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I can't believe it! Nobody likes me!

Rubber Spatula is one of the former eligible debuters for TPOT. They lost the vote at 177 votes, which is the least out of everybody. They placed 26th among the TPOT debuters.


Rubber Spatula is calm and timid, shown by them getting low-spirited upon learning they aren't debuting, assuming that nobody likes them. However they can have their mood turned around easily, demonstrating being grateful for their voters in a positive manner.


Rubber Spatula has a yellow scraper with a white handle hole at the end. In "The Four is Lava", Rubber Spatula's arms are located lower.



Battle for BFDI

Rubber Spatula made their first appearance in "The Four is Lava" during the credits sequence. They were seen simply standing in place.

Rubber Spatula's audition.

In "The Escape from Four", Rubber Spatula was selected as one of the 26 recommended characters that could join Two's new season, The Power of Two. In Rubber Spatula's audition, they are seen standing next to a shelf with a bug on it. Rubber Spatula notices the bug and looks scared. They then use their face to swat the bug; which works, but Rubber Spatula's face is covered in a sticky dark grey goop. Rubber Spatula could be voted by commenting "[R]".

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Rubber Spatula could be seen with the rest of the eligible debuters on the ground by the Hotel. Due to Two being high up, nobody could hear them, even after asking Nickel to bring everybody up. Two then uses their telekinesis to bring up both the contestants and the debuters. Afterwards, the Cake at Stake starts.

Two starts off by saying that everyone got at least 200 votes, with Clock saying that it's good to know. Two then says that they were kidding, and announces that Rubber Spatula only received 177 votes, which is the least of all. Two laughs at that fact and says Rubber Spatula isn't debuting. Rubber Spatula is in disbelief and thinks that nobody likes them. Pen tries to cheer up Rubber Spatula by saying that over a hundred people liked them more than everyone else. Rubber Spatula realizes this, and Pen drops TV, who displays every user who voted for Rubber Spatula, as Rubber Spatula reads off every one of their voters. Two asks them to hurry up, so they talk faster. Two asks again and they talk extremely fast. Once Rubber Spatula finishes, Two asks if Rubber Spatula is finished, and Rubber Spatula says "Yep!". Two says that's good, and claps, making the tile beneath them disappear and descend into the hotel below.

Rubber Spatula can be seen very briefly when Two and the TPOT contestants are going down the elevator, where they are seen in a room with Income Tax Return Document looking upset.


Character killed Kill count Episode(s) killed
Bugs 1 "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?"


  • Rubber Spatula, Two, TV, Portable Music Player, Winner, Purple Face, and Tree are the only characters who don't have American accents.
    • In Rubber Spatula's case, they speak with an Australian accent, just like Tree.
  • Rubber Spatula and Blender are both recommended by Papiomike.
  • Their line, "I can't believe it! Nobody likes me!" could be a reference to Roboty saying "NOBODY LIKES ME" (in Morse code) as both were the least voted to debut.
  • Rubber Spatula thanking his voters is a reference to Pen thanking his voters in The Glistening. Coincidentally, Pen was the one comforting him when he got 177 votes and asking him to tell his voters how thankful he is.



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