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This article is about the relationships between Profily and other characters.

Profily is shown to be very calm and easygoing for the most part. Always being eager to get to compete with the contestants, who they immediately regard as being their friend, despite no clear history with them.


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In a flashback in "The Hidden Contestant", Profily suggests a tiebreaker with a literal tie for a challenge, and Announcer thinks it's a good pun, and Profily thanks him. Though, they say they would hate for it to become a thing Announcer's known for, Announcer says whatever in response. In another flashback, where Profily was apparently in the BFDI finale, Profily asks the Announcer about their votes. The Announcer tells them they got 0 votes. Profily is happy to hear that, so the Announcer tells them that's not a good thing.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Profily greets the Announcer.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Profily tells the Announcer to stop handing medals. The Announcer then gives them a wooden medal for being rude. Profily thanks him for it and asks whether they're doing a vote or a final challenge for the winner.

In "Chapter Complete", after reassuring everyone that they can leave Four to the group that already went after him, the Announcer asks what they're supposed to do in the meantime. Profily then tells everyone that they can help with preparing a party for Four.

Status: Friends


In "Chapter Complete", Balloony says that it's true that Profily's relationships with both finalists are so complex and date back so far, and that it must be hard for them to choose.


In a flashback in "The Hidden Contestant", as Coiny names details about his teammates to make a team name, Profily adds that they are a ray of sunshine. Coiny instead names the team with the same acronym that makes up W.O.A.H. Bunch. Profily repeatedly asks for him to find way to include their rainbow thing, but no one acknowledges them.


In "The Hidden Contestant", when Profily talks sadly about their instant, 0 vote elimination, Flower says it doesn’t have to be in vain since she would be one step closer to winning the season if they can just allow her to win the contest.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", when Flower tells Profily they're eliminated, they act genuinely upset about it

In "Chapter Complete", Profily voted for Flower because they were feeling like a nature lover. Later, Flower tells Profily that her group is back and Profily greets them all. Leafy asks Profily what happened while they were gone and Profily responds that they all left and then came back. Flower is irritated that they thought they were asking what they've been doing and asks what happened to everyone else. Profily then explains that they went after Four to the Pillary Ruins. Flower tells everyone that they have to help, but Profily calmly disagrees. Flower also helped them with setting up Four's party. Profily can be seen chatting with Flower in the shot of everyone enjoying Four's party.

Status: Friends



In "The Hidden Contestant", when Four announces that they have reached the final 5, Profily says that it's the final 6. Four asks who they are, and they claim they are the audience's favorite and have been there all along. When Four asks why he doesn't remember them, Profily refers to Four as their old chum. Eventually, Four decides to count Profily as a legitimate contestant. Four then tries to start the first contest, but Profily talks at the same time as him, they laugh about this while Four looks irritated and confused. Four then tries to announce the contest again, but Profily sings over him and asks if he'd like to try. Four then starts making up challenges, hoping for Profily to lose, but Profily wins all of them. Four decides that this isn't working out and snaps Profily to the BRB.

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In "Chapter Complete", while chatting with X, Profily figures that by sinking into the desert and making up seasons in their head, Four must be trying to escape reality due to being brushed aside by the contestants so many times. Profily attempts to give a Four-shaped cactus a hug to try and cheer Four up, but after hugging it, they float up into the air contorting and warping, warning X and others not to touch the cactus. They then pop. Profily decides to just hug the sand after being recovered, and tries calling out to Four to wake up. Profily later works together with everyone else to throw a party for Four, hoping that it might make up for last time. Profily is delighted that Four likes it, and Four says that they made the right choice letting them join. This leads to a small back and forth with Profily claiming that they were always there, while Four isn't sure if that's true. Four then tells them that they really appreciate it and thanks them.

Status: Better terms


In "The Hidden Contestant", Profily claims they've been apart of the gang forever, and looks over at Gelatin to back them up. Gelatin just nervously pretends like he's known them.

In "Chapter Complete", according to Profily, they have spent years with both Gelatin and Flower, making it hard for them to choose who should win.

Status: Friends


In "The Hidden Contestant", Leafy suggests throwing Profily a party upon meeting them. Leafy also assists Profily after they've been slammed on the ground by Four. During the challenge, Leafy grabs Profily in an attempt to bring them to the BRB, however, Teardrop ends up snatching them from Leafy. In a later scene, Leafy attempts to gain Profily again as Teardrop carries them to the BRB. In this scene, Leafy calls Profily 'Profily', however Profily states, “Leafy, my friends call me Profily. Call me 'Profile Picture'”, much to Leafy's shock. They then state that they meant every word. Despite this comment, they happily say bye to Leafy as they get carried up the BRB by Teardrop. In a much later scene, Leafy is on the BRB platform while Profily is floating. Leafy then grabs them and gains immunity.

In "Chapter Complete", Leafy asks Profily what happened while they were gone. Profily responds that they all left and then came back. Later, Leafy credits Four's party as Profily's idea.

Status: Frenemies


In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Profily and Loser occupy the 26th challenge portion, with Profily needing to be there to be eliminated while Loser tells the contestants what to do.

Puffball Speaker Box


In "The Hidden Contestant", Profily asks how the bugs would respond to their flamethrower and starts firing it while talking about how cool they look with it. Puffball Speaker Box agrees that they look very cool, but says the flamethrower would probably do nothing against fire-proof bugs.

Status: Friends

Purple Face

In "Chapter Complete", Purple Face wonders why Profily got to vote for someone to win when they weren't even a real contestant and feels he should be allowed to vote too. Then he voted for Gelatin to win just to spite Profily.

Status: Bad terms


In "The Hidden Contestant", Profily spends a good portion of the episode being carried by Teardrop as she takes them to the BRB. Upon getting knocked out her grip by Flower, they say "Finally I'm free from Teardrop's clutches!".

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Teardrop throws Profily out to eliminate them, Profily cries for help as they fly through the air.

Status: Possibly enemies


In "Chapter Complete", Woody insists that they all have to help the others with getting Four back, but Profily says that they're sure the other group can handle it.


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In "The Hidden Contestant", X snaps Profily to the BRB.

In "Chapter Complete", Profily greets X and comments on how he hasn't moved from his spot in a couple of months and invites him to join the rest of them in the TV Studio, but X refuses. He also tells Profily that his exact spot was where Four merged with the desert. Profily decides to sit with him, and X angrily tells them thank you, though they don't seem to mind. After the Cake at Stake, Profily once again greets X and asks him to explain what happened to Four. X explains how Four has been hosting 43 seasons in his head. Profily is curious about their ranking in the most recent one, X tells them they weren't in the season. Profily figures that X must mean that they just weren't in the final two, and X decides to go along with it. The two then discuss the reasons for Four's leave, and the two realize that Four would come back if they were to show him they cared about him. Profily hugs a four-shaped cactus to start, and X recovers them after they die because of it. When Four leaves the desert, X rushes over to them and asks what happened, to which they explain that Four headed to the Pillary Ruins.

Status: Friends


In "The Hidden Contestant", when the contestants say they don't remember Profily, they tell everyone to look back on their adventures in past episodes. In a flashback to "The Escape from Four", Profily says they can't wait to battle alongside their friends, referring to the final 14. In a flashback to "The Tweested Temple", Profily tells everyone that Flower isn't going to find the last totem since they already found it. When Four sends Profily to the BRB, the remaining 5 contestants, grab them, all agreeing their elimination is undeserved. However, after Four makes it a challenge to eliminate Profily, the contestants all try to carry them to the BRB, regardless about how they feel about it.

In "Chapter Complete", Profily asks everyone who was involved with getting Flower's BFDI back to help with setting up a party for Four.