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Here are all the 53 recommended characters that appeared in BFB 4.

Everyone's expressions look disappointed or angry as most of them are mad at Pen for making the worst drawing of Four ever.

This was also the first episode starring recommended characters recommended from Patreon.

Top Batch

Bottom Batch


  • Censor Bar Dog was recommended by kittydog, a popular member of the animation meme community.
  • Symbol is the only recommended character in BFB 4 that is smiling.
    • Despite that, they gives Pen a thumbs down just like the rest of the RCs.
  • Science Book, recommended by Arekz, originates from Random Object Battle Royale Island, recommended by the creator of that series.
  • Soldery is confirmed male by his creator, Amor Boretto.
  • Symbol depicts the Japanese symbol for "beginner".