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For Pencil's alliance itself, see Pencil's alliance.

This article sums up the interactions between Pencil and her alliance members.


Main article: Book, Pencil and Match

Pencil didn't seem to mind Book that much at first as she only let her join the alliance as an alternate. This reasoning is why she and Ice Cube weren't allowed at Match's dance party. However, Pencil and Book go on to become better friends, as is mostly seen in IDFB. In BFB however, Book wants nothing to do with Pencil or Match, to their shock.


Main article: Bubble and Pencil

Pencil and Bubble started out as very close friends and have been so in every season until BFB. At this point, Pencil grew to become a lot meaner towards Bubble, as she'd demote Bubble for disagreeing with her, even if what she was doing was hurting people. Bubble would go on to resent Pencil, while the friendship seems to still be there on Pencil's side.

Ice Cube

Main article: Ice Cube and Pencil

Pencil and Ice Cube's initial interactions were made up of Ice Cube trying to join the alliance, only for Pencil to turn her down. But when Match was eliminated, Ice Cube was allowed into the alliance, as Pencil said "the more friends the better". However, Pencil also said Ice Cube wasn't as good as Match. In BFDIA, Ice Cube makes an "ugly face", which makes Pencil and Match remove her from the alliance. Ice Cube almost immediately wants to join the alliance again but Pencil just allows her to be an alternate. By BFB however, Ice Cube has lost any desire to continue following the alliance, and like Bubble, resents Pencil.


Main article: Pencil and Match

Pencil and Match have been friends since the first episode. They formed the alliance in the first episode and they get along very well. The most conflict to come out of the friendship was in "Welcome Back", when Pencil showed no urgency in freeing Match from the Tiny Loser Chamber.


Main article: Pencil and Ruby

Ruby joined the alliance as a replacement for Bubble and Ice Cube. Ever since, Pencil and Ruby have remained friends and Ruby has been made an honorary alliance member. Out of her fellow alliance members however, Pencil seems to find Ruby the most annoying to deal with, which is notably shown in "No More Snow!" and "Welcome Back".