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"Bread" redirects here. For the contestant frequently confused for bread, see Woody.
For the item, see List of minor items in Battle for Dream Island.

This page lists the recommended characters from "Reveal Novum".

The crowd at Cake at Stake

Materials used to knock Leafy over the cliff

The "cake" used when David joins

The Yellow Tomato is the "cake" given to the winner against the 30 recommended characters that got the votes to join Battle for Dream Island in the Cake at Stake for Reveal Novum which-so happens to be David. It exploded on David's face when the Announcer threw it at him.


  • One of Ruby's sisters is named Diamond, however she doesn't look like this Diamond and has limbs.
  • Apparently, no one likes Yellow Tomato as they showed disgust to it.
    • However, Fanny says "I want that Yellow Tomato, I really do.", indicating she likes it.
  • For some reason, Elimination Contestants shows all the characters, including the ones that weren't eliminated at that time.
  • Izzy comes from the show called Total Drama.
  • Balloon and Baseball are contestants from Inanimate Insanity and are both recommended by their creator.
  • Henrique's appearance is identical to David's.
  • Youdrop has Youtube and Wiki words
  • Juice Box also appeared in BFDI 17, BFB 12, and BFB 13. Their asset has also made an appearance in BFB 16.

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