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UuUEH! UuuHEheheHhE!

The Revolutionary Headphones are one of the items advertised by Yellow Face during and after the stinger in Bowling, Now with Explosions!


The headphones work like normal headphones, but they can only play a voice clip of Yellow Face making a weird noise on loop forever, and nothing else. They are able to be used while walking and sleeping. It also has a volume up button, but the volume can not be turned down ever again. Furthermore, the headphones have super glue on them, so they cannot be removed.


Commercial transcript

Yellow Face

(UuUEH! UuuHEheheHhE!) Isn't that a wonderful noise? Well, now you can listen to that noise 24/7 thanks to our revolutionary headphones! Listen to it while you walk. Listen to it while you sleep! These headphones can only play that noise and why would you want to listen to anything else? They also have a volume up button! No volume down button. (blah) And best of all, our super glue makes them unremovable! So yeah, buy now!


  • A stick figure makes an appearance in the commercial.
  • It is unknown how much this product costs.
  • They appeared in Cloudy's Collection.
  • No contestant has been seen wearing these headphones yet (possibly because they might die of ear bleeding).
  • In BFB 6, Yellow Face introduces earmuffs, which are like the headphones but are used to block noise (such as Four's screechy). They might be a spin-off of the product.