "Okay alliance, we heard Grassy's orders!"
  • Hush - "Hold it cake!"
  • Tid - "Death P.A.C.T.ers! Where do you think the emeralds would be?"
  • Coins Wrong Sidechain - "Okay. According to my GPS, we are directly above the coordinates!"
  • Dowel - "Oh noio guys!"
  • Whirlwind Montage - Death P.A.C.T continuing to wave their arms.
  • Penta - Death P.A.C.T. enters Four's mouth.
  • Consy - "Hey, guys!", "...Look myself up in me?"
  • Chug - "Let's get out of here!"
  • Nobody But You - "Did you say salt and vinegar?"
  • Tent - Played during the voting screen.

Don't Dig Straight Down

Evolekaf was mentioned to have been included in this episode but was not included at the episode's release.[1]

  • Chapter Complete - "It's an Inverted Planet!"
  • Coins - "I'm mad you killed Bubble, Flower."
  • Dinlkie - Free Food scene
  • Chug - iance still digging their way up the emerald.
  • Lighto (2016 Version) - "Everybody, wall jump!", "Okay, I patched her up."
  • Gkfifphoh - "Death P.A.C.T.ers, you have found an emerald so you are safe."
  • Park - "It's a hot spring!"
  • Hit It - "I think this calls for a celebration."
  • Cart - "No, of course not. RUN!"
  • Triton - Played while the lava flowed into Beep's tunnel.
  • Season Coming to an End - "Holy moly, we made it out alive, Gelly!"
  • Driving - "I need you guys to blow really hard again.", "Take cover everybody!"
  • Consy - "Hm, is it me, or is it getting warm around here?"
  • 83_22222 - "Four deserves this treasure! Here!"
  • Sweeper - "Okay, forget it."
  • The Show (mild) - "Oh no! Lava shower!"
  • Night Mote - "Whuh? Roboty?"
  • Lade Chord Loop - "Beep found the last emerald!"
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits

The Four is Lava

  • Breakup Simulator Lite - "You know, Flower, there isn't enough room up here!", "What do you have to say for yourself, huh?"
  • DFYC - Played while Bleh was under the lava.
  • Remix track #7 - Saw and Dora swimming through lava, Four pulls Bleh out of the hole
  • Dinlkie (pitched up) - "Oh hey, it's Taco!"
  • Even After - "Gaty is safe as well.", Death P.A.C.T in the Fourest
  • Super Friendly - The Announcer gives Book dream island.
  • Now - "Lollipop. Dora. One of you will be going away feeling empty inside."
  • Firey Underwear (Instrumental) - "Leafy, please get down!"
  • Coins - "Mmm... nice day we're having?"
  • Hallway - "Woah! Door?"
  • 2012 - Showing the RCs drowning in the lava, while also showing the teams that are safe or not safe yet.
  • Triton - "Huh?"
  • Chapter Complete - "I see X over there in the sky!"
  • Different - "Eggy! It's so nice to see you"
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits
  • Bnob - The Losers! talk about Leafy

The Escape from Four

  • The Show (mild) (pitched down) - "I have always wanted to hear this celeb's juiciest secrets!"
  • Even After - "Oh my grip, Loser! I'm so happy you got eliminated, because now we get to be buddies!"
  • Remix track #7 - "Team Ice Cube-o! You lost last time!"
  • Chapter Complete - Played during the cake at stake.
  • Cullen Goals - "Wwha-? But that means I'm out!"
  • Sweeper (pitched down) - "Still not high enough".
  • Waltz of the Flowers - Plays when Loser is climbing out of Spongy.
  • Tale - Loser successfully escapes from Four.
  • Storm - When Four starts sucking up the eliminated contestants.
  • Abacaba Theme Melody - "Hello, Firey Jr."
  • Lickie (sped up) - When Four chases Spongy and Loser.
  • Flop - "Hey, don't ignore me!"
  • Branchless - "Hey Two, I'm not convinced."
  • Mov - "The BFDI is being denied from not just me, but everyone!"
  • Dustbinder - "I'm glad the 40 of you have made the wise choice of instead battling for..."
  • Tent - "Comment below using the letter in square brackets for who you want to join the show!"

X Marks the Spot

  • Famous 600k (Instrumental) - "Hey, Gelatin!", "Hey Four, can I name my lovely team now?"
  • Volatile Reaction - "One is still not Four!"
  • Flop - "Four, clarification please!", "Yeah, where's X?"
  • Radio Martini - "I know what Four needs right now!"
  • Jonkie - "Well, Balloony. I've saved your life all those years back!"
  • Dinlkie - Four explains the challenge
  • Killers - "A fan is doubting me?", "I HATE LASSOS!"
  • The Builder - When Teardrop gets out of the Freesmart Supervan to grab X.
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits

Take the Tower

  • Rhombus - "This trendy hoodie says oh for petal's sake!"
  • Nerves - "Taco! Why Spongy and not me?!"
  • Dinlkie - "It's elimination time."
  • Evolekaf - "So, Four-Colored Team!"
  • Chugvolution - "Oh, I'm so noirvous!"
  • Childhood Memories of Winter - Balloony's elimination
  • Hallway - "Woah, this is.. kind of spooky!"
  • Storm - "No! We're getting you back, Balloony!"
  • Dinlkie - "Each team has a brick tower to protect."
  • Streetlight - "Okay, Four-colored friendos!"
  • Space Bubble - "Woah Loser! It's so cozy in this new tower"
  • Season Coming to an End - "Blocky help me out!"
  • Mei's Theme - "Hey Firey, got anything sharp?"
  • Trailer - Teardrop pulling down the bridge.
  • Murthful - "What are you waiting for? Go do your thang."
  • Here Demo - "We're falling behind!"
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.

How Loe Can You Grow?

  • Flop - Beginning of episode
  • Happy Boy Theme (Aplut Remix) - Music that plays on the radio
  • Hitman - "You must stop driving over X's garden!"
  • Unknown Track 35 - "Four and I have brought you here today for a public service announcement."
  • Consy - "X, are you actually trying to grow aloe vera?"
  • Even After Remix - "Aw, man! I kinda miss the little guy!"
  • Lighto (2016 Version) - "I'm a lens!"
  • Hoppie - "In fact, the viewers are getting so bored..."
  • Branchless - "And he burned you?"
  • Take a Chance - "Yeah, we know what to do."
  • Stringed Disco - Blocky's Funny Doings International ad
  • Unknown Track 35 - "This program was brought to you by Blocky's funny doing international."
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.

A Taste of Space

  • Famous 600K (Instrumental) - Played in the cardboard spaceship.
  • Graveyard Shift - When the Have Cots run out of oxygen.
  • Unknown Track 41 - "More air is an app that brings you more thrilling experiences with air especially when you are dying."
  • Faster Does It - Played during Cake at Stake!
  • Kuro - The Night - in the sun scene.
  • Jonkie - "Have Nots! Did you like your journey up to space?"
  • Branchless - "Don't worry guys! Let's just reflect the heat back with this mirror!"
  • Your Call - “Phew, thanks Have Nots.”
  • Dinlkie - "The sun is 2 degrees colder again."
  • Unknown Track 9 - "I say we smack him! Right into the sun."
  • Blackcomb - "Ahh! It's 800 degrees hotter!"
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.

Let's Raid The Warehouse

  • Unknown Track 43 - "Hoy hoy hoy Gelatin!"
  • Unknown Track 44 - "So, Have Nots", "Bye Loser"
  • Unknown Track 45 - "Dispite your popularity, you got elimenated"
  • Your Call - "Need a can of beans because, um... you like beans?"
  • The Ice Giants - "Now we're climbing a mountain."
  • Unknown Track 47 - "So when I ordered a boible transformer from Yellow Face all those years ago this must've been where it came from"
  • Marty Gots a Plan - "What about Flower you guys? What's she into?"
  • Night Mote (Lo-Fi Remix) Instrumental - "I think we can head back to Four with our gifts"
  • Marty Gots a Plan - "Do you think Woody would like this bucket?"
  • Agnus Dei X - "Why does this say "Don't Purple, Open Inside"?"
  • Marty Gots a Plan - Plays for a few seconds when the Have Nots and Have Cots get into the train.
  • Faster Does It - "Welcome back!"
  • Suave Standpipe - "Flower, allow us to present our offering to the Floral Queen!"
  • Killers - "Oh wow! Spoon!"
  • Night Mote (Lo-Fi Remix) Instrumental - "I'm so confused, though"
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.

Who Stole Donut's Diary?

  • Even After Remix - "Isn't it great to be on such a winning streak Have Cots?"
  • Faster Does It - "Which I stole from Loser before he left."
  • Militaire Electronic - "I would like to start with a speech."
  • Black Vortex - "Ok, you gained my respect back."
  • Branchless - "One- one what? One hundred?"
  • Unknown Track 50 - "Introducing you all to the B.R.B."
  • Unknown Track 35 - "Now it's time for you all to be taken somewhere new."
  • Introa - "Wait, so all we're doing is exposing which contestant committed the crime?"
  • Unknown Track 48 - "Okay have cots. Do you guys mind if I ask the questions?"
  • Unknown Track 44 - "Like usual I was just going about my day"
  • Fearless First - "Didn't know Leafy was there, that's suspicious."
  • Music to Delight - Lollipop's and Gelatin's newbie alliance handshake.
  • Samba Isobel - "Firey! Explain where you were during the disappearance of the diary!"
  • Touching Moments Three - Deeper - "Alright Leafy, what is it?"
  • Bnob - "I realized they were just chasing you."
  • No Frills Cumbia - Near the end of the challenge.
  • Hitman - " Let's expose the truth!"
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.

Fashion For Your Face!

  • Rhombus - "Hey friends!"
  • Paper World - "Hey, Lollipop! We gotta talk."
  • Space Bubble - "So, Have Cot team"
  • Tomorrow - "Let's get back to the ceremony."
  • Lighto (2016 Version) - "It's her."
  • Wings - "Contestants, I was jailed last night, for the crime of trespassing into a courtroom I didn't own! Wah!"
  • Sweeper - "Teams, you gotta save me!"
  • Happy Fun Candy Time Cover - "Oooh Yellow Face's warehouse huh?"
  • Branchless - "Aw man, that's the last of the boxing gloves."
  • Whirlwind Montage - When the Have Cots are starting to get itchy from the sweaters, "Do I heard something?"
  • Unknown Track 14 - "I'm gonna bounce!"
  • Storm - The Have Cots get chased and eaten by Purple Face.
  • Accralate - "Uh, guys? It's smelling kinda weird in here."
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.
  • Night Mote - Plays during a part of the stinger.
  • Simble - Plays when Flower and Purple Face and dancing in the stinger.

The Game Has Changed

  • Local Forecast - "Hey guys, welcome to the Blocky Podcast!"
  • Carnivale Intrigue - "Psst, hey Have Nots. Welcome to Cake at Stake!"
  • Movement Proposition - "Nevermind, let's get on with this super quickly!"
  • Unknown Track 60 - "No. Oh my gosh I played the whole season wanting to redeem myself!"
  • Cool Mote (sped up) - "You're all still in here?"
  • Paper World - "I was on my way to jet flying class..."
  • Chapter Complete - "Go, Woody. Now!"
  • Killers - Four despawns Purple Face
  • Dinlkie - "I'm really bummed out."
  • Sneaky - "Yep, thanks Lollipop."
  • Even After (Remix) - "Hey Firey, I'm all done with my X-themed party."
  • Master of the Feast - "Finally, we're here!"
  • Your Call - "So, Purple Face, how's your song coming along?"
  • Jonkie - Right now, Flower is guaranteed immunity due to having the top result with one contestant left."
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.
  • Unknown Track 57 - Woody's Funny Doings Internantional.

The Tweested Temple

  • Loopster - During elimination.
  • Ballers - "I wonder where the new stairs lead?"
  • The Builder - "Yeah, I'm not putting up with that drivel for another minute."
  • Galway - "You two are DEFINITELY up for elimination!"
  • Acid Plant Medicine - During the scene with Flower dancing.
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.

The Hidden Contestant

  • Unknown Track 35 - "For your next prank Woody, how about—", Plays during Cake at Stake
  • Unknown Track 9 - "Sorry to hear that, Woodster."
  • Sovereign - "Woody, as the final Have-Notters in the competition, we've been on a crazy ri—", "I can't believe this is where it ends."
  • Famous 600k (Instrumental) - "We're down to the Final 5, folks!"
  • New Friendly - During some of the BFDI-BFDIA flashbacks.
  • Season Coming to a End - During the Final 14 flashback.
  • Acid Plant Medicine - During the BFB 25 flashback.
  • Sneaky - " So YOU'RE the reason we were waiting the 73 days for Flower to find a rock.", "Teardrop, Give me Profily!"
  • Jonkie - "X, we have a problem! This Profily contestant is getting on my nerves immediately!", "Contestants! For today's challenge, you must climb to the peak of the tallest mountain in the valley!"
  • Park - "That's not fair, Four! You have to respect the votes!"
  • Movement Proposition - Played while Four explained his problems to the contestants, "This is ours, Flower."
  • Dinlkie- "We need to think of a way to get insanely high into the air."
  • Blackcomb - "Wow, I never made it here before. Looks pretty!"
  • Unknown Track 48 - "What's your plan, Leafster?"
  • Unknown Track 66 - Cardboard Spaceship falling back to Earth
  • Flop - "Hey X, we have a little bond after I made that party for you, right?"
  • Chumb - "Get off me, TD! This is MY victory."
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.
  • Even After (Remix) - "Hey, Four, I think you need more contestants to join the show. I'm here to play."
  • Unknown Track 44 - "Ok then BFB Gang, Here's a Bus."

Uprooting Everything

  • Even After (Remix) - "Firey and Pen are now in stock!" "We got 42,595 votes."
  • Faster Does It - "Driving is so fun, we've been driving for 5 weeks now, without a single thing smashing into the window." "So nice!"
  • Unknown Track 9 - "Keep the alliance proud, old buddy."
  • Branchless - "Well, there's no point delaying the inevitable."
  • Flop - "I'm a good host too..."
  • Dinlkie - "Woo!"
  • Becoming Friends Montage - Flower sings this.
  • Sovereign - CRT Flashbacks
  • Consy - "But anyway, I made us best friend shirts!"
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.

B.F.B. = Back From Beginning

  • Unknown Track 48 - X trying to recover Purple Face
  • Tropical And - "Hello!, Who's out there?"
  • Blackcomb - "Leafy, hello!"
  • Sovereign - "Four, are you okay?"
  • Unknown Track 9 - "Just watch this! I'll be a constant presence! You'll never get rid of me!"
  • Your Call - "Four? What just happened? FOUR!!!!"
  • Loopster - "Teardrop won immunity last round, so she gets a gold medal. Fling."
  • Take a Chance - The contestants in the BRB are teleported to the desert
  • Private Eye - Played during the challenge explanation.
  • Unknown Track 85 - Contestants doing Challenge 1.
  • Bicycle - "Yo! It worked."
  • Movement Proposition - Teardrop moving on to Challenge 9.
  • Shiny Tech - Flower falling after being pushed off.
  • Unknown Track 87 - "Okay! You guys are good to head to the oven! Good luck!"
  • Lade - Voting screen and credits.
  • Music of Four's 3D Hand (Piano) - "Four? Hello? Are you coming back soon? Four? Fooour?"

SOS (Save Our Show)

  • Sneaky Adventure - Plays at the beginning of the episode, "Okay, Tacster.. we're gonna need to get you a new nickname."
  • Unknown Track 54 - "Hey guys! Blocky and Woody here!", "Hey guys. Good ol' Blocky, here! For a prank, suspend X over a cliff, and send Gelatin on fire!"
  • Militaire Electronic - "Final three, welcome to cake at stake.", "OK Announco, start talking, or I can break you apart- just like that zapper."
  • Sovereign - "No bias of course, but Teardrop, you have always been my favorite.", "What's the point...? Four is gone, and the show is also gone, without him."
  • Sneaky - "Usually I'd tell you to stop freaking out, but this is very scary news."
  • Who Likes to Party - "Everyone, get in the bus."
  • Daj - Plays when everyone arrives at the abandoned TV studio.
  • The Purple Face Show - "Ahem, lights, camera, action! Welcome to the Purple Face Variety Hour!", "Welcome one, welcome all to the Purple Face interview show!", "And then I eat like fifteen burgers in one whole sitting!", "So, Gelatin, what is your favorite thing about BFDI?"
  • Blackcomb - Plays when Announcer finds Four's prizes and Taco confronts him about it.
  • Hot Pursuit - "What? Dear soil, please no!", "Okay, so we got a donation update!", "Yay! That's the spirit. Always look on the bright side of things."
  • Stringed Disco - Woody's Fear Destroyer International.
  • Upbeat Forever - "A little Update, Purple Man: the audience liked the Flower thing!", "I have the winning idea right here, Purple Bro."
  • Movement Proposition - Firey Speaking Quickly.
  • Spacial Harvest - Announcer's Story.
  • What a Mess - Plays when the scenes are made with MS Paint, Notebook and the Storyboard.
  • Famous 600k (Instrumental) - Plays after Flower inserts the $50,000 into the laptop, returning the animation back to normal and saving the show.
  • Lade (low-pass filtered) - Voting screen and credits.

Chapter Complete

  • How a future house bass is made - "Yo Match, Watch this!"
  • Jonkie - "But I appreciate it nonetheless", "Hey, Announcer, thanks for taking care of the end of the season."
  • Blackcomb - While and after the line "I wonder when Four is coming back" is being repeated.
  • X Mourns - When Profily and X are talking together at night.
  • Minutes - When Flower and Gelatin get to the Announcer and Bubbble.
  • Ballers - "We have a large crowd watching us today."
  • Dinlkie - "You got this Gelatin!"
  • Chorkey - "Congratulations. You win BFB alongside the three prizes this Cake at Stake awards you with."
  • Branchless - The BFB turning into a deep fried square.
  • Cullen Jacuzzi - Gelatin winning BFB in Flower's Thought.
  • Even After - "Second place ain't half bad, buddy. I'm proud of you."
  • Bnob - "This is pretty cool though. Seems like Four has somehow made this high-tech deep-fried seasonal block that preserves all the video footage of this season!'
  • Introa - Flower struggling to take the BFDI from the Announcer, Purple Face running off with the BFDI.
  • Sneaky Adventure - "Hello once again, yellow friend!"
  • Park - "Wow! I'm so glad I won the prize! This, uh, this thing. It's really good!"
  • The Show (mild) - "M-wake up? Uh-I don't want to though."
  • Sovereign - "So even the fake version of you that I made up in my head still behaves like this, huh?"
  • Never Gonna Be - "Regardless! They all pushed me away!"
  • Coins - "Never mind that. Help me with this, and we'll consider the score even."
  • Faster Does It - "Spongy said the BFDI is under the seat."
  • Movement Proposition - "So give me the BFDI right this second!"
  • Boc World - "What the... What just happened?"
  • Militaire Electronic - "Alright, guys. Let's all board the express train!", "Maybe we... shouldn't have announced our plans."," Guys, we need to go help right now!"
  • Season Coming to a End - "Okay! N-okay... Mmmaybe, I'm being selfish by wanting the BFDI so badly."
  • Lickie - Flashback of Four being a fan of BFDI.
  • Bass 8ths Sample - The BFDI is created.
  • Sink - "But, we have time to fix any damage! Let’s save our favorite alien friend!"
  • This is BFB (Instrumental) - When recap of the BFB playing and Gelatin's narrating a montage.
  • Famous 600k (Instrumental) - "Four!, You're back!"
  • Chapter Complete - When Leafy and Firey leaves and the end before credits.
  • Lade - The end credits.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

Loser's Non-Slip Shoes So Ha.png

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You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?

  • Jonkie - Recording of Four from BFB 17.
  • Park - "*Gasp* Maybe we should switch back."
  • Unknown Track 73 - "If you got the most votes, you get to join my show, and, you’ll also get this- g’uh, purple tomato!"
  • Unknown Track 47 - "Discy's out! No more waiting!"
  • Goofin - "But what's wrong with prime numbers?"
  • Unknown Track 77 - Plays while the contestants are going down the elevator.
  • Now - "Winner and Loser were a duo!"
  • Whirlwind Montage - "But only a true Loser fan would know that."
  • Branchless - "Wow Cake, that was rough. Wanna join my team?"
  • On The Upp - Bell flinging Marker to Lightning.
  • Unknown Track 78 - "Basketball, I'm impressed that you stood up to Golf Ball like that!"
  • Chapter Complete - Book and Pillow joins Just Not.
  • Unknown Track 80 - "Hey, Two, we finished naming our teams."
  • Gibberish!! - The Intro.
  • Infetterence - Plays when the challenge starts.
  • Here demo - "Can't we use Fanny to propel ourselves up?"
  • Cylinder - Are You Okay getting flung over and over.
  • Chugvolution - Winner throwing their team up to the top of the building.
  • Driving - "Oh no! I overshot!"
  • Cart 2 - "Team8s, *Snap* I have a plan.", "Hold on! We gotta get Black Hole!"
  • Blackcomb - Plays when Just Not exit the elevator.
  • The Show - "Then let's throw something else!"
  • Cullen House - "The Strongest Team on Earth is safe!"
  • Unknown Track 75 - Voting Screen and Credits.
  • Hallway - The Stinger.

The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life


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I Can Make a Difference!

  • Happy Chords Opening - Played in the opening
  • Water Fountain - Played while the children were cleaning up the trash
  • One Plus One...Hard - Played during the credits.

BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare

BFB Tune.png
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Specifically: Just Released

  • New Friendly - "Oh Nothing, Just... Looking at clouds."
  • Unknown - "He must be doing something evil or scary or abnormal!"
  • Motivator - "Has your claw machine ever broken down?"
  • Unknown - "Help! Book and match are stuck in your claw machine!"
  • Four Beers' Polka - "Dont worry guys! I Brought help!"
  • Radio Martini (sped up) - Montage
  • Motivator (Again) - Credits

X Finds Out His Value

  • Radio Martini -1.5 Pitch - In the equation playground
  • Enter the Party - Ending scene

Paper Towel

  • Wagon Wheel - Played during the entire video.


  • Hoppie - Played during the entire video, with a few jumps in time.

When Video Games Malfunction!

  • Deliberate Thought - Played at the beginning
  • Kick Shock - Played at 0:14
  • Gnarled Situation - Played when the funcube explodes.
  • Enter the Party - Played at the "thinking cap" part.
  • Sunshine - "Seriously?"
  • Radio Martini - Played at the end.

How to Fold your Foldy

  • Burst Censored - Played throughout the whole video

You're A Loser, But...

  • Carnival Intrigue - Plays throughout most of the video
  • Volatile Reaction - Plays when Leafy and Pin are about to crash into Flower
  • Flying to the Clouds - Outro

Apply to join BFDI! Animators, Audio Editors, Background/Prop Artists and More

Recommend a Character - Become a Jacknjellify Member

  • Famous 600K (Instrumental) - Played throughout the whole video

BFDI Mini-Season - "Marbles"

  • Cupid's Revenge - First leg
  • Cupid's Revenge (slowed down) - Second leg
  • Impact Lento - Third leg
  • Nerves - Finals
  • Wallpaper - Winner

BFB Contestants React to Wiki Comments

  • Paper Stars - Firey reads TheGanonMaster's comment
  • Unknown Track 48 - Blocky reads SenPatty's comment

Firey Discovers Gravity (BFDI TikTok Compilation)


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  • Smaller Cap = Less Plastic (Andrew Wang), The Wanderer (June Lalonde), On The Radio/Waltz of the Flowers (NMR Digital), Childhood Memories of Winter (Rickvanman), Mei's Theme (Demipixel), Trailer (AShamaluevMusic), and Nobody But You (The Apples in Stereo) are the only soundtracks in BFDI that aren't composed by Michael Huang or Kevin Macleod.
    • All of them have only played once in BFDI as well.
    • NMR Digital, Rickvanman, and AShamaluevMusic aren't credited in their respective episode where their soundtrack played. However, Tchaikovsky is credited in BFB 16's description, even though NMR Digital is the one that composed the cover of Waltz of the Flowers.
  • "Aces High", which plays on "Get in the Van" when the recommended characters are shown, is also the intro theme of Inanimate Insanity.
  • Summer Leaves is the only soundtrack that changed its name. Previously, it was called Late Night Chilling.
  • Cary Huang has composed music before in "I Can Make a Difference!" which are: "Happy Chords Opening", "Water Fountain" and "One Plus One...Hard".
    • It also appears to be one of the only soundtracks that doesn't have a public soundtrack without a bot repeating "". Currently, the only way to get the soundtrack without the robot voice is by licensing it.
  • Widge is called "Widge (WIJTTEFET)" in the files because of the filename possibly originally being named after Woody's Incredible Journey to the Escape from Eternal Terror. After a while, Michael changed the filename to Widge but kept WIJTTEFET as a nickname.[2]

New Friendly

"New Friendly" is a song composed by Kevin MacLeod first released on May 20th, 2009, and was first used in "Take the Plunge: Part 1". It is an uplifting electronic synth piece that has become rather iconic with the BFDI community due to it being the very first song played in the show.


According to Incompetech, the official description for New Friendly is "The piece starts out nice, and then becomes a modulating monster about a minute in. It resolves to the initial key, and continues on. Lots of building! Very round-sounding."[3]

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