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Emergency Button

Emergency Button is a recommended character (by yummysimon4) that appeared in Rescission. It was used by Firey to disintegrate Bubble at the start of the episode, then Pencil on Firey, Pencil on Leafy, and lastly Pencil on the other recommended characters in the episode, saying that she was "tired of [them] too". When activated, Emergency Button has the power to fire lasers that will disintegrate other objects upon contact.

Emergency Button reappeared in "A Taste of Space" used by Leafy to obliterate Lollipop. It reappeared again in "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" used by Announcer to obliterate Taco.

Characters destroyed by Pencil


These have appeared when the Announcer traded each point for a teddy bear.


  • In BFDIA 5b, at level 10, Book have to activate a lever that makes the platforms under the Companion Cube disappear so she could complete the level, which killed the Companion Cube, similar to the actual game Portal, in which the game Companion Cube was in, where the Companion Cube must be incinerated so the character could complete the level.
  • In the BFDI Recommended Characters video, Entire Inanimate Insanity Cast is accidentally listed to appear in Reveal Novum.