Bally and Marble

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Bally and Marble were dumped in a vat of hydrochloric acid by the Announcer, along with the rest of his "marble collection", as an "extra challenge" to get 15 bonus points.

Unlike the other marbles in the Announcer's collection, Bally is cyan instead of gray, while Marble is similar to the other gray marbles, but wears a black top hat. Both Bally and Marble each have a face for distinction. Bally and Marble were later recovered by Tennis Ball, who used a horseshoe magnet.

Characters who jumped into the hydrochloric acid


  • Cherry was also recommended in episode 15 by the same recommender.
    • There is also a cherry in Inanimate Insanity 2.
  • A character similar to Chocolate Bar can be seen in "Firey's Candy Bar Adventure".
  • Hole In The Wall is a reference to the American game show with the same name.
  • Midget Apple is likely a reference to an Annoying Orange character, Midget Apple.
  • Pack of Crayons has a total of 8 crayons. The colors are black, brown, purple, orange, green, yellow, blue and red, in order from left to right.
  • Bally and Marble (not counting the non-living ones) are most likely immune to hydrochloric acid as they did not die in it like the other characters.
  • There are 17 BFDI 18 debuters on this list.

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