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Stapy with his team.

This article showcases Stapy's relationships and interactions with the other characters.

Stapy is usually calm and somewhat kind, especially to his friends. He tends to act aggressive towards others when Foldy is harmed or killed, he also occasionally has his rude moments that aren't influenced by Foldy however.



The two spend most of their interactions together in "Enter the Exit", where they are the only eliminated males who are sucked up by Four and are able to talk normally (Not counting Loser, since he was in the liar ball) and they both catch the eliminated females up on everything that's happened in the game.

Status: Friends


Killing Balloony

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Stapy pops Balloony to take the Liar ball from him.

Status: Enemies


In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Stapy is concerned about Bell not getting her cake.

Status: Friends


In Questions Answered, Stapy sabotages iance's buzzer, which makes Bubble not able to answer.

Status: Possible enemies


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In "Enter the Exit", Clock points out he was eliminated to Four and Stapy gets mad because he didn't get to see Foldy. When Clock says he shouldn't be there, Stapy tells him he just wanted to stay and watch the game, so Clock calls him a wannabe, Stapy attempts to threaten Clock but is sucked by Four.

Status: Enemies


In "Enter the Exit", when David says "Aw, seriously" after Four says that one of them would rejoin, Stapy looks at David with a thinking expression.


In "Four Goes Too Far", Stapy gets mad at Donut, questioning when his words got so powerful.

In "Questions Answered", when Donut gives his team a question only they would know, Stapy accuses Donut of being biased.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Stapy asks if it's time for Cake at Stake and Donut angrily finishes his sentence.

Status: Minor enemies


Even though they haven't really interacted, they are assumed to be friends since they are on the same team.

Status: Likely friends

Firey Jr.

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In "The Escape from Four", when the eliminated contestants are attempting to escape Four through Spongy's holes, Stapy stops Firey Jr. from travelling through Spongy, as he is flammable. When Stapy is sucked back into Four, he apologizes to Firey Jr. and allows him to climb through Spongy.

Status: Possible friends


Main article: Foldy and Stapy

Status: Best friends


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In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Stapy yells at Four demanding that Foldy be recovered.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Stapy throws a fork at Four for killing Foldy. Four responds by zapping him.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", when Four tells him that he didn't rejoin, Stapy says "Rats!"

Status: Enemies


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In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", when Fries scolds Foldy and Stapy for playing rock paper scissors, Stapy basically tells him that RPS helps them stress less and they'll guess who's the best in the challenge but bless everyone else on the team who isn't, in rhyme. Stapy would later get angry at Fries for accidentally killing Foldy in an attempt to get the basket down.

In "Questions Answered", Stapy is constantly annoyed by Fries telling him to answer the questions, Stapy assures him that what he's doing will help. When Stapy's cheating works, Fries tells him he did a good job.

Status: Minor friends


In "Enter the Exit", Stapy explains to Leafy how BFB isn't cancelled. He also asks her if Four is in EXIT often and what's happening outside.

Status: Friends


In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Lightning asks Marker and Stapy if they wanted to be friends. Marker said "nah" for both him and Stapy.


Dont take this out of context.png

Stapy, along with Foldy, seems to dislike Liy, as shown in "Lick Your Way to Freedom", as he grimaced at the mention of her name.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Stapy repeatedly attempts to undermine Liy, calling her "scared" and trying to rub in her failures in her face. However, Liy is unperturbed by all of this, only being slightly annoyed rather than angered or anguished.

Stapy and liy not enemies now.png

However, in "The Escape from Four", Stapy calls Liy's plan of stacking up to Four's mouth brilliant, although this might've been a joke as he raises his eyebrows to her. He then names off items he will use to stack with, to which Liy calls a very specific plan, but she tells him to go for it.

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", further showing their lack of their former rivalry, at some point, Stapy and Liy made up a back up plan if their attempts at escaping in BFB 16 failed. Liy tells Stapy that it's time for plan B and he listens, knocking down the stack of items, helping her hang the EXIT sign, and grabbing a hammer so that she could remove the boards from the door.

Status: Possible friends


Stapy and Marker hurting Lollipop.gif

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Stapy clamps Lollipop to death with Marker as a punishment for not being Foldy.

Status: Enemies


In "The Escape from Four", Stapy is happy to see Loser when he breaks out of the liar ball.

Status: Friends


Main article: Marker and Stapy

Stapy and Marker seem to have a close friendship, seeing they both play games together (like Toss the Dirt and Rock Paper Scissors).

Status: Best friends


In "Questions Answered", Stapy sabotages iance's buzzer, making iance up for elimination. Match gets mad and shows Donut the footage of Stapy cheating, putting Free Food up for elimination.

Status: Enemies


In "Four Goes Too Far", he and the rest of Free Food avoid looking at a twinkle-infected Pen.


In "Enter the Exit", when Pencil says she's been dying to get out of the EXIT, Stapy and 8-Ball agree with her.


Have a cup of tea! with my very best friend.png

In "Enter the Exit", Stapy is seen holding a tea cup with Pillow. This could mean they were having a tea party.

Status: Friends


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In "Questions Answered", Stapy removes the tape tied around Puffball to make his fake buzzer. Puffball later executes Stapy's plan by switching it with iance's buzzer.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Stapy asks Puffball to take care of Bell's and Foldy's cake until they are recovered.

Status: Friends


In "Enter the Exit", after the eliminated contestants get sucked into Four, When Stapy asked where are they, Roboty replies that he doesn't know.


In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", when Saw is about to ask Four to recover Taco, Stapy interrupts her, asking why she gets to choose a contestant to be revived.

Status: Possible Enemies


In "The Escape from Four," Stapy climbs through Spongy's pores along with the other eliminated contestants to escape Four. Stapy prevents Firey Jr. from climbing into Spongy as he is flammable, showing Stapy cares about Spongy and doesn't want him to get hurt.


In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Stapy says he's okay with X using a regular cake. He later asks if X is reading the votes backwards after he says that he's eliminated first.

Yellow Face

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", when Stapy asks if X is reading the votes backwards, Yellow Face says he thinks so.

Status: Friends



In "Fortunate Ben", when Beep starts to plummet towards the ground, Stapy says they need to learn about weight distribution. In order to keep his team from losing, he ends up cutting part of a mountain half, causing Beep to hit the ground first.

Free Food

In "Fortunate Ben", he accidentally staples his team within their paper plane and only barely manages to save them from being up for voting.

When he's eliminated in "This Episode Is About Basketball", he says peace to his team and hops away.