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So what? That was almost two years ago! No one wears Non-Slip Shoes So Ha anymore.
— Purple Face, "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2"

Purple Face is a recurring side-character who first appeared in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", and was the co-co-host as well as one of the three main antagonists (alongside Announcer and Four) of Battle for BFB.


Purple Face is, as his name suggests, a purple-colored version of Yellow Face. Thus, his facial details whilst talking are almost identical to his counterpart, albeit more expressive at times.



  • Purple Face is more scrawled.
  • Purple Face is purple.


  • Purple Face is more well-rounded.
  • Purple Face's outlines and facial features are thicker.
  • Purple Face is blue-violet.


  • Purple Face reverts back to his BFDI design with slightly thicker outlines and lighter colors.


In his first appearance, Purple Face is shown to have some sort of hostility towards Yellow Face, calling out his products for being outdated and telling customers to boycott them. He also has a voracious appetite to the point of devouring contestants and other characters indiscriminately, which is most likely derived from his imprisonment or how he was killed by Yellow Face. However, he's not without reason as he is shown to have a kinder side when he calls out Flower for her rudeness and cheers her up by complimenting her sweater. Additionally, he can also be full of optimism when it comes to hosting and singing, which he is defensive about when criticized for such action being preformed not to the standards of the contestants.


  • Teleportation: In "The Tweested Temple", Purple Face was able to teleport into the temple to announce he would be the tour guide.
  • Stamina: Like Yellow Face, Purple Face can most likely hop long distances without getting tired.
  • Intangibility: In "The Hidden Contestant", Purple Face phases through the roof of a bus.
  • Limb Gaining: In "Chapter Complete", Purple Face sprouts an arm when making a demonstration. This arm has three thick fingers, and is a slightly more saturated shade of purple than his face.



Battle for Dream Island

Purple Face appears in Yellow Face's "Non-Slip Shoes So Ha" advertisement, criticizing his product because it's almost two years old. This caused Yellow Face to make a seemingly racist statement in anxiety. Purple Face demands someone to reject him, but he continues on with the ad. Purple Face interrupts again and is then eaten by Yellow Face.

Battle for BFB

His next appearance was seven years later in "Four Goes Too Far", when he made a cameo in the visualization of Donut's explanation of the challenge. In it, an example contestant looks at Purple Face, and transfers the Twinkle to them. The example contestant gives a look of dismay as Purple Face smirks.

He appears in a commercial in "A Taste of Space", where he is dying due to lack of air.

Purple Face's actual physical appearance is implied to appear in "Let's Raid The Warehouse", where he is in a metal box that reads "DON'T OPEN, PURPLE INSIDE", where Gelatin misreads the text as "DON'T PURPLE, OPEN INSIDE".

In "Fashion For Your Face!", his box opens while the Have Cots are in the Warehouse. Now free from his confines, he threatens to eat the group and chases them down, who promptly put on Flower's sweaters by wrapping themselves into a ball. Purple Face then eats them all, but they manage to survive thanks to protection from Flower's sweaters, which are vomit-proof. The group are trapped for many hours inside his stomach, however Teardrop pierces Gelatin's sweater with the shears she acquired, causing him to melt in the acid.

Purple Face appears again later in the episode, asking Flower why she is being so violent. Flower tells him the reason is because of the negative reception of her sweaters, of which Purple Face responds to by asking for one of her sweaters. The two rejoice as Purple Face equips the sweater.

In "The Game Has Changed", Purple Face calls the Have Nots and tells them to go inside a bush, interrupting Blocky's podcast. Then, he announces that he will be hosting Cake at Stake. Blocky asks him if he got Four's permission to which he says "Let's just say : Yes". Blocky leaves the bush so Purple Face replaces him with a stick from the bush. Purple Face starts the Cake at Stake by singing a song to make it feel like a normal Cake at Stake, however, he is interrupted by Flower and Firey which makes him angry, so he starts singing again. Four interrupts his second song by asking where the contestants were. Purple Face is startled and decides to host Cake at Stake super fast. When Firey complains that they keep getting no cake in Cake at Stakes, Purple Face improvises by giving the safe contestants a member of the Have Cots from his stomach. Purple Face accidentally confuses Flower and the stick, and confirms that the stick is eliminated.

When Four finds out that Purple Face did Cake at Stake, he despawns him offscreen and immediately recovers him. Purple Face later brags about how he and X took Four's news, making Four despawn him again. Purple Face volunteers to judge the parties but Four immediately shuts this down. Purple Face then starts the intro by having Flower stand behind him while raising one of her arms since he has no limbs. During the challenge, Purple Face is used by Lollipop and Woody for their parties. Respectively, to sing an awful song and to be the main guest of the party instead of Four as a prank.

In "The Tweested Temple", Purple Face randomly teleports into the temple out of nowhere and states that he is the tour guide. After a while, Lollipop and Gelatin decide to leave and they bring Teardrop with them. After Purple Face notices that they are missing, he becomes very sad. Later on, he stops the tour in a room covered with vines. Leafy however says that he only showed her and Woody 1% of the temple. This angers Purple Face and he gives the two his own totems and then kicks them out. In the stinger, he is very sad that nobody else is coming to the temple, so he decides to advertise for more people to come. Ruby sees the ad from the BRB and blocks it.

In "The Hidden Contestant", Purple Face makes an appearance in the stinger when he gets on top of the bus everyone's in and evilly laughs. He then clarifies that he isn't following them for evil reasons, but to just be able to hang out with everyone. He tries to think of a friendlier laugh to show his passive intentions, but it unfortunately just ends up sounding evil again.

In "Uprooting Everything", after 5 weeks of driving, Purple Face asks Four to tell let him on the bus due to The Desert's sweltering heat. Four refuses and says he's tired of Purple Face constantly interfering when he isn't supposed to. Purple Face proposes that he could be a co-host but Four turns down the idea. X however likes the idea, and makes Purple Face his "co-co-host". Four protests but Purple Face tricks Four into changing his mind with reverse psychology. Purple Face's first task as host is to remove the bugs on the roof of the bus. X later says that they need a prize for Cake at Stake so Purple Face gives him the bugs. When Lollipop is eliminated, Purple Face blows at her to make her float in the direction of the BRB.

Everyone then departs the bus inside the World's Largest Oven, where the challenge is to escape from it. Purple Face asks Four to teleport the hosts from the oven, but Four only does himself and X. Stuck with the contestants, Purple Face decides to follow Gelatin and Leafy into a small room. Purple Face wants to leave until he sees CRT and decides to shut the door to stop anymore vandals from entering. However, the door is locked so they are all trapped inside. Gelatin suggests looking under a box for a key but Purple Face claims he already did.

With nothing to do, the contestants try telling stories to pass the time. Purple Face's story is him hoping he'll be released from the box he was locked in. Later, Gelatin looks under the box from earlier and finds a key. Purple Face just says that he lied about looking under it. When they are free, Purple Face gets thrown at the oven door by Leafy to shatter the glass. He burns to death and disintegrates and isn't seen for the rest of the episode.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", X is seen trying to recover Purple Face. X fails and Purple Face is left in a glitchy, distorted state and is reset. After the Announcer reappears, X once again recovers, however, this time it works. Four tells Purple Face to try and get rid of the Announcer, so he attempts to do with a freestyle rap, and tells Gelatin to make a beat. However, just as he's getting started, the Announcer flings him away. When Gelatin asks where Purple Face is going, Announcer says I.D.K. However, unlike other elimination locations such as the T.L.C and the E.X.I.T, it isn't a location named after an acronym and the Announcer says he really doesn't know where Purple Face is going. Four insists that Purple Face will be back.

Purple Face is later seen where he was flung to in the 23rd part of the challenge. He replaces Four in the cage because Four fused with the background. Gelatin pulls two parts of the cage further from each other, freeing Purple Face, and he and Flower are able to continue.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", in order to save the show’s budget, Purple Face has everyone get on the remodeled bus. Eight days later, they arrive at the Abandoned TV Station where they can put on a show to get more money for BFB. Purple Face starts by interviewing the finalists. Always asking Gelatin reasonable questions, while only asking Flower questions referring to himself. Because she pointed out that he has no mustache, Purple Face moves on to the next segment, which involves torturing Flower with bugs.

Leafy later informs Purple Face that they only got 12 dollars. Purple Face is shocked by the small amount and tells Gelatin to put on a new act. He complies by saying his name in different ways on stage. Flower tries doing the same thing, only to be booed and have things thrown at her. Purple Face is amused with this. This only gets them 4 extra dollars, so now they’re down to only 54 dollars in total. Firey then gets on stage to beg for all of the show’s prizes, which Purple Face says got them minus dollars, meaning they gave them money. Now they’re down to 30 dollars.

Taco later arrives to the TV studio and informs everyone BFB is about to end. Purple Face urges anyone to come up with new ideas. The budget gets so low that everyone is reduced to storyboards, and Purple Face begs Flower to spend her 50,000 dollars on the show. Purple Face watches as the final two get thanked for saving the show, and asks everyone if they want to thank him for his TV show idea, but everyone looks at him quietly in response.

In "Chapter Complete", Purple Face is annoyed with Profily being allowed to vote for a winner and votes Gelatin to spite their vote. Some time after is Flower is announced to be the winner, Purple Face steals the BFDI and runs into the golden bus to get away. It's made of gold however, so everyone catches up to him quickly. He argues that he deserves the BFDI for his contributions to the show that no one ever acknowledged or thanked him for. During a standoff, the bus falls off a cliff, only dangling by the tires. Everyone gets out except for him, Flower, and the Announcer, who're still fighting over the BFDI. Flower convinces him that he was a good host and that everyone appreciates him always being there. This gets him to give up the BFDI and also leave the bus. Later, he gets Four to thank him for saving the show from being cancelled and has fun at the party thrown for Four. In an epilogue shot, Purple Face is last seen planning another season with Announcer, Four, and X.


  1. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2": Eaten by Yellow Face.
  2. "The Game Has Changed": Despawned twice by Four (off-screen).
  3. "Uprooting Everything": Burns to death when thrown against the door of the World's Largest Oven by Leafy.
  4. "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning": Erased from existence by X.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Dies from the heat death of the universe (offscreen).


Total kills: 2

Character Number of times killed Episode(s)
Gelatin 1 "Fashion For Your Face!" (along with Teardrop)
Recommended Characters 1 Portable Music Player in "Fashion For Your Face!"


  • He was originally going to be a contestant in Battle for BFDI, but he was replaced by Loser.[1]
  • Purple Face, Two, TV, Portable Music Player, Winner, Rubber Spatula, Profily, and Tree are the only characters who don't have American accents.
    • In Purple Face's case, he speaks with a Posh English accent.
  • He was referenced in "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", where Yellow Face told Lollipop that she didn't "know anything", which is the same thing he told Purple Face in his debut.
  • Purple Face was going to have a larger role in "Let's Raid The Warehouse", according to Cary Huang in "CARY REACTS TO BFB 21" that was storyboarded, but this was dropped due to time constraints. In "Fashion For Your Face!", however, he does get a fairly larger role, and continues to have recurring roles up until he was promoted to co-co-host by X in "Uprooting Everything".
  • His voice actor, Justin Chapman, is a writer and also a voice actor on another popular object show, Inanimate Insanity. He is friends with Adam Katz, the voice actor of Nickel.
  • He is the first non-contestant to be killed by Four.
    • He's also the first character Four has killed more than once.
  • He appears to have legs, as shown in "The Tweested Temple" when he kicked Leafy and Woody out of the temple.
  • He appears to not like being called Purply Head.
  • Purple Face is the first character to have the Sender Scoop Thrower used on him since Bubble in "The Long-lost Yoyle City".
  • "SOS (Save Our Show)" features the most time Purple Face spent as the sole host.


  1. It should've been purple face.png

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