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Scientists have recently classified Earth as a triple planet system, consisting of the Earth, the Moon and something called 'Needle's Cake.'

Needle's Cake was a rapidly-growing cake containing mostly yeast that then turned into a star which orbited Earth. It was made by Needle in "Sweet Tooth" as part of the cake contest for that episode.

In "Bridge Crossing", it becomes a full-fledged star, causing a windstorm to occur in Goiky. It was later destroyed when Needle landed on it and popped it (earlier, Leafy slapped her, and due to the strong winds, she flutters). Needle then fell down to earth and landed on Bubble during Cake at Stake, popping her.


Earth orbiting Needle's Cake.

The cake, after a nuclear reaction took place, caused the earth to have strong winds, allowing Pin, a broken tree, and Teardrop to stand on a wall.

Real-life scenario

If this happened in real life, Earth's atmosphere would be destroyed, and the temperature would be too hot for life forms to exist, including objects. They'd all melt under the extreme heat. Also, the Earth and Moon would be pulled into the star due to gravity, causing a collision. Yeast is also not powerful enough to create such a massive object in the first place. Even if it was, it would die before accomplishing 0.0001% of the size of a star, and there are also so many fewer atoms on Earth than in a yellow star like Needle's cake.


  • Needle's Cake is made of an extreme amount of yeast, which caused the cake to rapidly grow in size until it became a star.
    • This is a joke about the reactions of yeast.
  • The star died when Needle popped it like a bubble.
  • After Needle popped the star, it took her a week to come back down to Earth.
  • The size of Needle's Cake is approximately 1,469,159 miles.