No one wears Non-Slip Shoes So Ha! anymore.
— Purple Face

Purple Face is a recurring side-character who first appeared in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2".


Purple Face is a purple-colored version of Yellow Face. Thus, his facial details whilst talking are identical to his counterpart.



  • Purple Face is more scrawled.
  • Purple Face is purple.


  • Purple Face is more well-rounded.
  • Purple Face's outlines and facial features are thicker.
  • Purple Face is violet.


Through his short appearance, Purple Face is shown to have some sort of hostility towards Yellow Face. He has yet to have any interaction with other characters. He is a very negative person who finds many things wrong with those he interacts with and calls them out for it.



Purple Face appears in Yellow Face's "Non-Slip Shoes So Ha" advertisement, criticizing his product because it's almost two years old. This caused Yellow Face to make a seemingly racist statement in anxiety. Purple Face demands someone to reject him, but he continues on with the ad. Purple Face interrupts again and is then eaten by Yellow Face.


His next appearance was seven years later in Four Goes Too Far, when he made a cameo in the visualisation of Donut's explanation of the challenge. In it, and example contestant looks at Purple Face, and transfers the Twinkle to them. The example contestant gives a look of dismay as Purple Face smirks.


  • He is one of the two characters to have died in Yellow Face's advertisements, the other being a stick figure.
  • He was referenced In Get to the Top in 500 Steps, where Yellow Face told Lollipop that she didn't "know anything”, which is the same thing he told Purple Face in his debut.



Purple Face

So what, That was almost two years ago!

Purple Face

No one wears Non-Slip Shoes So Ha! anymore.

Purple Face

Racist! Get this guy out of hiyah!

Purple Face

No, DON'T!

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