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Ruby's sisters are an assortment of 35 gems and gem-shaped objects, all of whom have the same shape as Ruby, but with different colors and minerals.

Their main appearance was in a carykh video named "Ruby and her 35 sisters in ABCDEFG". The video features Ruby and her sisters in a contest called "A Battle Concerning Delightfully Exciting Fine Gems" (ABCDEFG for short).

A vast majority of Ruby's sisters have not actually been in an episode of BFDI. Apart from Ruby herself (obviously), Gold and Diamond have appeared as recommended characters in BFDI, Emerald was recommended character in BFDIA 2, and Quartz and Sapphire were recommended in BFB 2.

Diamond was recommended in BFDI 18 and BFB 9.

List of Ruby's sisters

Ruby sisters

Ruby and her 35 sisters

  • Amber (eliminated Round 1)
  • Amethyst (winner of ABCDEFG)
  • Ammolite (eliminated Round 1)
  • Aquamarine (eliminated Round 5)
  • Axinite (eliminated Round 3)
  • Benitoite (eliminated on Round 3)
  • Chrysoberyl - (eliminated Round 5)
  • Coral (eliminated Round 1)
  • Diamond (eliminated Round 2)
  • Dioptase (eliminated Round 6)
  • Emerald (eliminated Round 2)
  • Feldspar (eliminated Round 4)
  • Fluorite (eliminated Round 3)
  • Garnet (7th)
  • Glass (eliminated Round 1)
  • Gold (eliminated Round 2)
  • Hematite (eliminated Round 3)
  • Iolite (eliminated Round 3)
  • Ivory (eliminated Round 1)
  • Jade (eliminated in Semi-finals)
  • Jasper (5th)
  • Kornerupine (eliminated Round 5)
  • Lapis Lazuli (eliminated Round 1)
  • Malachite (eliminated Round 3)
  • Obsidian (eliminated Round 1)
  • Opal (3rd)
  • Pearl (eliminated Round 1)
  • Peridot (4th)
  • Poo (eliminated Round 1)
  • Pyrite (eliminated Round 3)
  • Quartz (eliminated Round 4)
  • Sapphire (2nd)
  • Topaz (6th)
  • Turquoise (eliminated Round 5)
  • Variscite (eliminated Round 3)


Well, I may be the first kicked off of ABCDEFG, but I want you to remember that while the rest of you take millions of years to form within rocks, I take only days to form within quadrillions of living organisms!
— Poo, ABCDEFG, round 1

Poo is one of Ruby's sisters in ABCDEFG, and is the only one of Ruby's sisters with a frowning expression. Poo is the first one out of ABCDEFG, because she is not a gemstone. She is disqualified in Round 1.


Ammolite is one of Ruby's sisters in ABCDEFG. Ammolite is the one of the first gems out of ABCDEFG, because she is not a gemstone. She is disqualified in Round 1.


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