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Hey! I make cuts all the time!

Scissors is a character that was formerly up for debut in TPOT.


Scissors is quite assertive, as they demand to be let into the show by convincing Two in a demanding tone that they make cuts all the time. Like Naily, Scissors enjoys making puns about themself.


Scissors is a pair of scissors. Their finger handle is green and the thumb handle is yellow. The scissor part is their mouth and they don't have arms.



  • Scissors' handles are blue.
  • Scissors is inconsistently drawn.
  • Scissors' body is incomplete.
  • Scissors has a darker metal color.
  • Scissors has their eyes on their handle.
  • Scissors has no legs.
  • Scissors has no outlines.


  • Scissors now has a complete body.


  • Scissors is sloppily drawn.
  • Scissors now has black outlines.
  • Scissor's handles are now orange.

BFB 15

  • Scissors is now consistently drawn.
  • Scissors' eyes are now located on the blades.
  • Scissors now has legs.
  • Scissors now has green and yellow handles.
  • Scissors now has a lighter tone of gray on its blades.

BFB 16

  • Scissors' eyes and legs are closer to each other.


Scissors' audition is them cutting into what sounds like Woody, who starts screaming. Quite quickly, they then jump off.


Character killed Kill count Episode(s) killed
Ropey 1 "Reveal Novum" (along with Tennis Ball)


  • Their audition is a reference to Saw and Naily's audition.
  • In BFDI 24, part of Scissors's body is uncolored. Another recommended character, Candy Corn had the same problem.


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