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Four in BFB 11


X in BFB 11


Numbers are a species of sentient colorful numbers and mathematical variables. The most notable members of this species are Four and X.


In BFB, numbers appear to be more sloppily hand-drawn figures of their symbol. Unlike normal characters, Numbers are hand-drawn. They are drawn with a thick black outline, with one uniform color. Their eyes consist of a black dot (pupil) and the white circle surrounding it (sclera). Their legs are also different, being drawn with width and a lighter color than their body.

In "X Finds Out His Value" (canonity is debatable), numbers appear to be more geometrical, drawn with straight lines and curves.


Numbers seem to share a close relationship with one another, rather with non-numbers. Numbers also like to host competitions, or "games".


Numbers seem to be more flexible than the main cast. Being round and bulbous, numbers seem to be made out of a squishy material. From character to character, the material varies. Four has squishy material (as seen in BFB 1 when Liy squished him) and X has a dry sponge material (also as seen in BFB 1). The rest of the number's materials are unknown.


Numbers seem to have a range of abilities, greatly differing from the cast.

These include:

Numbers differ in abilities, some being weaker than others. Four has most of the abilities listed. While X is only limited to some abilities (Levitation, Construction, Regeneration).

Algebraic evaluation

Numbers are able to perform a mathematical operation with each other, and other number-like objects. In "Four Goes Too Far", Four is multiplied with Donut (representing 0), with X being a multiplicative sign.

Notable numbers

*Is not an actual number, but treated as one in some cases


  • When Four and Donut were multiplied, Four was found as goo inside of Donut. This may mean when numbers are multiplied, they are combined into one.
  • Numbers seem to come from another realm, outside of the BFDI space.
  • In "Enter the Exit", when Four goes to eliminate Roboty, he has the old straight outline he had in XFOHV.
  • Seven appears as a recommended character in multiple BFB episodes.


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