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These are the recommended characters of "The Four is Lava", sorted in chronological order. They are seen when Dora and Saw are swimming, when Bleh was picked up by Four, when the lava was burying them, when Flower, Naily and Coiny were racing to Four, at the end credits and at the stinger where Clock was ranting about how his team forgot about him since his disappearance.

Batch 1 (Dora and Saw going to Four)

Batch 2 (Four taking Gaty, Lollipop, and Teardrop to the Elimination Area)

Batch 3 (Four taking Ice Cube and Taco to the Elimination Area)

Batch 4 (In Space)

Batch 5 (Panning to A Better Name than That and iance)

Batch 6 (Spongy Parachuting to Four)

Batch 7 (Flower, Coiny, and Naily running to Four)

Batch 8 (Credits)

Batch 9 (Clock Talking to himself)

Extra pictures