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"How does this Sam (Salmon Fiveyears) relate to the contest?" - Book
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This article is about the character from Salmon Fiveyears. You may be looking for the character called "sam" from Barriers and Pitfalls, or Sam Lee, the voice actor for Stapy, Pie, & Lollipop.

Sam is the main protagonist in Salmon Fiveyears and is being constantly hit by knives.


In Salmon Fiveyears, Sam (and his clones) are being hit by knives. Later, Sam does a dance, his hair changes color, turns rainbow, earths with his hair are shown, colored people walk around, and Knife from Inanimate Insanity shows up.


Sam appears to be a stick figure human. His skin is peach, and his hair is magenta. He seems to have been drawn very quickly and somewhat poorly, similar to other Stick Figures and Yellow Cary.


  • Sam has been shown bleeding in the video when a knife hits him, making him the only BFDI character to bleed. If Salmon Fiveyears is canon, he is the only character in BFB that is not an object confirmed to have blood and bleed.


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