Mutilation is one of Four’s many special abilities in Battle for BFDI. It turns its victim into a scribbled mess in which only their color palette and line thickness are intact. This deforms, dismembers, and kills them. A twinkling sound effect (which can be found here) is heard while someone is being mutilated.


It was first used as an example with Pin as the victim. It was used during Getting Teardrop to Talk.

It was used again on Foldy during Four Goes Too Far, when Foldy told Four to stop screeching.

The Mutilation was again used when Donut tries to revive Naily at Enter the Exit, but ends up mutilating her, killing her again.


Victim Count Episode
Pin 1 Getting Teardrop to Talk
Foldy 1 Four Goes Too Far
Naily 1

Enter the Exit


  • It is the first of Four’s special abilities to appear.
  • When someone gets mutilated, this sound effect plays.


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