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But we don't want the party to be good, we want it to be GREAT!
— Rusty Coin, "The Game Has Changed"

Rusty Coin is a male recommended character that appeared in "The Game Has Changed", recommended by Snowphie and voiced by Justin Chapman.


Rusty Coin is a metal coin of unknown value who is gray, and as his name implies, rusty. He also has a tooth gap on the left side of his mouth.


Despite his relatively brief appearance, Rusty Coin's personality was well established. He's shown to be persistent, urging Flower and Leafy to take more party supplies despite their protests.

He also seems lonely, shown by his sheer desperation as he takes off after Flower and Leafy in an attempt to be taken back to the surface with him and calling them a trio.

Rusty Coin also has trouble taking hints, as he fails to catch on when Flower tells him that them had given the two enough party supplies, and continuing to chase after the two even as Flower tells him to leave them alone.



Battle for BFB

Rusty Coin first appears in "The Game Has Changed", being a worker for Flower at her stand. After Flower finishes delivering a speech to Leafy about how much her store means to her, He appears from behind the stand, asking if Flower needs anything. As she responds, saying she needs something for a party, Rusty Coin hands her an excessive amount of party supplies, and even as the two display clear discomfort, he continues to insist they take more. Flower and Leafy soon flee, Rusty Coin chasing after and begging that they take him with them, stating how he's the third to their "funny trio" and how they'd go down in history, to which Flower shrieks that they leave them alone.

He later appears at the end of "The Hidden Contestant", where he tries to convince Four to let him join the game. After Four tells the contestants to get in a bus, he pleads to Four to let him come with them, to which Four declines.

In "Chapter Complete", he is one of the characters that the Announcer meant to invite to the final Cake at Stake, as his picture is on one of the invitations.


  • Snowphie, his recommender, also recommended Portable Music Player.
  • His voice actor, Justin Chapman, voices Purple Face and Steamy as well. He also is a writer and voice actor on Inanimate Insanity.
  • Rusty Coin has been referred to by his nickname (Rusty) more than his actual name.
  • Rusty Coin had his first major role in the video "BFDI: Fish and Chips", alongside Anchor.






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