Satomi Hinatsu (Kanji: 日夏里見), also known as Hazel Cricket, is an animator, voice actress and an audio engineer on Battle for BFDI and a close friend of Cary Huang.


Before she joined Jacknjellify, she had been a fan of BFDI since season 1. She was also a TWOW contestant, but got eliminated in episode 7.[1] She joined Jacknjellify sometime in July of 2017, and helped make the Jacknjellify Patreon, as well as the RedBubble merchandise.[citation needed] She is one of the authors of Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide.

Characters voiced by Satomi Hinatsu

Satomi Hinatsu voices the following characters:




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    When she was asked what her favorite episode was by Strikeovercrazy2 during a stream where she was animating BFB 13.
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