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Several viewers of Battle for Dream Island have gained some notability due to a multitude of reasons, such as for the characters they've recommended or by being named by the show itself.

One must somehow directly affect the show itself in order to be considered a notable viewer. Thus, people who are considered both popular and part of the "fandom" yet have had little to no actual effect on the show itself are not included in this article.


alexlion0511/alexlion05 is a viewer and fan of the Battle for Dream Island series. He recommended over 30 characters in Battle for Dream Island and Battle for BFB combined. He is best known for recommending Marker and Firey Jr., who both appeared as contestants in BFB.

As a contestant in Cary Huang's Ten Words of Wisdom, he placed 17th out of 491 and made it to the Season 1 alumni.

alexlion0511 has a Roblox game called Find the Markers based on the character. It has been very popular, enough to make Roblox's front page. As of July 24, 2022, it has over 500 million visits. It has triple the number of views of the most viewed object show video, Take the Plunge: Part 1, making it the most interacted-with object show media as of early 2022. Cary Huang first livestreamed himself playing Find the Markers on Humany on February 2nd, 2022.[1]

Characters recommended by alexlion0511


  • His favorite character is Spongy and his least favorite is Rocky, though he ironically has a known hatred towards one of the characters he recommended, Firey Jr.
  • He's particularly known for creating YouTube Poops of Ten Words of Wisdom and BFDI.
  • Two of his recommended characters (Giant Firey and Firey Jr.) both look exactly like Firey, except they are different sizes.
  • He has a Wikia account.
  • He is a content moderator of Battle for Dream Island Wiki.
  • His username is a reference to Dreamworks' 2005 film Madagascar.
  • There is an unofficial day for Alexlion0511, being a reference to the numbers at the end of his username.
  • He has a Scratch account.


Cheryblosen was the last BFDI voter. They said they wanted Leafy to win. Their channel was terminated in 2018 for uploading copyrighted clips from MTV, and their channel now gives a 404 error when you enter the URL in.


On April 1st, 2011, history was made. Englishcreamcakes cast the first vote ever for Pencil.

"I vote Pencil shee[sic] never got a vote." - Englishcreamcakes

Englishcreamcakes is an iconic viewer and fan of BFDI and BFDIA, best known as the first viewer who voted for Pencil in The Reveal. Also, he voted for Snowball to rejoin in The Glistening (but he received the least votes). In addition, he is a well-known recommender in BFDI.

Characters recommended by Englishcreamcakes


  • Englishcreamcakes is the first voter to get mentioned three times.
    • Once when he was voting for Pencil to be eliminated.
    • Another when voting to have Snowball rejoin the game.
    • Finally at the end of "Return of the Hang Glider" when all voters were mentioned.
  • Englishcreamcakes has recommended 8 characters so far.
  • His real name is Alex Stafford, and he has an alternate account known as alexstaf2000.



BlueJay, formerly Jaysillyboy and also known as xXAngelKnightXx, is a fan of the BFDI series who is best known as being both the first person to ever vote for a contestant and being the most prominent recommender of Bomby, the very first recommended character on Battle for Dream Island.

Because he was the first to ever vote, he received his own tribute video three days after the first BFDI episode. It is the only video on the channel with 99% likes.[2] He received an updated tribute video, "Tribute to Our First Commenter", ten years later in 2020.

Characters recommended by Jaysillyboy

  • Bomby - BFDI 9, was a candidate in The Reveal and became a contestant in BFDIA, IDFB, BFB, and TPOT.
  • Ball - BFDI 13
  • Cup - BFDI 14
  • Boxy - BFDI 14
  • Moon - BFDI 15
  • Sun - BFDI 15
  • Bottle - BFDI 15, was a candidate for BFDIA, is in the TLC on IDFB, and is a contestant in TPOT.
  • Magnifying Glass - BFDI 17
  • Crayon - BFDI 19
  • Lightbulb - BFDI 20


  • Sometime after the original BFDI, Jaysillyboy lost access to his original YouTube account, so he now currently resides on the account BlueJay.
  • Jaysillyboy still has interest to BFDI to this day, he is a patron for BFB and has the Wallpaper tier as of now.
  • Jaysillyboy first voted for Flower to be eliminated, which in turn makes her the first contestant to be voted on and eliminated off the show.
  • This was mentioned in the Official Character Guide and "BFDI's Road to Half a Billion Views".



JoshuaJoycleyn was a viewer who was mentioned inside the Book of BFDI Tips and Tricks in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3". Their YouTube account appears to no longer exist, as searching for the username on YouTube yields no results but a few Total Drama related videos by other users mention them.


Kat "katyj98" Yong Jie (also known as kitkatyj or daspacepony) is a YouTuber who makes BFDI(A) trivia videos. He recommended Pistachio in BFB 2. He was mentioned in BFDIA 2, when Coiny won the prize; one of the prizes on the wheel was "Subscription to Katyj98".


  • In June 2013, he was the first to beat Levels 1-52 of BFDIA 5b in a single video, and was the only player to do so for five years. The video is the only speedrun of the game of any kind until Dunkel Blau made tool-assisted videos in late 2016.


Losmmorpg (Andrew Wang) on the game show known as The Price Is Right.

Andrew Wang, more commonly known as Losmmorpg, is a viewer and fan of BFDI. He is in college in computer science and philosophy. He is known for his game, The Land of Stuff, which was the base for the game Woody's Incredible Journey to the Escape from Eternal Terror. He also composed the song Smaller Cap = Less Plastic, a song that appeared in "Reveal Novum" and "Return of the Hang Glider". His channel was featured on jacknjellify's channel under "New Channels" from 2012 when a right sidebar was added to YouTube channels to until 2015.


Simondomino is a YouTube user who has recommended 40 characters (as of July 11th, 2015) and has recommended a Blocky's Funny Doing's International prank in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2. He also made an object show named "Object Craziness".

Characters recommended by Simondomino


  • Simondomino appears to be an ice cream lover, as he has recommended 3 ice cream related characters so far.
  • SIM Ondo Mino was stated to be a sponsor of Blocky's Funny Doings International, a mispronunciation, and a pun of simondomino.
  • SimOndoMino is an app on the tablet in "A Taste of Space".
  • Ondo Mino itself appears in "Chapter Complete" as a recommended character by SourBoy.



TotalDramaIsland5543 is a viewer. He was mentioned by the announcer in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". He recommended "Red Velvet Cake" which was used for Cake at Stake for that episode. His channel now gives a 404 error when you enter the URL in.


He is a fan of the bfdi series


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