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Well, I think it's a science museum because the sign says "Science Museum".

The Science Museum is an abandoned museum seen in "Welcome Back", located at Yoyle City.

Judging by its name, this most likely used to be a museum to display science-related items. The building has greatly degraded compared to how it was in Golf Ball's flashback, with vines growing and walls cracked, implying that it, along with the rest of Yoyle City, has been abandoned for a long time.


In "Welcome Back", Golf Ball and Tennis Ball went into it to find science treasures (despite Needle's warnings), which Tennis Ball claimed himself a Wall Teleporter. There were also other gadgets in the room, which, according to Tennis Ball, isn't even 10% of them. Evil Leafy is also seen briefly here.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", it was brought up by Golf Ball to determine if Tennis Ball was an impostor.


  • A blue helmet called "Shield"
  • A square-shaped cookie called "Biscuit"
  • The Wall Teleporter (stolen by Tennis Ball) called "Transit"
  • A model of a neuron cell called "Memory"
  • Letters written in blood reading "Stop Her" called "Theft"
  • A Companion Cube with a skull and crossbones instead of a heart called "Tomb"
  • A multicolor dodecahedron with a spike on top of it
  • The vases that Bozo hid behind.


  • There are 680,293 gadgets stored in the museum.
  • On the signs, a mysterious alphabet is used, which probably means that Yoyleland has its alphabet. The text above the Science Museum reads "Insight Hallway".
    • However, translating the alphabet into English isn't accurate, as the Wall Teleporter's decoded message was "Transit". Both are a form of transportation, but the Wall Teleporter isn't a transit system.
      • This could, however, be a feature to make it more realistic, as many non-European languages/symbols don't translate directly with English meanings.
  • Needle says that the museum has something to do with FreeSmart. This may have something to do with the plot of IDFB's future episodes.
  • The "Stop Her" letters may be referencing Golf Ball or Bozo.
    • The letters are labeled as "theft", suggesting that she stole something from the museum.
  • When they were in it, Evil Leafy made a cameo.
  • The Science Museum is possibly the place where Golf Ball got her dimples, as she may have been hit by the club.


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