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Patreon is a crowdfunding website used for people to make a donation, or "pledge" and receive some sort of reward or compensation. Jacknjellify has had a Patreon page since November 4th, 2017.

Jacknjellify has decided to end recommended characters, end voice requests, remove the YouTube membership and remove all YouTube member perks, except badges and emotes from March 2021 indefinitely,[1] and not bill patrons until October 2021 to take a break.[2] According to the end of this message,[3] these will be back soon, but this would later be contradicted by the removal of all tiers except the $1 tier in November 2021.

Current membership levels

Membership levels define the different types of members and the rewards that they can get, all levels include Discord benefits. The text description for the tier is in quotation marks.

$1 - Supporter

"Support the creators of BFDI if you like!"

Former membership levels

$1 - Feel Good Vibes!

"Support us in making seasons 4 and 5 of BFDI, and get to join the patrons discord server!*"

This tier used to have the ability to send voice clips of the patron singing the Cake at Stake song using the email associated with their Patreon account to This perk was removed during April of 2020 for unknown reasons.

$3 - Nametag

"Your nametag will appear among the recommended characters! It'll just say your name. By default, your name will have your last name abbreviated. If you want us to change this, say so in your recommendation.

Includes all lower tiers!"


$5 - Monthly Wallpaper

"Every month, we'll write to you all a thank-you note and give you an HD wallpaper right here on patreon!

Includes all lower tiers!"

Montly wallpaper.png

$10 - Cave Drawing Recommended Character

"You get to recommend one character!

On the 6th of every month, characters from the first day to last day of the previous month are collected. These characters will appear in the next episode that we start.

To recommend a character, write the name of your character on our Patreon's "Community" tab! You can change the recommendation every month, or leave it the same!

The character's appearance will be a cave drawing, like in season 1! Or a David, depending on the character.

(Note: Branded or copyrighted characters cannot be included! Please do not recommend characters who display text.)

Includes all lower tiers!"

Cave Drawing Naily.png

$25 - High Quality Recommended Character

"Replaces your cave drawing Recommended Character with a High Quality one, just like the characters you'd see in BFB! High Quality characters are confirmed to not be Davids.

Includes all lower tiers!"

High quality Recommended Character.png

$29 - Upgrade to a Colorful Tag!

Your recommender nametag (with the recommended character name and your username) can be one of these four colors (pink, green, blue, or purple) instead of default off-white! Let us know what color you want your tag to be when you recommend a character!

Defaults to blue.

Includes all lower tiers!

Character Voice Request.png

$50 - Character Voice Request!

"Once a month, you can request for one of your favorite BFDI characters to say a line of your choosing, and we'll send you the audio!

Only certain voice actors are available:

Voice actors have a right to refuse the line if it makes them uncomfortable. More voices will be available soon!

Additionally, you may decide to change the color of your recommendation tag to one of four new standout colors! Pink, green, blue, or purple.

Includes all lower tiers!"


Initially, Michael, Cary, Satomi, and Pokey were the only options when this tier was first introduced.

$100 - Special Recommended Character

"Your recommended character will be relevant to the episode somehow! They may exist as a joke ("Invisible Coiny") or happen to a character ("Capless Marker", "Metal Ball") or they may even speak! Or dance! Or even something else no one has ever seen! It'll be a surprise! Just recommend your character as normal and something interesting will happen!

Also, in addition to the other recommendation tag colors, you also have access to a luxury-colored tag, in black and gold.

(Even if this tier is full, anyone pledging this price or more will still have access to the luxury-colored tag.)

Includes all lower tiers!"

Relevant character.png

This tier was named "Relevant Recommended Character" from September 2019 to April 2020.

Recommended Character

This pledge was added on November 4th, 2017, initially $1 and was changed to $5 in early 2018. This pledge allowed fans to recommend a character to appear in BFB. It was discontinued on September 4th, 2019 by splitting what type of recommended character the patron wanted to pay for.

$1,000 - Animated Clip

"We'll animate a 10-second clip of the characters doing whatever you want, and send it to you! Animators have the right to refuse certain topics if they are uncomfortable.

Includes all lower tiers, including the relevant recommended character!"

Animated clipe.gif

This tier was discontinued in early April 2020 along with the "Come meet us!" tier with no given reasoning. It is possible that this tier was discontinued due to Jacknjellify hiring more crew members in March of 2020. This tier was allegedly only pledged to once by Mewcakes.

$2,763 - Come meet us!

"We'll organize a time for you to fly out and spend time with us in person! Message us for details. (US only)"

House Character.png

This tier was discontinued in early April 2020 along with the Animated Clip tier with no given reasoning. It is possible the tier was discontinued due to Jacknjellify hiring more crew members in March of 2020 or due to the coronavirus outbreak. This tier was allegedly only pledged to once by Mewcakes.



$1000 - Recommended Character Debut!

"Goal reached! See them compete in TPOT!"



The Jacknjellify Patreon has been criticized by fans of Battle for Dream Island on multiple occasions.

$5 upcharge

On March 5th, 2018, it was announced that the price for recommended characters would increase from $1 to $5. A generally small number of fans felt it was too expensive and stopped pledging.

Tiered system

In September 2019, a tiered system was introduced with no prior announcement. Recommending a character to the previous $5 quality would now have to pledge in the High Quality Recommended Character tier for $25. Many fans were upset by the sudden and short notice and stopped pledging. Satomi Hinatsu later stated on Twitter (@HazelCricket) to say that nobody is obligated to pay the higher costs, and that a video about the tier upgrades would later be made, though this never came to fruition.

Patreon pause

In the February 2021 wallpaper, the attached thank you note announced that the Jacknjellify Patreon would be paused due to Battle for BFB ending soon. It was not communicated at the time whether or not there would be recommended characters for March 2021, and a number of fans left their recommendations for March 2021 anyways, either unaware of the upcoming pause or in hopes that recommended characters would be collected for March 2021. The pause was enforced and no recommended characters were collected for March 2021. However, some of the March 2021 recommendations would go on to inadvertently be taken as replacements for the previous month's recommended characters and appeared instead of the previously requested February 2021 recommended characters.

Relevant Recommended Characters

The Relevant Recommended Character tier was criticized upon unveiling for its high price point in September 2019. Later on, multiple people would pledge for the tier and have their characters appear in inconsistent quality and consistency. On October 28th, 2021, in a Twitter thread, several people recalled their experience with recommending for Jacknjellify. The main focus of the discussion was the wildly inconsistent delivery of the Relevant Recommended Characters, with the main point of concern being that "characters" that are just name tags after a character says a word, with most criticism being targeted towards Runner Up from "Chapter Complete" and a majority of "characters" from "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?". The thread later went viral among the object show community and would spread to places such as YouTube, Instagram, Discord, and TikTok. The thread would later be read and noticed by BFB staff such as Satomi Hinatsu, Florence Chapell, and Cary Huang.


On November 2nd, 2021, a post authored by Cary Huang was posted to Patreon, announcing that refunds would be honored for unsatisfactory appearances of recommended characters. The post reads:

Hello everyone! Recently, I noticed people weren't happy with the way some tiers of our Patreon were described and executed. I want to right these wrongs, because it wasn't right that our poor wording and clumsy execution caused people to feel tricked. To summarize: some of you ended up pledging and receiving rewards that weren't what you were expecting.

To make amends, I'll allow any Jacknjellify supporter who felt dissatisfied with a past charge, to request a no-questions-asked refund. If you felt that the content you received through Patreon or YouTube Membership didn't match the amount you paid for, this is our way of balancing that mismatch out.

Here's the link to that form, if that's you:

Also, there are still a few outstanding "relevant recommended character" names that, despite appearing in the credits, have yet to be featured in a "relevant" way. We guarantee they will still show up in a future Jacknjellify video. We will also fulfill the handful of remaining voice requests within the next month. Still, for either of those rewards, if you feel like it's taking too long for them to appear, you can request a refund for them! Either way, we'll still be fulfilling them.

Also! As you may have noticed, this Patreon page has not charged anyone's pledges since May 2021. When season 4 came to an end (putting Jacknjellify on hiatus) we paused the Patreon indefinitely, and we had plans to revise its structure if it ever came back. In that time, we've decided to simplify the Patreon to only one tier, with no rewards.

As of now, you are free to donate as little or as much as you like, (or none at all, since BFDI will always be free), but we won't be able to offer perks anymore. Due to how Patreon works, many of you will have leftover pledges for tiers that are now gone, so please adjust your pledges accordingly!

Thank you for your generosity in supporting us, and apologies again for all the confusion surrounding Patreon tiers and their rewards. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments on this post. See you next video!

-Cary Huang

A Google Form was attached, which allows for Patrons with unsatisfactory recommendations to be given a refund and to voice any comments and criticisms on how the patron's recommended character was handled.

Following the post, all tiers were removed and a new $1 tier for Discord access (essentially serving the same function as the "$1 - Feel Good Vibes!" tier) was created.


  • For the "Come meet us!" tier, the cost was $2,763, which is a recurring number in the BFDI series.
  • There was once a 3 user limit for the Special Recommended Character tier. This was removed in April 2020.
    • Strangely, the description still mentions the limit.
  • No new wallpapers have posted on the Jacknjellify Patreon since February 2021, even though it is not confirmed if wallpapers have ended.
  • It has been confirmed that after the Patreon was cut to a single tier and a forum for refunds opened, and that recommended characters will not be returning in the near future, according to comments by Cary Huang and Satomi Hinatsu.


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