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For the TPOT debuter, see 9-Ball.

Yo yo yo, dudes. Your homeboy Nine's back in town!

Nine is a number who first appeared in "The Number Playground Chronicle!". They later appeared in the first crowd of recommended characters in "The Escape from Four", and made their first scripted and speaking appearance in "Thanks for 800,000 subscribers!".


Nine is an arabic numeral nine. They have a white body along with wearing black sunglasses shining with the colors of their skateboard they carry around; light blue, cream and yellow.


Nine's personality appears to be based upon the exaggeration of the skater subculture in the late 1990's and early 2000's, using slang such as "tubular", having sunglasses, and owning a skateboard, which was very popular around that time period. As a result of this, Nine acts like they're very cool. Nine also appears to get sensitive at times, as they cry after Six says that they have no "style". They also might not be the brightest of the bunch, as when Six said this to Nine, they decided to glue their feet to their skateboard in response.


Nine made his first appearance in "The Number Playground Chronicle!" as a mention in the phone book section. The rest of his role is currently unknown.

Nine was a recommended character in "The Escape from Four", and had no significant role.

In "Thanks for 800,000 subscribers!", they appeared upon Four requiring help and mentioning them. After greeting the others. they have a short conversation with Eight and Seven, until the next scene where all the numbers stand on one another to make a tower. Seven argues with Nine and when Four complains the two stop blabbering. Nine has a few short lines of reaffirmation after this when the video nears its end.

In "Thanks for 900,000 subscribers!", Nine begins to talk to Six, who tells them they have no style. Nine, in response, decides to glue their feet to their skateboard. Then, they make a plan with Six to kick Eight out of their standing spot, as Nine needs to take it for himself. With X giving them the invention Stone-To-Boot, they both make a very strong boot to use for kicking Eight out. But this plan turns out to be useless as Eight steps aside without any conflict. Nine takes his spot in a withdrawn manner.


  • Nine, Five, Ten and Zero are the only numbers not to have their color based on Minesweeper numbers.
    • Nine, Ten and Zero actually don't count, as they're not in Minesweeper.
    • Despite Nine's appearance having a light gray shade color, when they were recommended by MiitopianOlive, they were meant to be white.
  • The shine design in Nine's sunglasses seems to be a flipped version of the background in Gelatin's voting icon, and the Final Fourteen picture.
  • Nine's skateboard has a color scheme similar to the shine design on their sunglasses.
    • This is also the same shiny texture in Adobe products.
  • The hex code of Nine's color is #DDE2EC.
  • Nine is one of the three characters to not appear in XFOHV, the others are Ten and Zero.
  • Nine has a pet cat, who also has sunglasses and white fur.
    • Nine is one of the two characters in BFDI to have a cat, the other being Six.



  1. Nine Pronouns.png From Sam Thornbury in HTwins Central. Note that in official videos, Nine has only been referred to with he/him thus far.
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