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Niall Burns (born July 24th, 2000), commonly referred to as XanyLeaves, is an animator and voice actor for Battle for BFB and Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two. His first notable contribution to the show was his animation in "Return of the Rocket Ship". He was also the creator of his own object show, Object Overload, and hosted a DeviantArt camp called TROC.

He also currently voices Two in "The Escape from Four" and in TPOT, BFDI's fifth season.

Characters voiced by Niall Burns

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  • He competed in CTC 2 as Garden Hose as well as CTC 5 and 7 as Light Switch.
  • He prefers waffles over pancakes.
  • He is the only actor outside of the Huang twins who voices both a contestant and host.
  • He is able to pull off an American accent, as shown in his show, Object Overload.
  • He voices a few characters on Object Show 87. He also voices Basketball on Paper Puppets Take 2 and Circle on Object Lockout.


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