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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

A team must stick together.

"Power of Three" is the 6th episode of Battle for Dream Island. It was released on June 1, 2010. In this episode, the two teams, the Squishy Cherries and Squashy Grapes divide into smaller teams to get through three islands.


Cold open

Before Cake at Stake when the Announcer decides to start, Pencil comments about how she doesn't like Cake at Stake. The Announcer then says that if that's the case, she will be eliminated immediately as a shortcut, so Pencil reverses her opinion, albeit sarcastically.

Cake at Stake

The Squishy Cherries were up for elimination for the 4th time in BFDI, after Snowball ripped the tie of the Squashy Grapes in the literal tie-breaker. The Announcer mentions the rules again, reminding of the Tiny Loser Chamber. He then asks the Squishy Cherries if they're getting used to losing again, leading Firey to ask to just get on with the ceremony.

Due to the cake being "too expensive" once again, 6 cupcakes are used instead as the cake. Announcer tells them to think that there are only six. 13 votes were cast, which is 1 vote less than last time (14 votes), and the first time the votes have gone down. The Announcer says slowly that he wants to cry because of the drop, to which Match says "Yeah, I don't like think so". Pin has two Win Tokens but does not use one again, trying to explain, but the Announcer tells her everyone knows, for the third time in a row. Pin says she realized he'd say that, saying that she is smart, but the Announcer reminds her that in the quiz, she got 14 out of 20 for 70%, which is equal to a C-, making Pin angrier, and Pen teases her offscreen. The Announcer makes Firey think he got 0 votes after he mentioned that only one of the members got zero votes, but then reveals it was Pencil, annoying Firey, calling it unfair. Pencil rejoices. Bubble, Match and Firey got 1 vote each. The Announcer then asks Match if she's happy he didn't mention 'a piece' but Match gets unhappy anyway because he mentioned it indirectly. The Announcer then mentions that the remaining members all have a different number of votes from one another, leading Pen to tell Eraser that Pin has to get out or one of them is getting eliminated. Pen reminds Eraser when Blocky got eliminated, stating that it couldn't happen again with them. The Announcer tells Eraser a very difficult verbal equation to finding his number of votes, Eraser asks what it is, and is declared eliminated with 9 votes but actually was safe with 2 votes after the Announcer teases him about not being smart to know, making Eraser furious.

Pen and Pin are the bottom 2 and have similar names. The Announcer states that it is cool, "cool like Ice Cube, because she's frozen", who happens to be at the Cake at Stake Place and away from her team. Announcer flings her back. Before Announcer declares who is eliminated, Match notices that Pen's name is written on the last cupcake. Bubble also notices that her name is written on her cupcake, as well as everyone else who has one, leading to Pen questioning if the cupcake will be his and that he's safe, to which the Announcer claims to be true, stating that the names weren't supposed to appear there. Pen is saved with 3 votes, and Pin is eliminated with the remaining 5 votes. Pin wants to use her Win Token after hearing this, but Announcer says it is too late and flings her to the TLC despite her refusing and trying to convince Eraser that he needs a "heroic leader" like her. While Pin is thrown, Eraser falls on top of Bubble, popping her, and says that Pin got what she deserved. The Announcer then mentions taking it as a lesson, and use Win Tokens before it's too late. The intro then plays.

Icon Contestant Votes WT Total votes Vote Change % of votes
Pencil TeamIcon.png Pencil 0 No 0 No Change 0.00%
Bubble TeamIcon.png Bubble 1 No 1 1 more than last time 7.69%
Firey TeamIcon.png Firey 1 No 2 1 more than last time 7.69%
Match TeamIcon.png Match 1 No 4 No Change 7.69%
Eraser TeamIcon.png Eraser 2 No 3 1 more than last time 15.38%
Pen TeamIcon.png Pen 3 No 4 3 more than last time 23.07%
Pin TeamIcon.png Pin 5 No 9 2 more than last time 38.46%


Announcer temporarily divides the contestants into 5 teams after noticing the Squashy Grapes have 9 members, and the Squishy Cherries only have 6 members, calling it "teams in teams". The Cherries are split into two teams and the Grapes are split into three teams, with a total of five teams. He asks if everyone gets it, and Leafy replies "Yeah, I guess". The teams are chosen randomly by the TV. They are:

Snowball is disappointed when he gets with Rocky, due to him not having arms. When he gets Golf Ball, he screams "NOOOO!!!" for a long time. In the middle of this, the Announcer says "Don't they make a great team?". After he finishes, he looks awkwardly at everyone else who's looking at him.

The 5 teams must go over three islands in a sequence where they have to go across and do the challenges. Pen asks if one of them is Dream Island, but the Announcer cuts him off with a no. He states that all the team members that win first place will get Win Tokens, and the last team to arrive will be up for elimination through voting. To start, all team members have to cross a balance beam to get to the first island.

Bubble, Match, and Pencil quickly get a lead, and Pencil says they're going to win easily. Snowball and Golf Ball argue as their teammate Rocky does nothing, and they fall behind from 2nd to 4th. Snowball picks him up, passes the team of Leafy, Tennis Ball, and Teardrop, who are going the slow and steady way, and plows through Pencil's alliance along with Ice Cube and takes the lead. As Ice Cube falls, Rocky pukes on her, and she sinks. Coiny panics and rushes to Island 1 with Needle to wait for her. Match bickers about Snowball and Bubble suggest swimming to Island 1 as they can't get back up. Announcer tells Snowball to go back for Golf Ball or he will be automatically eliminated, forcing him to swim back instead of plowing everyone else, stating that a team has to stick together. Pencil questions why Snowball is swimming back to shore, and Match simply says that she doesn't know.

Leafy, Teardrop, and Tennis Ball are the first to arrive at Island 1. On the first island, there are around 30 safes, each with a combination written on its bottom. Five of said safes have rafts and paddles for the teams to get to the next island. Their first safe, with a combination of 7, 4, and 9, has a teddy bear in it. Coiny and Needle arrive at Island 1, and Coiny asks Needle where Ice Cube is. Needle says she doesn't know, after slapping him for calling her "Needy.". Pencil's alliance arrives next, and Bubble gets glad that they didn't fall far behind as they are still in 2nd place. Snowball finally arrives back at the start for Golf Ball and throws her and Rocky across the river. Ice Cube surfaces and Coiny says he wondered where she was. Firey falls into the water, which Pen notices is poisonous for him, so Pen and Eraser go back and turn on the Firey Recovery Center.

Leafy finds a baseball bat on safe 1, 0, 10. After Match and Pencil find an egg in a safe with the combination of 3, 6, 3, Coiny nominates himself as team leader after the incident with Ice Cube, despite Ice Cube trying to ask to be one. Pen and Eraser make it back to the FRC and power it, before realizing they have to wait for it to warm up. Tennis Ball finds a flower on a safe with the combo 2, 2, 7, and gripes about it. Leafy replies how she doesn't like Flower (the contestant) stating she was mean. Match finds a baseball cap on combo 0, 9, 11; Coiny finds the raft and paddles on a safe labeled 2, 4, 2. Snowball gets mad at his team again, as they are both just lying in the spot where they landed when he threw them. Pen and Eraser continue to wait for the Firey Recovery Center to warm up. Snowball and Leafy find the raft and paddles, Snowball's on a safe with the combo 11, 7, 0, and Tennis Ball gets frustrated for his team falling to 3rd. Match finds a basketball on safe 6, 5, 9.

Island 2 has ten keys hanging from poles. Announcer explains that the teams need to use some building blocks to make a tower to get a key and move on to Island 3. Firey is finally recovered, and his team does their best to catch up. Match continues to find useless items, such as balls, tires, and accidentally traps Pencil in one of the safes. Coiny gets a key for his team, and they go paddle again. Golf Ball lectures Snowball on not building a stable structure, who doesn't listen and tells her to shut it instead.

The alliance finally finds the raft, on a safe with a combo of 9, 1, 1. Pen is annoyed because his team is at last. Teardrop gets a key, and Snowball falls over, leading to Golf Ball getting angered at him for not listening to her. Coiny's team reaches the third island, where a building is seen with a locked door. The key that the teams snatched on Island 2 may unlock the door, but only five of the ten keys can unlock the door. If a key doesn't work, the team has to go back and snatch another key. Coiny's key fails to unlock the door, and they have to go back after throwing the key in a trash can. Firey's team finds the raft immediately on a safe with the combo 8, 1, 7, and they set off for Island Two. Match realizes they forgot Pencil, and they paddle back to Island 1 to search for her. Leafy can't unlock the door either and is disappointed about their key being a fake. Tennis Ball tells them to go back. Golf Ball tells Snowball he "never learns," and Pen's team arrives, noticing three teams are still on the island, giving an advantage to them. Firey kicks down Snowball's structure stating it was no time to be "Mr. Nice Guy", making him fall again, and Golf Ball shouting at him again to build a better structure. Match and Bubble wonder where Pencil was in which safe. They find the baseball bat, a flower, an egg, and a cap. Firey tries to climb the pole to go first, from Pen's suggestion, but he finds that it's slippery. Coiny finds a second key, and Match finally finds Pencil urging her and Bubble to go super fast. Firey finally gets a key. Unluckily, Coiny's key is once again fake, and they fall back from 1st place to 4th place. Leafy then gets another key, and her team hurries up to the third island. Firey's key is a real one, so they can enter, seeing the Announcer. Pen, Eraser, and Firey complete the challenge first, get Win Tokens, and get shot into the sky. Leafy, Tennis Ball, and Teardrop complete the contest as well, reaching second and being shot immediately. The last three teams get a key after various attempts and start paddling. Snowball gets angry at his team for Golf Ball and Rocky not being able to paddle as they fall into the last place. Pencil's key works and the alliance is safe at third place, and are then shot into the sky. Coiny's key works, but Snowball shoves his team out of the way. Snowball, Golf Ball, and Rocky are shot into the air, coming in 4th. Coiny's team comes in right after. Needle slaps the Announcer for calling her Needy as he calls the last team. Then, the Announcer tells her team that they are up for elimination. The team makes noises of worry as the Announcer tells the viewers to vote on either one of the three.

The voting period is mentioned to end on June 10th, and episode 7 is announced for July 1st, 2010


The final clip shows Pen, Eraser, and Leafy still in the air. Pen wonders out loud why they are still in the air, impressed by how strong the spring was, and Leafy asks if they were going up or down.


# Team On
1 Pen TeamIcon.pngEraser TeamIcon.pngFirey TeamIcon.png SquishyCherriesHQ.png
2 Leafy TeamIcon.pngTennisBall TeamIcon.pngTeardrop TeamIcon.png SquashyGrapesHQ.png
3 Bubble TeamIcon.pngMatch TeamIcon.pngPencil TeamIcon.png SquishyCherriesHQ.png
4 Snowball TeamIcon.pngGolf Ball TeamIcon.pngRocky TeamIcon.png SquashyGrapesHQ.png
5 Coiny TeamIcon.pngIce Cube TeamIcon.pngNeedle TeamIcon.png SquashyGrapesHQ.png


Voice actor Roles
Cary Huang Match/Pin/Needle/Tennis Ball/Ice Cube/Rocky
Michael Huang Pencil/Firey/Pen/Eraser/Bubble/Leafy/Snowball/Golf Ball/Coiny
AT&T/NaturalReader Mike Announcer
  • Flower, Spongy, Blocky and Woody have cameo appearances; however, they do not speak.


  • This is the 4th and last time Pin refused to use her Win Token for the same reason and the 3rd time and last time she gets interrupted by the Announcer.
  • Had Pin used her Win Token earlier, she would have been safe with 2.5 votes, and Pen would have been eliminated instead with 3.
  • This is the first time Snowball performs his dramatic "NOOOOOOO!" yell.
  • This is the first time where the teams are broken down into smaller groups.
  • At the time of the episode's release in 2010, YouTube videos on normal channels couldn't be over 11 minutes long. This let to problems while creating the episode, as it had the biggest story outside of the first episode, which was split in two parts for that reason. But Cary wanted to make this a whole video, with one of the solutions being to speed up the Announcer's voice in the episode. The episode was able to end as a whole video in just the amount of time limit.
  • While Pin is angry, you can hear someone (possibly Pen) shouting "Oh! Burn!".
  • Snowball, Rocky and Golf Ball were on 1 team. Coincidentally, they were all in the Bottom 2 with Match when she was eliminated.
  • This is the last episode that has a contestant safe with zero votes from the viewers.
  • In a picture, Pencil and Match share a mouth (the mouth sticks). This mouth sharing is shown several other times throughout other episodes later on.
  • On Island Two, all the building blocks are recolored assets of Blocky's idle.
  • The team of Leafy, Tennis Ball and Teardrop was the only team that was never in last place. They were always in 4th or better.
  • There is an extremely odd coincidence about this episode. Out of the contestants in this episode, the 5 that made it furthest in the game are (in order of decreasing performance) Firey, Leafy, Bubble, Rocky and Ice Cube. They are also the highest-ranking members of teams that finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.
  • This was the first ever episode released in the summer.
  • This is the first episode since "Take The Plunge Part 2" where members of the Squashy Grapes were up for elimination, and members of the Squishy Cherries won.

Continuity references

  • Pin declines using either of her Win Tokens and attempts to yet again explain why, but the Announcer cuts her off. This time Pin says she knew he'd do that because she's smart. The Announcer then brings up her test results in "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", which she got a C- on.
  • The Announcer reminds Match that he didn't say "a piece", which makes Match unhappy.
  • Pen says that Blocky's elimination was devastating.
  • The Announcer once again flings Ice Cube away from the Cake at Stake area.
  • A flashback of Flower pushing people off the balance beam is shown when Leafy says that Flower's mean.
  • When Match has finally found Pencil, she said a recycled line from "Barriers and Pitfalls". "Pencil! You're here! Now, let's go super fast!".

Cultural references

  • Cary wanted to make this episode based on the competitions of the live action TV show Survivor where the places of each team were labeled and all the teams were split into three members each. He also went to admit to going to always root for the "underdogs" in the competition, coming up with the idea to have Firey's team remain in 5th place at the beginning and win mostly by luck in the end.


  • In a flashback of Take the Plunge: Part 1, Firey appears to be happy, but in the actual episode, he looked worried.
  • In the before and after pictures, Pencil and Match's mouths are connected.
  • When Pencil crossed the beam, her leg wasn't attached to her body.
  • When Firey was recovered, his flame wasn't animated.
  • When Pen, Eraser, and Firey reach Island 1, Firey's flame wasn't animated for a second time.
  • Once again, Firey's flame wasn't animated after he kicked Snowball's blocks.
  • At 4:44, Leafy doesn't have any arms.


  1. Eraser pops Bubble when Pin lifts him off the ground as she gets eliminated.
  2. Firey falls off the platform, landing in the water.

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