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Spaceships are vehicles that first appeared in "Gardening Hero". They provide a way to travel through space.


It does not have a way to close the window, which is extremely impractical in space. Luckily, the contestants could still breathe in space because of budget cuts, so it doesn't matter.

There are built-in lasers that can shoot other ships, disintegrating them instantly.

Firey mentions a "super-speed mode", likely making the lasers fire at a very fast rate, but he never uses it. According to Leafy, it wastes lots of energy and isn't eco-friendly.


In "Gardening Hero", the contestants are flung into space due to "budget cuts". After Cake at Stake, the Announcer starts the next contest, which is to get inside a spaceship. He also gives them all immunity, but they can lose it by getting hit by something and/or dying. Leafy and Bubble get into theirs immediately. Firey struggles, but eventually gets in. Firey and Leafy shoot at Spongy, but he is able to dodge them all. Spongy then shoots Leafy. Bubble's ship is slowly sucked into a Black Hole. Spongy is then sucked into the black hole, but the black hole is sold due to budget cuts before Firey and Bubble are sucked up, too. Then, Firey's spaceship is also sold due to budget cuts. Bubble then shoots Firey and wins the challenge.

In "The Glistening", the contestants plan to go back to Earth, but their only spaceship is out of fuel. Leafy has a bag of fuel, but the Announcer says that it only runs on "Contestants". But that was a joke, as it actually runs on "Big Yellow Squishy Contestants", which refers to Spongy. They push him into the spaceship and return to Earth. At the end of the episode, the sign showing the fuel source for the ship is changed to "Voters".


Spongy's private jet


In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Spongy procures a "private jet", later also dubbed as an "airplane", to escape the underground's lava. The spacecraft appears to be specifically tailored to Spongy, and thus only has room for one seat. Like the other spaceships seen in earlier seasons, Spongy's private jet can reach space fairly quickly.

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