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205 recommended characters appeared in "Lick Your Way to Freedom". All these recommended characters were originally recommended for IDFB 2. The viewers would recommend characters by commenting on a Reddit thread and then up or down voting other recommended characters. In IDFB 2 only the top 25 most upvoted recommended characters were going to appear in the episode and the first place winner would've joined the eliminated contestants in the TLC, but instead the top 25 appeared in "Lick Your Way to Freedom", along with 180 other recommended characters who didn't make the top 25.

Branded characters

In the 2-3.fla file, where all of the recommended characters are contained, there is a layer called "brands :(" containing 12 additional "branded" characters. These characters were not shown in the episode itself.

Additional images


  • According to Blue Face's recommender, thedarklorf, they enjoy dancing a lot.
  • Blueberry is doing Four's pose in the BFB intro.
  • Briefcase's original design had no arms.
  • Cartridgey's design is most likely based off of an NES cartridge.
  • Fweeby dude is based on fweeby, a user and administrator on the Object Show Community discord, as well as the main character of the "fweeby dude" webcomic.
  • Crossy's original design was brown.
  • While it may not be confirmed for sure, Sword's appearance may be based off of the Buster Sword, the sword used by Cloud Strife in the Final Fantasy series.
  • Swiftpenguin78's name is misspelled on Perfume's recommender tag.
  • Discounting David & all his variations (including Dora), JacknJellify are the first recommended characters that are actually portrayed as humans instead of stick figures.
    • Slimy also technically applies to this.
  • Sapphire and Quartz are two of Ruby's sisters.
  • Chips is a contestant in a object camp hosted by Niall Burns on DeviantArt called TROC.
  • Hailairhous is a contestant from Battle for Palace Objects and it was recommended by its creator, just like AnimationEpic recommended Balloon and Nickel in BFDI 17 and BFDI 18.