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The page or section below contains speculation. Make sure to take unsupported or loosely supported statements with a grain of salt.

Speaker Boxes are speaker-like mechanical creatures. They possibly come from outer space. The most notable member of the species is the Announcer, but they come in many other variations and shapes.


Speaker Boxes are divided into two main parts: A body, which is a colorful geometric shape; and a "head", which is semicircle (the head is usually silver, but can be in any color). The head vibrates as the speaker box talks.


All Speaker Boxes speak English in a mechanical voice. Speaker Boxes usually host competitions. They can do things that are impossible for objects. Speaker Boxes do have feelings, just like objects.

Speaker Boxes also have an affinity for money. It requires currency to keep them on the ground, and they usually change things around to account for any budget cuts. As so, they are easily persuaded by money, such as when the Announcer sold Dream Island to Leafy.



Speaker Boxes can cry, but when they do, they cry acid instead of regular tears.


Speaker Boxes have at least one hand, but it isn't visible most of the time. They have 7 fingers in each hand, though this may be specific to the Announcer only.

Notable Speaker Boxes



  • Thanks to Announcer's diary, some things about the Speaker Boxes are known.
    • They can't be on Earth without a built-in Earth attraction unit that keep them pulled to the Earth's core. If they lack one, or they don't maintain it, they will get sucked out of Earth and back to space.
      • However, the Speaker Boxes need to pay the costs to maintain it.
  • Their "home" is most likely the spaceship from "Return of the Hang Glider", though this could also just be a vessel to reach home.
  • Half of Speaker Boxes were dead and destroyed from Season 1, including Flower, Puffball, and Firey Speaker Box. Though may be recovered but never make an appearances.
  • It's possible the Puffball Speaker Box may not be a true speaker box, instead being more closely related to Puffball herself rather than the likes of the Announcer.
    • "Get in the Van" refers to the PSB as a member "of the puffball species".
  • The video "BFDI's Road to Half a Billion Views" features Tennis Ball Speaker Box, who is made by Tennis Ball himself. However, the video itself is non-canon and is Tennis Ball Speaker Box's only appearance.
  • The last page of Donut's Diary in "The Escape from Four" hints at an apparent connection between speaker boxes and numbers:

    "Dear Diary, today I experienced a feeling I never thought possible. I felt myself combine with the factor of four. Becoming a number revealed so much to me. I learned what's really inside the speaker box. It contains...It contains... Well, it's getting late. I'll tell you tomorrow, diary."