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This character's gender hasn't been revealed within BFDI or by jacknjellify. When editing, use singular they pronouns when referring to the character. If the gender has been revealed, please provide a source when adding it.

Personally, I'm fond of the fragrance. Just the right level of tangy and bitter.
— Portable Music Player, "Fashion For Your Face!"

Portable Music Player was a recommended character who first appeared in "Fashion For Your Face!" recommended by Snowphie, being voiced by a guest cast member, David Paul Brown (known on YouTube as boyinaband).


Portable Music Player appears to resemble an original iPod. His screen is blue with a light blue musical note on it. Their plastic shell is white, as well as their earbuds. The cord connecting the earbuds is grey.


Not much is known about Portable Music Player, however, they appeared to appreciate the makeup of Purple Face's stomach acids. They also seem to be forgetful and oblivious, as they suddenly realize they don't know where they are just before dying. From their little dialogue, their voice and tone seemed very formal.



Battle for BFB

Portable Music Player first appears in "Fashion For Your Face!" in Purple Face’s stomach. After Leafy complains about the scent, Portable Music Player appears and says that they enjoy the makeup of the stomach acids. Gelatin is shocked and asks what they are doing there. Portable Music Player then asks themself where they are, only to be dissolved by the acids he once complimented.

Portable Music Player appears again in the credits of "The Game Has Changed".

Portable Music Player makes an appearance in "SOS (Save Our Show)", as one of the characters in the crowd watching Four chase Loser and Spongy in an alternate fantasy of the events of "The Escape from Four".

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Portable Music Player can be seen in the credits, swinging their earbuds around as a dance.


  • Portable Music Player is currently the only character to be voiced by a guest, David P. Brown.
  • While Portable Music Player does not have a confirmed gender, Cary Huang has used both masculine and singular they pronouns when referring to them in his BFB 23 reaction.
  • They broke the streak of characters with non-American accents having names that started with T.
  • Two, TV, Portable Music Player, Winner, Rubber Spatula, Purple Face, and Tree are the only characters who don't have American accents.
    • In Portable Music Player's case they speak with an English accent.




  1. At timestamp 25:33:

    Cary Huang

    ...I talked over him.
    As well at timestamp 26:00:

    Cary Huang

    ...Now they've got a cameo as well.