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Reason: Price Tag has not been recovered since Pillow has dropped them in battery acid.
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Aw yeah! I take back all the things I said about Winner while I was down there.

Price Tag (also known as Taggy) is a nonbinary contestant and one of the two contestants who debuted in Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, due to there not being enough contestants for the teams to be split up equally. They are currently competing on the team Just Not.


Price Tag is a red price tag label. They have a dark outline with a gray string attached. They have two legs, but no arms, making them an armless contestant. Price Tag was also shown with one arm in "The Four is Lava".

Price Tag's face is sideways, which resembles the text seen on price tags in the real world. Price Tag can morph their face into many ASCII characters and emoticons like ":)" (smiley face), "xD" (laughing face), "u_u" (neutral expression with closed eyes), or ">:3" (a mischievous cat-like face). This means that they can also shape their face into signs that aren't faces. For example, in "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", when asked if they equal one, Price Tag transforms their face into a dollar sign ("$1"). This activity appears to be very exhausting for them, given the sigh of relief after the said action (presumably having to hold their breath to do it). They can also turn their face to the right to make it not sideways, as shown in the same episode when they're in the elevator with the rest of Just Not and it stops.


BFB 15:

  • Price Tag has one arm that sticks out above them.
  • Price Tag's face uses an Arial font.

BFB 16+:

  • Price Tag is armless.
  • Price Tag's face now uses Calibri.


Price Tag has been shown as a mischievous and cheeky character. Their personality is very upbeat, and they usually sound excited. They have already formed a friendship with Naily in "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?". Price Tag also likes to show emotion through the emoticon faces they make.

ASCII emoticon faces
Episode Faces
BFB 15 >:D • :0 • XP • L:O • ^w^ • :1
BFB 16 :| • Il • ;e • :{ • 8O • x3 • :Q
TPOT Intro :O • P:2
TPOT 1 :c • X0 • :\ • :) • xD • : u • \\ • : I • :t • :o • xo • } :' • >:o • >:O • >:0 • {: 0 • x O • x0 • x o • x( • :0 • X| • :] • XD • >:D • >:) • :D • ]| • 8O • $1 • 3:U • : ' • ,:) • ,: o • ,:0 • ,: D • // • [:I • x1 • >:3 • x) • x D • } :I • xI • >: O • ':0 • ': O • ':I • ': o • D: • `:T • ',:D • u_u • 0_0; • D8, • DX • :O • G;,
TPOT 2 :I • <:0 • <:O • <:o • <:I • :( • <:0 • j N • 0: • U: • I: • o : • 8: • 9: • R: • (: • >:O • >:[ • ,':G • ,':[ • >:D • >:j • : • I:l • I:U • I:0 • I:Y • I| • L :o • : D • :0 • :6 • : Y • ( :D • ( :0 • ( :J • ( :o • lo • ( :r • ( :8 • {D • {0 • ;il • ;iv • S;D • S;J • xO • :] • :P • lX • D: 3 • D : 3 • 0: 3 • o : 3 • 0X • l : 3 • D:} • 0:} • o:} • DX



Battle for BFDI

Price Tag appeared a few times in the crowds of Recommended Characters in "The Four is Lava".

Price Tag's audition

In "The Escape from Four", Price Tag was selected by Two as one of the 26 eligible recommended characters to participate in The Power of Two. In the audition, Price Tag is seen standing in a room, and then is about to sneeze, and does so with their emoticon face emoting accordingly.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Price Tag was in the final 3 most voted eligible debuters to join. Nickel is confused as he only sees two people left, so Two asks them, along with Winner, to make room for Nonexisty, to Price Tag's confusion. Price Tag was the next one eliminated with 4,907 votes, and Price Tag calls their elimination cheap as they descend into the hotel. However, due to the amount of contestants being a prime number and therefore unable to be divided equally, Golf Ball suggested to add another contestant, with the 2nd most voted eligible debuter being Nonexisty. However, he doesn't exist, so Price Tag had to be used instead. Price Tag is glad to be able to compete, and takes back everything they said about Winner when they were inside the hotel. Just to be sure, Two asks Price Tag if they equal 1 and Price Tag shows a $1, now Two is satisfied with the contestant number.

Price Tag approaches Naily's team thinking they seemed cool. Naily says they seem pretty epic, but just to be sure, Naily sees if they can imitate a cat face, which they can, so Price Tag is allowed in. Snowball tries joining the team but angers Naily and Price Tag when he points out that they're armless. Naily kicks him away and Price Tag says "Good riddance!" Price Tag thinks the team names that most of the teams came up with sound stupid and asks if it's always like that. Book reassures Price Tag that as long as they're careful, they won't end up with a stupid name. However, Naily ends up accidentally naming them Just Not after agreeing with Book by saying so. During the challenge, Price Tag's team takes the elevator, but they end up getting stuck when Snowball pries the elevator door open. They eventually get bounced up to the top floor by Basketball and win the challenge.

In "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", during Cake at Stake, when Fanny says she hates cake and Cake appears sad, Price Tag reassures him that Fanny was talking about the food. They leave the roof of the Hotel when Gaty points out that the intro is about to start and they don't have much time before the challenge begins. During the challenge, when Tree tries to steal Just Not's blocks, Price Tag tries to stop him with Cake and Nickel. They then suggest defending the stack together, but immediately leave the group to follow Pillow. Pillow says she is going to do whatever she wants, and Price Tag goes with her. They visit the acid puddle created by Naily stabbing Robot Flower's batteries, and push objects into it. Pillow then casually dips Price Tag themself inside. Price Tag is not recovered, but their team is safe.


Main article: Price Tag/Relationships


Season 5
Episode Votes
1 4,907 (to join)


  1. "The Four is Lava": Price Tag sinks into the lava, along with many other recommended characters.
  2. "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life": Dipped into acid by Pillow (offscreen).



  • Price Tag is one of the few contestants to have white facial features rather than the usual black, along with 8-Ball, Cake, TV, Profily, and Remote.
  • Price Tag is one of the three non-binary contestants, along with Profily and Winner.
    • Price Tag is also the only armless nonbinary contestant (counting Winner's retractable arm).
  • Price Tag is one of the four contestants with a TPOT pose that references the season's name, along with Winner, Clock, and TV.


  • Despite receiving fewer votes to join Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, Price Tag joined the game and Nonexisty didn't since the latter wasn't present.
  • Price Tag, Bracelety, Liy, 8-Ball, Stapy, Bell, Foldy, Profily, and Dora are the only contestants who haven't received any prizes at Cake at Stake.
  • If one ignores them being briefly dropped into the hotel, Price Tag is one of the two contestants who haven't been eliminated, along with Winner.
  • Price Tag is the only contestant who hasn’t been on a team with a Season 1 contestant. Not counting Profily, who hasn’t officially been on any team at all.
  • Price Tag, Lollipop, Gelatin, Firey, Profily, and Winner are the only contestants who haven’t been eliminated while competing on a team.
  • Price Tag, Bracelety, Liy, Roboty, 8-Ball, Stapy, David, Firey Jr., and Winner are the only contestants to have competed on one team only.
    • Price Tag and Winner are the only TPOT contestants, and the only non-EXITors to have this happen.


  • When Price Tag was a recommended character in BFB 15, they had just one arm sticking out from the top, similar to Winner.
    • Coincidentally, both of them debuted in TPOT.
  • Price Tag is the first character with a normally sideways face.
  • Kenzie Bryant confirmed that Price Tag is nonbinary like Winner.
  • The font for Price Tag's face is Calibri, the default Microsoft Office products font. In BFB 15, it was Arial.
  • Showing "$1" appears to be Price Tag's equivalent to holding their breath.
  • In the intro, Price Tag's face reads "P:2" (for "Power of Two").
  • Price Tag is the only contestant who has yet to make an appearance in a non-canon video.


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