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69 new recommended characters appeared in "This Episode Is About Basketball", along with some from previous episodes. These characters were struck by balls thrown by Coiny, with the exception of Rafty, as the ball just went through his hole, and Lemi, who stabbed the ball with his sword.

Recommended Characters from previous episodes

Today's Very Special Episode

  • PDA (lyxon)
  • Piece Of String (Lousie K.)
  • Science book (Arekz)
  • Symbol (Nathan P.)
  • One Way Sign (Jimmy T.)
  • Pebble (galactika!)
  • Cookie (Nicholas M. (previously thecatsonice))
  • cardy (Hugheseypoop)
  • censor bar dog (kitty dog)
  • Heart (GaomonAndLucario)
  • Winner (Get W.)
  • Charger (Xomander)
  • exit sign (geno1906)
  • Milkshake (BranDexterXtreme)
  • Epic Guy (WhoIsTheGuy)
  • snake (The O. K. Y. K. D.)
  • Lemi12 (Lara K.)

Four Goes Too Far

  • lotus flower (Lilyisalef)
  • clown nose (doctorollie)
  • Violin (Violin)
  • Cactus (ObjectiveInsight)
  • Phantastrophy (Silverkoopa888)
  • Lamp Shade (Guylan B.)
  • Choo Choo the Train (InterstellarLizard)
  • Piñata (OxygenWilbur)
  • CRT monitor (fweeby)
  • Dreidel (MordercaiIsland1010)

The Liar Ball You Don't Want

  • Cologne (BeAwesomeOne)
  • Lamp (AzokoLoko)
  • Cheese Slice (WoopDooCreations)
  • think emote (Gaabii)
  • Geocache (Abject S.)
  • mousepaddy (Noogai223)
  • Medusa Head (ÆSTHETIC OBJECTS)
  • cakes dad (Start o. s. n. s. g.)
  • Mocha (Charlie G.)
  • spongezilla (billy)
  • Stylus (Kenny H. h. h.)
  • Megan W. (Megan W.)
  • Grapes (Elx8 G.)
  • medicine bottle (Bigclaws!)
  • Orb (MatterSplatter)
  • Jelly (MrCrushyy)
  • Cotton (John S.)
  • Blackbelt (Algobelt O.)
  • Wizard Hat (Troy B.)
  • Clanky (Sillybox777)
  • Pastel Feather (ThatOneGalWhoIsWeird)
  • Narwhal Tooth (Regallan)


  • cheeseburger; Shnuboris T. is described in his patreon post as energetic yet clumsy; likes spongy.
  • crayon box; Mason j. appears to be a yellow box of crayons, similar to the one used by X in "Lick Your Way to Freedom "
  • Propeller; TypicalSquib_ was supposed to have arms; Satomi forgot to animate them.
  • HelloKevin; lithium is a cameo from BFDI APPISIOTE 225555555!!!!!
  • Lumen; Just A.D.M might be a reference to Turbo Toilet 2000 from Captain Underpants.
  • rafty; ChrisShwafer, also a contestant on the recommender's show Fight In Flight
  • </nowiki> }} {{delete}}{{Firey Fan}}; Dunkel B. is a reference to the command used to show text without wikitext, the Delete template, and the "Fan of Firey" template.
  • Randomizer; Augie279 according to their entry on the Wiki, they really want to learn how to play the saxophone.
  • in Cary Reacts to BFB 9, Cary shouts out the recommender of Randomizer.
  • The person that recommended Clanky; Sillybox777 is now called Clankybot777.
  • Uni; Amor B. confirmed sea urchin by her recommender.
  • Non-Slip Shoes so Ha; Connor S are a reference to the ones worn by Flower in BFDI 1a
  • Choo Choo the Train; InterstellarLizard did not get hit by a ball.
  • Some characters have different reactions to being struck by balls.