The next contest is to fly your team's plane as long as possible!
— Four

Paper Planes are paper origami shaped to fly. They were used in Fortunate Ben for the challenge. So far, there are 8 paper planes, one of them used for each team. Their colours are dependent on what team they were built for.


  • Beep were the first ones to fall while using the planes, due to nobody steering the plane.
  • They can also fall due to poor weight distribution or heavy objects.
  • It is currently unknown where they are after Fortunate Ben, but they are most likely destroyed or left somewhere unknown.
  • Fanny acted as a propeller to propel Iance's plane while they were flying.
  • Stapy used staples to keep Free Food's plane in the air a while before they started falling.
  • Despite being made of paper, they are fairly sturdy as they can support up to 8 people or more and the “heaviest contestant“ Stapy.


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