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Onigiri is one of the former eligible debuters for TPOT.


Onigiri is happy, calm and childlike, seen by them just randomly holding Camera's lens cap in their mouth, just like how Ice Cube did in "Welcome Back". They feel no pain from hard objects, as they get hit in the face with a canon ball and feel no pain.


Onigiri is a triangular Japanese rice ball, made of white rice wrapped in a rectangular nori at the bottom. Their body is detailed in texture to signify the rice.


Onigiri's audition is them getting hit in the face with a cannonball, similar to Eggy's audition in BFDI 17. They later are seen with it removed in Snare Drum's audition, where they throw the cannonball onto Snare Drum.


  • They are the first character (eligible recommended or official) whose name starts with an O.
  • They are the only character to be named by Japanese pronunciation instead of the usual English.
  • Their audition is most likely a reference to Eggy's audition in BFDI 17.


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