Ha, ha! I'm wearing non-slip shoes so ha!

Non-Slip Shoes So Ha! are footwear in BFDI. Based on a line from Flower, they are used to prevent slipping. They were also mentioned in a commercial by Yellow Face. Their design is almost no different from that of a pair of normal, hot-pink flip-flops. However, in Total Firey Points, they resemble boots.


The Non-Slip Shoes So Ha first appeared in "Take the Plunge: Part 1", revealed as a gadget to help Flower stay on the balance beam after Leafy and Pin failed to push her off.

They later appeared in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" as an item for Yellow Face's advertisement, claiming that they are in style these days, and Flower wears it in Take The Plunge. However, Purple Face interrupted the ad, saying that no one wears them anymore, as they are over two years old. This caused Yellow Face to make a seemingly racist statement out of anxiety. Due to this, Purple Face calls for someone to reject Yellow Face, but he continues with the ad, making Purple Face interrupt him once more. Yellow Face then got angry and consumed Purple Face.

They were seen in Cloudy's Collection in "Getting Teardrop to Talk", and were still there when the collection reappeared in "This Episode Is About Basketball", "Return of the Rocket Ship", and "The Four is Lava".

They reappeared in "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", where Flower used them to climb the stairs. Their appearance shocked Ruby, Blocky, and Yellow Face. After Flower utilized them to avoid being shoved by Foldy, it prompted Lollipop to state that they were "so 8 years ago," playing on Purple Face's line. Yellow Face then said that Lollipop didn't know anything, referencing her purple color. However, after Flower was knocked over by Dora, the Non-Slip Shoes So Ha fell off her feet when she was caught by Lightning.

Commercial transcript

Yellow Face

Buy "Non-Slip Shoes So Ha"! They're totally in style these days! Like, Flower wore them this one time! So Like They must be Good!

Purple Face

So what? That was almost two years ago! No one wears Non-Slip Shoes So Ha! anymore.

Yellow Face

Oh My Gosh, You do not know anything! You're.... PURPLE!!!

Purple Face

Racist!!! Get this guy out of hiyah!

Yellow Face

So yeah... BUY NOW!

Purple Face

No! Don't!

Yellow Face

*grunts and eats Purple Face*


  • The commercial marks the first time Yellow Face killed someone.
  • The commercial is the first appearance of Purple Face.
  • This is the first and (so far) only ad to have the item shown in the commercial appear before the advertisement.
  • Flower is the only known contestant to have worn them.
  • The shoes are one of Flower's fashion lines, as stated by Bracelety in BFB 16.
    • Flower also has another fashion line, called "Super Slip-Shoes So Blah."



"Non-Slip Shoes So Ha, can you draw?" — Tree
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