These recommended characters appeared in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" while Fanny was walking over to Four to recover Bubble.


  • Michael as a dinosaur is based off an image by JumboDs64.[1]
  • carys bike wheel is a reference to when Cary's bike got stolen.
  • Seven made his first appearance since X Finds Out His Value.
  • Amor was recommended as a character, making him the second RC that is a member/members of the BFB crew.
  • Cardboard and Fidget Spinner have green name plates. This is because they were recommended in person at the meetup.
  • Jordan was seen being snatched away by Gelatin, which is a reference to Gelatin's Steakhouse.
  • Gashapon Capsule appears to have Loser's asset.

Recommended characters from previous episodes

Today's Very Special Episode

  • Swappy (Augie279)
  • Credit Card (AzokoLoko)
  • Science book (Arekz)
  • shopping cart (Joeart M.)

Four Goes Too Far

  • Choo Choo the Train (InstellarLizard)

The Liar Ball You Don't Want

  • FRIENDY+ (Charley "Worm" W.)
  • Cheese Slice (WoopDooCreations)
  • mousepaddy (Noogai223)
  • think emote (Gaabii)

This Episode Is About Basketball

  • Popcorn (Smargin G.)
  • cherryade (Thomas P.)
  • Black Square (Wertem)

Enter The Exit

  • banana apple (Attentionseeking)
  • Rainbow Puppy (BranDexterXtreme)
  • Magnifying Glass (bluelight439)
  • Hazelnut (Sweet R. F.)
  • conch shell (GradedA)
  • Coolboy (mapsaden)
  • King Pen (lilly w.)
  • RAINBOW Blocky (B L. O. C. K. Y.)
  • Quartz (Graphic)
  • A-key (DeletedPoptarts)
  • Watermelon (wifishark)
  • Fire Child (Carter W.)


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