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— Rocky, whenever he barfs

Rocky is a male contestant in Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, Battle for BFDI, and The Power of Two. While he did speak once in the first episode, he reverts to the single onomatopoeia "Bulleh!" while barfing at the same time in "Sweet Tooth" and remains like that for the rest of the first season. The only time he ever speaks again is in "Rescission" but he only has one line. In the final episode of the first season, an infinite matter generator can be seen inside his mouth, which explains his tendency to barf whenever he wants to. Unless upset, he is always seen with an abnormally large permanent smile on his face that extends up to his eyes.

He was the team leader for Another Name in episodes "Insectophobe's Nightmare" and "Crybaby!" and a member of each team at some point in the first season. Rocky was eliminated in "Don't Pierce My Flesh" with 319 votes, being only 7 votes ahead of Flower. He placed 6th overall.

Rocky joined BFDIA with 1,008 votes, the most out of everyone and competed on Team No-Name.

He lasted long to be outside of the TLC in IDFB, where he is shown to be barfing again. It is unknown how he got his barf back.

Rocky competed in BFB on Beep until the split in "The Escape from Four", where he quits to join Two's show.

Rocky competes in TPOT as a member of The S!.


Rocky barfing himself (BFDI 14)


Rocky appears to be a quartzite rock, a form of the mineral quartz. His main body is smoky gray, and his shading is a darker gray. In BFB 6, he turns orange because of tangerine juice and was orange until "What Do You Think of Roleplay?". However, he regained his orange color the next episode.



  • Rocky's shade is poorly drawn.


  • Rocky's shade is smoother and has more edges. However, his vomiting asset still used the older shade. This wouldn't be fixed until BFB.


  • Rocky's outline is darker.
  • Rocky's shade has a slightly bluish tint.


Rocky is quite bizarre and erratic, and he is usually seen as a liability by most people, given his lack of intelligence and his tendency to barf constantly. His vomit occasionally helps him and his teammates, but it usually flies on other object's faces or their property.

Rocky rarely talks in BFDI, and he hasn't really said much other than his catchphrase, "Bulleh!". He's usually seen smiling and is rarely shown to be angry, even when bad things happen to him. This implies that Rocky is typically in a carefree and cheerful mood. However, it could also mean that he doesn't understand things due to a lack of intelligence. These tendencies can make him seem quite childish in some viewers' points of view.

Overall, Rocky is chaotic and child-like, often showing no understanding of objectives or plans, barely moving and showing any emotions besides happiness, and barfing on a whim rather than for a purpose.

Official Character Guide biography

Can rocks barf? You know, vomit... throw up. Yuck! Rocky can. In fact, Rocky barfs more than he speaks. Actually, Rocky lost the ability to talk in 2010. When he does "speak", it's by barfing.

Yet, like a vomiting superhero, Rocky can use his barf to propel himself, melt things, and create spectacular vomit art. Viewers have become so enamored by this puking prodigy that they voted him first for BFDIA entry. However, his teammates sometimes have to carry him around, since he likes to sit still.

Did You Know?: When Rocky had to bake a cake, both Flower and the Announcer gave it a score of 10/10.


  • Infinite matter generation: Due to an infinite matter generator inside of Rocky in the first season, Rocky was able to produce and project an infinite amount of vomit. Despite losing the generator in "Return of the Hang Glider", Rocky regained the ability in IDFB, though it is unsure if this is due to another infinite matter generator or if Rocky gained the power through some other method. Rocky was also able to use his matter generator while in Puffball's body in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?"
    • This ability extends not only to vomit, but to red balls and cake batter as well. Rocky drooled purple saliva in "Get in the Van", but it is assumed that this is independent from the infinite matter generator, as Rocky clearly lacked the generator in BFDIA.
  • Cloning: As displayed in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", Rocky can vomit miniature copies of himself; these copies can also vomit miniature copies of themselves, and so on and so forth.
  • Flutter jump: By waving his legs midair, Rocky can propel himself slightly.
  • Acid: As shown in "Lick Your Way To Freedom" and "Return of the Rocket Ship", Rocky has the ability to barf up acid.
  • Propulsion: Using his barf, Rocky can propel himself vertically or horizontally.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Take the Plunge: Part 1", Rocky is seen casually standing, when a falling Woody collides with him. Due to this collision, a tiny chip of Woody falls off his body, causing Woody to scream in pain. Rocky is seen later standing on a mountain. Snowball, who crash-landed his hang glider there, walks up to him and tells Rocky to wake up. Although he never was asleep, Rocky reacts as if he was, confused, followed by greeting Snowball with a hello. This annoys Snowball, who throws Rocky off the mountain with a sigh. Rocky enjoys the thrill of flying through the air until he collides into Tennis Ball. He then greets Tennis Ball and calls him his "good ol' friend", which annoys him.

During the balance beam challenge, he continues to casually stand in place, not interacting with anyone. Despite this, he manages to make it to the final 4, when he is finally pushed off by Teardrop, who falls as well.

In "Take the Plunge: Part 2", he is picked last for Squashy Grapes, simply because he has no arms. During the boat race through the Goiky Canal, after Snowball pushes Golf Ball off the cliff, the rest of his team collide into him, running in fear. The collision causes him to be sent flying into Snowball, and both of them fall off the cliff and into the water, eventually using Spongy as a floating device. Because of their lack of teamwork, his team loses the challenge.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Rocky does not receive a vote to be eliminated and is safe at Cake at Stake. Later, during the challenge, Rocky runs the obstacle course with Tennis Ball and Golf Ball. Pin then hits Woody, who almost collides into Rocky again because of this, but Tennis Ball kicks him out of the way, once again sending him flying through the air. Moments later, he lands on the ski lift wire, breaking it, making it impossible for anyone else to make it to the finish line.

In "Are You Smarter Than A Snowball?", Rocky is unable to do the test, as he doesn't know how to write and lacks arms. Tennis Ball tells him that he needs to learn how to write, even though he has no arms. This angers Rocky, who kicks Tennis Ball, causing him to roll down a hill. He is later confronted by Golf Ball, who complains that he hasn't started. Even so, he still turns in his test, getting zero points.

In "Sweet Tooth", during the challenge, Rocky is only seen barfing in a bowl of water to make his cake, making this the first time he barfs on the show. Despite barfing in his cake, he still manages to get 22 points, placing 2nd in the challenge. He also helps in the chocolate eating challenge, winning for his team. Rocky stops talking in this episode.

In "Bridge Crossing", when Snowball tries to get revenge on Golf Ball, he attempts to throw Rocky at her, but Golf Ball dodges him, and Rocky hits one of the bridges instead, destroying it. Because of this, he falls into the gorge, sinking into the water below.

In "Power of Three", Rocky is grouped up with Snowball and Golf Ball for the race. He doesn't do much at all and is simply carried by Snowball throughout the challenge, barfing on Ice Cube along the way. Their team is the 4th safe.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", Rocky is hardly seen, casually standing still and doing nothing throughout the challenge. When choosing which contestant he wants on his team, he vomits, and his barf is shaped like Firey, implying that he votes for Firey.

Rocky barfs on Golf Ball.jpg

In "Cycle of Life", Rocky causes minor mischief while picking the Squashy Grape members that would compete in the challenge, when he barfs on the spinner. During the challenge, he hardly does anything, as usual. He does, however, vomit on Golf Ball while she is carrying him, crashing into a tree as a result. When it comes for his time to run, he continues to just stand there, doing nothing. This angers Golf Ball, who kicks Rocky into the tree. He then begins (slowly) walking to the finish line. At the speed he is going, Rocky's team is going to lose, so Golf Ball once again kicks Rocky to the goal.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Rocky is chosen as team captain of the new team due to having no enemies and having a name with 5 letters. Due to the fact that he forgot how to speak in "Sweet Tooth" (as noted by Tennis Ball), he chooses Tennis Ball by vomiting on him. Tennis Ball then chooses the rest of the members of the Team that would later be called Another Name. During the challenge, Rocky can be seen walking backward, vomiting on Coiny along the way. When his team is about to win, he vomits in their path causing his team to place second instead of first.

In "Crybaby!", Rocky does not participate in the crying contest, but seems to be quite a hazard during the tiebreakers. During the skiing challenge, Rocky trips two teams while skiing downhill, causing them to roll into large snowballs. Rocky could not compete in the handstand challenge, as he does not have arms. Instead of competing, he simply barfs on both of the teams, causing his own team to lose.

In "Lofty", Rocky is first seen vomiting on Firey, which sparks another fight between him and Coiny. Rocky along with Golf Ball are at risk for being eliminated with the most votes. However, the Squishy Cherries unanimously choose Rocky to be on their team, making him safe. Once again, Rocky doesn't do anything during the challenge. Even so, his balloon is still the last one to be popped.

In "A Leg Up in the Race", Rocky is unable to climb the ladders during the challenge because he is armless. However, he still manages to reach the top by using his barf as an aerial maneuver. Rocky starts out with 30 points for the point system. For placing 11th in the challenge, he gains 1 point but also loses 15 points for being voted for 15 times throughout the season. He ends up in the bottom third and is put up for elimination.

In "Don't Lose Your Marbles", Rocky is not pleased with the new elimination area but decides to like it when the Announcer tells him to. Rocky is safe from elimination with only 11 votes and devours his fish prize. During the challenge, he barfs up 2 red balls, one for him and one for Tennis Ball, and places 3rd, earning him 15 points. Even so, he is still in the danger zone, putting him up for elimination again. At the end of the episode, Rocky is barfs a large pile of red balls.

In "Half a Loaf is Better Than None", Rocky is safe from elimination with 49 votes. During the bread gathering challenge, Rocky does not pay much attention towards watching the eliminated contestants compete, and barfs up miniature Rockies instead. Rocky, along with everyone else (besides Tennis Ball), does not succeed in retrieving the Announcer's marble collection from the acid tub, however, he still gains 10 Sympathy Points for being armless. Despite galloping backward, he still does very well in the hurdle jumping challenge. When he hits the fifth hurdle, he gets caught on it, making vomit fly in loops. Announcer called this "spectacular vomit art." He earns 20 points from it, keeping him safe from elimination.

In "Vomitaco", Rocky chooses to participate in the barf contest. When Announcer says that the vomit in the bag is just colored water, Rocky barfs into it. This grosses out Pencil, who knocks him off the platform. For staying on his platform for 17 seconds, he gets 17 points, landing him in the danger zone, putting him up for elimination.

In "Bowling, Now with Explosions!", Rocky is safe from elimination, only receiving 92 votes. Since he is armless, he is disqualified from the bowling challenge. Regardless, he, along with a few others, loses the least amount of points, only losing 35 points total. However, even though he was not in the danger zone, he, along with everyone else (besides Firey) is put up for elimination.

In "The Reveal", Rocky only gets 43 votes and is safe from elimination. When given his knife, he barfs, which breaks it into pieces. During the frisbee competition, he pairs up with Spongy. Their group is the second group to finish, earning them 100 points and making them safe from elimination.

In "Reveal Novum", Rocky votes Leafy to be eliminated because she has arms. Rocky uses his barfing habits to help him advance through the staring contest. This helps him with beating Ice Cube, but this strategy does not work against Pencil, who simply catches the vomit and throws it back at Rocky's face, causing him to blink. For making it to the semi-finals, he gets 15 points, making him safe from elimination.

In "Rescission", Rocky approaches Pencil while she is pinned under Spongy, and it looks as though he is about to barf on her. Instead, Rocky says "Hi Pencil! Aren't you glad I didn't vomit on you?" This marks the first time Rocky has spoken since the first episode. Pencil asks if it feels weird to speak after 15 months of silence, but Rocky just barfs on her. Later, Rocky does quite well in the unicycle challenge. He uses his vomit as a speed boost and is able to easily complete the race, placing 2nd and getting an immunity ticket.

In "Gardening Hero", Rocky is brought up into space with the other contestants. During the challenge, he is abducted by aliens, barfs inside of their UFO, and ultimately gets destroyed in the ensuing explosion. Hence, he loses his immunity ticket making him get put up for elimination.

In "The Glistening", none of the eliminated contestants vote Rocky to be eliminated, making him safe. In the long jump challenge, instead of using his barf as an aerial maneuver, he flaps his legs, causing him to fly across the pathway. Rocky goes pretty far in the long jump challenge, however, since Leafy skidoos to Yoyleland (followed by giving her immunity to Spongy), Rocky is put up for elimination.

In "Don't Pierce My Flesh", Rocky vomits on Firey's Replacement Announcer at the beginning of the episode, which makes Firey hit him. During Cake at Stake, he is eliminated at 319 votes, beating Flower by only 7 votes to be eliminated.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", Rocky and the other eliminated contestants are eaten by bugs, but this might've been fake. Rocky and the other eliminated contestants are briefly seen excited when the TLC is teleported away, but then start freaking out when it is teleported back again.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", when asked who he wants to win Dream Island, Rocky barfs a Leafy-shaped vomit, implying that he wants Leafy to win Dream Island. When Firey wins Dream Island, he lets Rocky onto the island. It is later revealed that an infinite matter generator is located inside him, which explains why he can barf so much. Later on, however, a small spiked ball flies into Rocky's mouth, smashing the generator, meaning Rocky can no longer vomit. Pencil gets excited and says "Finally, no more vomit!" Rocky negatively answers to this by spitting the spiked ball into Pencil's face. Pencil later announces to everyone that Rocky can't barf anymore.

Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", it is revealed that Rocky will be competing in BFDIA, as he received the most votes (1,008 votes) to join the second season. When choosing teams, Rocky chooses to be on the larger team. In the screen montage, Rocky's favorite screen is a splotch shape. Rocky doesn't do much else and simply idles in the background, although he does help his team win the tug-of-war contest (despite not having arms).

In "Get Digging", Rocky is assigned the task of building the bowl. When prompted by Fries, however, he digs a hole to search for ingredients underground. In the end, his team is put up for elimination.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Rocky gets the second most likes, only losing to Puffball. Rocky is the 6th to receive cake, only getting 80 dislikes for elimination. After Fries gets poisoned/killed in the bug killing contest, Rocky eats one of his poisoned fries, killing himself in the process.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Rocky is brought back to life by Coiny using the new Hand-powered Recovery Center (HPRC). As usual, he does nothing during the challenge, and thanks to Coiny and Bomby, his team is killed and ends up losing, and is put up for elimination.

Gelatin pushing Rocky, Golf Ball, and Tennis Ball off Puffball.

In "Get in the Van", Rocky is brought back to life by the HPRC by Bubble and Leafy. During Cake at Stake, Rocky drools out a strange purple substance but after a while, he stops. He gets 416 likes, once again only losing to Puffball, and receives 159 dislikes. Before the challenge, Rocky promises to never switch to any other teams by smiling and squeaking.

During the challenge, Rocky, Golf Ball, and Tennis Ball are all pushed off of Puffball by Gelatin. He starts smiling while falling. Evil Leafy starts chasing them, but Rocky keeps the same smile on his face while running away. They reach a dead end at the Evil Canyon as Evil Leafy moves in closer. The FreeSmart Van then crashes into them, and Evil Leafy eats all of them.

In "It's a Monster", Rocky is recovered thanks to Gelatin and Puffball. When Rocky is called to be present, he squeaks. Rocky's squiggles his legs when climbing on Puffball and they continue flying to Yoyleland.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", as Puffball begins to fly to the summit of Yoyle Mountain, Pencil grabs onto Rocky and kicks him into a fish monster's mouth, which Pencil calls payback for him barfing on her one time. This delays Team No-Name, resulting in FreeSmart winning the challenge. Fries and Puffball go back to recover Rocky, only for him to get knocked off by a stick thrown by Coiny, and he falls into the Fish Monster's mouth. Fries recovers him again, but he gets knocked off by all of the members of W.O.A.H. Bunch and once again gets eaten. After the third recovery, Puffball hurries back and almost reaches the summit, but decides that she'd rather lose so that she can win the prize again. Rocky falls off as she begins to shrink and he is eaten by the fish monster for the 4th time.


Rocky golfball tennisball whitepin coiny idfb.PNG

In "Welcome Back", Rocky is first seen vomiting. It's unknown how he got his barf back. He then follows Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, Pin, Coiny, and Yellow Face to the TLC/LOL. Tennis Ball explains that Barf Bag would be the best person to get out so Rocky's vomit could be contained. Rocky then barfs on Tennis Ball.

Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Rocky is first seen when Pen trips over him. Later, he is shown with everyone else when Four tells them about winning A BFDI. He cheers along with everyone. Leafy picks Rocky to join her team which is later called Beep. When Leafy is cheering for Cloudy, Rocky barfs on her. Beep is safe and Rocky is immune.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Rocky is walking casually to the shock of Nickel. Balloony, who calls him "Little One", puts him to use. His acid speeds up the process of getting to the middle of the jawbreaker by melting through it, though no one is actually in said jawbreaker. His team is up for elimination.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Balloony asks if "Little One" (Rocky) is safe. He is, with only 1,045 votes. He doesn't do anything in the challenge besides getting on the swing.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", he is seen barfing up pink-grey cake batter for the cake they made for Four. This gets them 4th place.

In "Fortunate Ben", he dabs with his legs to help change the air flow of Beep's paper plane. He vomits on David, waking him up. However, his team still loses the challenge and is up for elimination again.

In "Four Goes Too Far", he, along with the rest of his team (except Roboty), is turned orange as a Cake at Stake prize.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Rocky is only seen being pushed away from the Cake at Stake area by Balloony.

In "Questions Answered", Rocky can be seen getting pulled through TV's screen as Donut kicks the earth through him. He then moves from the moon to earth along with everyone else.

in "This Episode Is About Basketball", Rocky barfs on Woody during the challenge. His team is the last to finish and is therefore up for elimination.

In "Enter the Exit", Rocky is in the bottom two at Cake at Stake against David, but is safe.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Rocky is the only member of Beep doesn't back away from Leafy, but is taken by Balloony.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Rocky mimics Puffball, and Basketball mimics Rocky. As Puffball, Rocky was correctly accused by Yellow Face after he vomited a rainbow substance on him. When he morphs back to his original form, he loses his orange color. As Rocky, Basketball was uncovered after she talked. This marks the first time Rocky's voice has been heard since "Rescission".

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Balloony, using Woody's suggestion, helps Rocky vomit by shaking in order for them to dig deeper. For an unknown reason, Rocky is orange again. This is probably an oversight.


In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Rocky eats Nickel after a misunderstanding with Balloony and vomits acid in order to get away from the lava ceiling. This leads them onto the roof of Golf Ball's Underground Factory. Later, Rocky and the gang try to break through the wall but Rocky ends up getting killed by the lava before it breaks.

In "The Escape from Four", Rocky is recovered and later walks with everyone else to watch Four struggle at sucking up Spongy. Rocky quits BFB to compete on The Power of Two.

Battle for BFB

In "X Marks the Spot", Rocky cheers when X is "glued" to the ground.

Battle For Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Rocky teams up with Cloudy and Yellow Face. During the challenge, Cloudy tries carrying Rocky to the top, but when he tries flying fast, Rocky falls through him, vomiting inside Cloudy before him and his vomit fall out. When Winner overthrows him over the building, he vomits to propel himself backwards onto it, with the vomit landing on Foldy. Tree uses him to vomit on Two when he and the other contestants start attacking them.


Main article: Rocky/Relationships


Season 1
Episode Votes
2 0
11 15
13 11
14 49
16 92
17 43
21 0
22 319 (eliminated)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 1,008 (joined BFDIA) (got the most votes, placing 1st)
3 303 likes, 80 dislikes
5a 416 likes, 159 dislikes
Season 3
Episode Votes
1 931 likes, 469 dislikes
Season 4
Episode Votes
3 1,045
6 1,930
10 3,587
Total votes
Elimination Prize Total
7,799 1,650 10,457

People Rocky has vomited on

Main article: Rocky's vomit
Character Number of times Episodes
Ice Cube 2 "Power of Three"
"Reveal Novum"
Golf Ball 1 "Cycle of Life"
Tennis Ball 3 "Insectophobe's Nightmare"
"A Leg Up in the Race"
"Welcome Back"
Coiny 1 "Insectophobe's Nightmare"
Spongy 1 "The Reveal"
Pencil 1 "Rescission"
Firey 4 "Cycle of Life" (indirectly)
David 2 "Rescission"
"Fortunate Ben"
Bubble 1 "Rescission"
Firey Speaker Box 1 "Don't Pierce My Flesh"
Leafy 1 "Getting Teardrop to Talk"
Woody 1 "This Episode Is About Basketball"
Yellow Face 1 "What Do You Think of Roleplay?"
Cloudy 1 "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?"
Foldy 1 "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?"
Eggy 1 "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" (indirectly)
Two 1 "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?"


  1. "Take the Plunge: Part 1": May have drowned when Teardrop pushed him into the water (debatable).
  2. "Bridge Crossing": It's implied he drowned when he fell down the gorge.
  3. "Rescission": Killed by the Announcer's acid.
  4. "Gardening Hero": Vomits inside an alien saucer causing it to blow up.
  5. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2": Devoured by bugs.
  6. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3": Poisoned when he eats a poisonous fry out of Fries.
  7. "Zeeky Boogy Doog": Dies in Bomby's explosion.
  8. "No More Snow!": Crushed to death while inside Evil Leafy.
  9. "The Long-lost Yoyle City": Eaten by the Fish Monster 4 times.
  10. "Don't Dig Straight Down": Killed by the lava.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Last BFDI": Breaks into pieces when hit with a pickaxe.
  2. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Sucked up by Black Hole.
  3. "If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge": Ejected into space by Saw.
  4. "BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare": Died from the heat death of the universe (offscreen).


Total kills: 3

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Bubble 2 "Cycle of Life" (along with Golf Ball)
"Vomitaco" (along with Pencil)
Nickel 1 "Don't Dig Straight Down"

Non-canon kills:

  1. "Happy Birthday, Battle for BFDI!": Devours Cake along with many other characters.
  2. "Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide/Instagram Promotion": Eats Lightning.
  3. "If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge": Voted off Ruby, which caused her to be ejected into space.




  • Rocky is one of the seven contestants that have been in all five seasons of BFDI, the others are Needle, Pin, Coiny, Ice Cube, Golf Ball, and Tennis Ball.
  • Rocky is one of the three Season 1 team captains, the others being Leafy and Pin.
    • He is the only male team captain in BFDI.
    • He is also the only armless team captain in BFDI.
  • Rocky is the first male contestant to receive a cake.
  • Rocky is one of the only two contestants (the other being Firey) to be on all 3 teams at one point in BFDI.
    • Therefore, Rocky was the only object that was on all of the teams but did not become a finalist.
    • This also makes him the only armless contestant to be on all three teams.
    • Three was the most teams a contestant has been on in one season, until Leafy competed in four teams in BFB.
  • Rocky didn't receive any elimination votes until "Lofty".
    • This makes him the last Squashy Grape and male contestant to receive a vote.
  • Rocky is the second contestant in BFDI to avoid elimination despite getting the most votes. This is due to the change of elimination rules for episodes 9-12.
  • Rocky is the highest ranked contestant in BFDI that either didn't rejoin or didn't make it to the finale.
  • Rocky is the second highest placing armless contestant in BFDI, with Spongy placing higher.
  • Rocky is the second highest ranking contestant who is voiced by Cary Huang, the highest ranking being Spongy.
  • Rocky and Ice Cube are the only BFDI eliminated contestants who didn't have a chance of returning to the show.
  • Rocky, Firey, Ice Cube, and Bubble are the only original contestants who have never been put up for a vote to rejoin.
  • Rocky spent the least amount of time in the TLC out of everyone in the first season, at only 3 months.
  • Rocky is the only character who got 1,000+ votes and got the most votes to be in Battle for Dream Island Again with 1,008.
    • He is also the first character ever to receive a 4 digit number of votes.
  • Rocky has the most likes out of everyone in BFDIA, at a whopping 1,650 likes.
  • "Welcome Back" marked Rocky's first time not getting the second most likes.
  • Rocky received the lowest 4 digit number of votes in BFB ever, at 1,045.
  • He is tied with Teardrop and Firey for participating on the most teams at six each.
  • He is the highest ranking contestant from BFDI to compete in TPOT.
  • While Firey has survived more eliminations than anyone, Rocky has survived the most eliminations out of the TPOT contestants at 13.


  • Rocky is the second-shortest contestant out of everyone, after Firey Jr.
  • In BFDI, Rocky was almost always smiling when idle. In BFDIA however, he is often seen with a neutral expression or a frown.
  • Rocky has only talked by himself in 2 episodes of BFDI, "Take the Plunge: Part 1" and "Rescission".
  • Rocky hasn't had any lines in BFB, unless one counts Basketball's line spoken in his body in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?".
    • This episode marked the first time Rocky was included in the BFB credits.
  • The official spelling of the sound of Rocky's barfing is "bulleh", not "bleh". It is confirmed in the subtitles for "Lofty", as well as a file called bulleh.gif.
  • Rocky has been barfing since "Sweet Tooth", but then he stopped barfing in "Return of the Hang Glider" due to his Infinite Matter Generator getting destroyed.
    • In "Welcome Back", his ability to barf is back. It hasn't yet been explained how he got it back.
  • Rocky's favorite screen is barf (perhaps referencing to his barfing habits in Season 1, and may also mean that he misses vomiting).
  • It is possible that he is aware of his barfing problems, as in "Rescission" he asks Pencil if she was glad that he didn't vomit on her, only for him to vomit on her afterward. This shows that he is aware and doesn't mind the backlash that he gets for doing so.
  • His saliva is purple, as shown when he was drooling in "Get in the Van".
  • Rocky is a skilled unicyclist as he was the only contestant to not fall over in "Rescission", besides Leafy.
  • It seems that Rocky and Spongy are good friends because they are known as the two "gross" contestants. They also were partners at the Frisbee contest in "The Reveal".
  • In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", it is revealed that Rocky also has the ability to barf acid.
  • Rocky is the second character shown in the beginning of "Getting Teardrop to Talk", with the first character being Pen.
  • According to Leafy's loyalty chart in BFB 2, Rocky is the most loyal member of Beep with a score of 8.
  • In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Rocky is orange again even though he shapeshifted back into his grey color in the previous episode. The reason behind this is unknown.
  • In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Rocky received his first kill since BFDI.


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BFB 16: BalloonyCloudyNickelRockyWoody

Eliminated: RobotyDavid
Switched: Leafy

The S!
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Members: BottleClockCloudyIce CubeRockyWinnerYellow Face

Interactions with Everyone, Balloony, Tennis Ball
Others Rocky's vomit