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"User, This blasphemous abomination of Recommended Characters/BFB 7 has led you here today!" - Four
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44 new recommended characters appeared in BFB 7. Some from BFB 2, 4, and 6 were also there.

These recommended characters appeared in the elimination part of the episode, gasping due to Loser being eliminated having 12,062 votes.

Recommended Characters from previous episodes

Today's Very Special Episode

  • Swappy (Augie279)
  • PDA (lyxon)
  • Potato (Austin E.)
  • Piece Of String (Lousie K.)
  • Wasabi (Space W.)
  • One Way Sign (Jimmy T.)
  • Symbol (Nathan P.)
  • cardy (Hugheseypoop)
  • censor bar dog (kittydog)
  • Charger (Xomander)
  • Winner (Get W.)
  • Heart (GaomonAndLucario)
  • Milkshake (BranDexterXtreme)
  • exit sign (geno1906)
  • Science book (Arekz)
  • Biscuit (Helinos B.)
  • Orange (Taylor G.)
  • Epic Guy (WhoIsTheGuy)
  • Lemi12 (Lara K.)
  • snake (The O. K. Y. K. D.)
  • Eviler Spongy (Billy S.)
  • X the Arcade Machine (Just A. D. M)

Four Goes Too Far

  • Lasery (Thom J.)
  • lotus flower (Lilyisalef)
  • Pebble (galactika!)
  • Towely (ChrisShwafer)
  • Lampy (AwesomeXO4)
  • Dolly (Nukri K.)
  • sideview mirror (Joeart M.)
  • Hoodie (Jagger J. C.)
  • clown nose (doctorollie)
  • Ulm (boppinduk)
  • Violin (Violin)
  • Cactus (ObjectiveInsight)
  • lithium (lithium)
  • Piñata (OxygenWilbur)
  • Blender (Papiomike)
  • Beanie (Justin W.)
  • Mailboz (Rethro)
  • Phantastrophy (Silverkoopa888)
  • Lamp Shade (Guylan B.)
  • Oil Pastel (Natty23)
  • Little Man (The D. B.)
  • CRT monitor (fweeby)
  • Choo Choo the Train (InterstellarLizard)
  • Dreidel (MordercaiIsland1010)
  • Vinyl Record (Gavin W.)

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