At Cake at Stake


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These characters appeared when the contestants were competing.

30 new contestants

These 30 contestants have been selected by the creators and given the chance to join BFDI in Reveal Novum. They later had a chance to join Season 2 in Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know. All of them are now competing in the latest season.

  1. 8-Ball
  2. Balloony
  3. Barf Bag
  4. Basketball
  5. Bell
  6. Bomby, Bob-omb, Teh Boom, Nuclear Bomb, TNT (joined in Season 2)
  7. Book, Dictionary (joined in Season 2)
  8. Clock
  9. Cloudy
  10. David (joined in Season 1)
  11. Dora (joined in Season 2)
  12. Eggy
  13. Evil Leafy
  14. Fanny
  15. Fries (joined in Season 2)
  16. Grassy
  17. Marker
  18. Naily, Tack
  19. Nickel, Dime, Quarter
  20. Nonexisty
  21. Pie
  22. Pillow
  23. Remote
  24. Robot Flower, Mechanical Flower, Auto-tune (other flower variants: Daffodil, Daisy, Gigantic Flower, Lily, Rose, Violet)
  25. Roboty
  26. Ruby (joined in Season 2)
  27. Saw
  28. Taco
  29. Tree, Treeyee, Whispy Woods
  30. TV, Telly


  • In The Reveal, Autotune said that it is a form of Robot Flower, even though it does not look like her.
  • In the list of recommended characters shown at the bottom of the episode, there was a mistake where "AUTONTUNE" was written instead of "AUTOTUNE".
  • Flag is one of the few recommended characters to be animated, similar to Crayon jumping and the recommended characters Firey set in fire.
  • Dragonman also appears in Four Goes Too Far as a Recommended Character.

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