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Pin's Team, you'll be called "the Squishy Cherries."
— Announcer, "Take the Plunge: Part 2"

The Squishy Cherries was a team on Battle for Dream Island. The team included ten characters chosen by Pin in "Take the Plunge: Part 2".


Name Gender Icon Team status Overall rank Team rank Episode voted off Number of votes at point of elimination
Woody Male Woody TeamIcon.png Pre-merge 21st 12th "Bridge Crossing" 9
Pin Female Pin TeamIcon.png 20th 11th "Power of Three" 5
Snowball Male Snowball TeamIcon.png Merge 15th 10th "Don't Lose Your Marbles" 47
Match Female Match TeamIcon.png 14th 9th "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None" 66
Eraser Male Eraser TeamIcon.png 13th 8th "Vomitaco" 99
Pen Male Pen TeamIcon.png 12th 7th "Bowling, Now with Explosions!" 144
Blocky Male Blocky TeamIcon.png 11th 6th "Sweet Tooth" 6
"The Reveal" 112
Pencil Female Pencil TeamIcon.png 9th 5th "Rescission" 259
Rocky Male Rocky TeamIcon.png 6th 4th "Don't Pierce My Flesh" 319
Spongy Male Spongy TeamIcon.png 5th 3rd "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" 4
"Hurtful!" 432
Bubble Female Bubble TeamIcon.png 3rd 2nd "Return of the Hang Glider" 228 (To win)
Firey Male Firey TeamIcon.png 1st 1st Winner 406 (To win)


In "Take the Plunge/Part 2", after Ice Cube thanks Leafy for picking her as Pencil rejected her from her alliance, Pin suddenly chooses Pencil. Pencil requests Pin to choose Bubble, which she does, so Bubble jumps out of her recovery center and onto her new team. Pencil chooses Match to be on Pin's team to complete Pencil's alliance, to which Match is happy that she remembers their alliance. Announcer then suggests for them to pick a boy. Pin then asks her team if she could choose Pen for her team, to which Match agrees, so she invites him over. Match wants Firey to be on her team, but Pin disapproves. Match retorts what makes her the leader of the team. Despite the argument, he joins in anyway, saying that Match made a good choice for choosing him.

Pin didn't know who else to choose because she thought they were all pretty bad. Pin chooses Eraser as he was the least horrible out of all of the people left. Pen and Eraser choose Blocky, their friend, much to Match's dismay. Blocky then shares a high-five with Pen. Blocky then says with emphasis that the team should not pick Spongy, and he joins in anyway. Match gets mad at him and asks "What was that for?". When Rocky and Woody are left, Leafy chooses Rocky over Woody. Therefore, Woody is the only choice for Pin, and she starts to feel uneasy and barfs on him in disgust.

For the challenge, the contestants build a boat big enough to hold all of them, with Pencil, Pen, and Match acting as the team’s oars. Along the way, a leak forms in the boat. Blocky attempts to cover it up but gets bitten by a fish. The pain causes him to jump in the air, and he gets supposedly eaten by a Fish Monster. The boat continues to crack and leak until it breaks apart entirely, forcing the team to continue by swimming to the finish line. Pin eventually makes it to the shore and rips the finish line, winning for her team.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Pin is given a Win Token for ripping the finish line and therefore doing better then the rest of the contestants. For the challenge, Pin has Pencil, Pen, Eraser, and Spongy search for Blocky while everyone else runs the obstacle course. They find the fish that ate him when Blocky suddenly shows up, revealing that the fish barely missed him. After freeing Pencil from the fishes tongue, they start the course. Firey is the only member who finishes the course, but he’s unable to do the last step, filling a bucket with water, since water is his poison. This gives the Squashy Grapes an easy advantage and they win, meaning the Cherries are up for elimination.

In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", the Squishy Cherries face their first Cake at Stake and Spongy is eliminated with four votes. In the challenge, due to Woody and Eraser falling into a hole, Pencil and Match’s tests being set on fire, Firey hiding from rain, and Bubble’s test being ripped up by Pencil and Match as they thought she was too dumb to pass, Pin, Blocky, and Pen are the only ones who end up turning a test in. However, Blocky stole the test answers, so he and Pen’s 20/20 scores are set to zero, so the Cherries lose again.

In "Sweet Tooth", Blocky is eliminated with six votes, leaving the team with 8 members. For the cake baking challenge, every remaining member simply buy slices from Leafy’s massive strawberry cake. All except Firey and Pin, who make a chocolate and Flower shaped cake respectively. The Squishy Cherries win the first contest and Pin wins another Win Token. They lose the chocolate ball eating challenge however, so they need a tiebreaker. The Announcer gives both teams a necktie to rip. Snowball rips his team’s tie first so the Cherries lose.

In "Bridge Crossing", Woody is eliminated with a record of nine votes. In the challenge, everyone except Pin, Eraser, and Firey fall into the gorge before anyone could cross the bridges. With both bridges also destroyed, they need another tiebreaker, which is again to rip neckties. Snowball once again rips his team’s necktie, making the Cherries lose for the fourth time in a row.

In "Power of Three", the Squishy Cherries are temporarily split into two teams of three.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", the Squishy Cherries lose the puzzle challenge as they thought all of the pieces looked the same before realizing they’ve been holding them upside-down. The TLC is too full for another eliminated player, so the Squashy Grapes instead get to choose a member of the Squishy Cherries for their team. The majority picks Firey. The remaining five Cherries are left inside the room until they figure out the jigsaw puzzle.

In "Cycle of Life", despite their efforts to make the relay race fair against the Squashy Grapes, the Squishy Cherries still lose, but aren't put up for elimination as the TLC is still too full.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", the odds become a little more fair for the Cherries as the Announcer permanently splits the Squashy Grapes into two teams of five. In the six-legged race, the Cherries appear to be in the lead, which Bubble says doesn't happen a lot. Along the way, Bubble gets herself and the rest of the team distracted with her excitement over finally winning. Thanks to Firey screaming from his fear of heights, Bubble notices Another Name is ahead and the team rushes forward. Rocky then barfs in front of his own team, making every slip, allowing the Cherries to pass by and place first for the first time since episode 1.

In "Crybaby", in a three to two vote, the Cherries pick Snowball to join their team instead of Teardrop. In the crying challenge, the Cherries are never shown filling their tub with water, yet they are shown to have some, qualifying for the tiebreaker. For the ski challenge, everyone rides on Snowball as he skis (except Bubble who gets popped before the challenge). They end up hitting Rocky along the way and get stuck in a snowball. The same happens with Another Name, making it hard for the Announcer to figure out which team crossed the finish line in 1st and 3rd, so they need another tiebreaker. The last tiebreaker is a handstand contest, which the Squishy Cherries win with ease. Rocky then barfs on the Cherries, causing them all to slip, except for Eraser, who wins his second Win Token as a result.

In "Lofty", the Cherries unanimously vote Rocky to join their team over Golf Ball. In the balloon challenge, Bubble loses when Pen accidentally pops her and Pen and Match get their balloons popped by Leafy. Pencil has hers popped by her teammate, Snowball, as he didn't like how his team's balloons were pink instead of red like their team color. Snowball, Eraser, and Rocky are all finished off by Leafy and Blocky, but they place second and are safe from elimination.


  • When the team name was announced, Blocky expressed disappointment with the name.
  • In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Snowball called the Squishy Cherries the "Mushy Berries".
  • This is the only team to not have all the members reappear in Battle for Dream Island Again.
  • All of the team members who rejoined were male.
    • In contrast, all of the Squashy Grapes members who rejoined were female.
  • Both the highest and lowest-ranked contestants in Season 1, Woody at 21st and Firey at 1st, were on the Squishy Cherries.
  • They are the only team that has ever lost more than twice in a row.
  • Despite their initial losing streak, the Cherries still had 8 out of their 10 original members merge in BFDI.
  • After Spongy's elimination in episode 3, the Squishy Cherries had no armless members until episode 11, when Rocky joined the team.
  • Bubble is the only female Squishy Cherry who competed in only two seasons.
  • This is the only team Pin has been on without Coiny and Needle.
  • All of the teams in BFB had at least one member of the original Squishy Cherries, with the exception of Bleh and Newbie Alliance.
  • Pin is the only original member of the Squishy Cherries who has yet to reach the merge in any season.
  • Pin is the only original member of the Squishy Cherries who has been in every season of the show.
  • While neither existed yet, this is still the only team Eraser is on without Puffball and Fries.
  • This is the only team that Pencil, Match, and Bubble have ever been on without Ruby.
  • Eraser, Pen, and Pin are the only Squishy Cherries in TPOT.
    • Coincidentally, they are the three who had the most votes to be eliminated in "Power of Three".
  • This is the only team Snowball has ever been on that had the male contestants outnumber the females.
  • As of "The Hidden Contestant", there are no more former members of the Squishy Cherries remaining in BFB.
  • After the split, every remaining member of this team ended up in the BRB while none of the (original) Grapes did the same.


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