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Here are all the recommended characters that appeared in "Return of the Rocket Ship".

The 1st batch of Recommended Characters watched the Cake at Stake with Check-It-Eyebrows.

The 2nd batch is below Fanny when she is flying through the air because of Robot Flower throwing Fanny to her team.

The 3rd batch is below the ground as A Better Name Than That dig to find X's treasure.

First batch (watching Cake at Stake)

Second batch (while Fanny was in the air)

Third batch (when A Better Name Than That was digging)

Four wuth a drawing.png

"User, This blasphemous abomination of Recommended Characters/BFB 13 has led you here today!" - Four
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Recommended characters from previous episodes


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Lick Your Way to Freedom


Today's Very Special Episode


Four Goes Too Far


The Liar Ball You Don't Want

  • Cake's Dad (Start o. s. n. s. g.)

This Episode Is About Basketball

  • cake pop (Space W.)
  • Cake's Dad (Start o. s. n. s. g.)
  • Gingerbread Man (MiitopianOlive)

Enter the Exit


What Do You Think of Roleplay?

  • Gashapon Capsule (lyxon)
  • GLOBY (Long I. B.)
  • hyper (sin)
  • Jordan (Justin W.)
  • paper Towel Dispenser (Cryopearl)
  • Penny (Molly S.)
  • Plunger (Croix K.)
  • Seven (Cody S.)
  • Shinyleaf (Shinyleaf)
  • Soccer Goal (Paula J.)
  • whY (coolsketchablestuff)

Windows XP Parodies


  • Octahedron is one of the only few RCs from Batch 1 or Batch 2 to not have check-it eyebrows.