For the species of David and Dora, see David (species).

In BFDI, mainly in the commercials, stick figures with yellow heads are used to represent people. They are similar to David, but he is drawn worse and has a white head with grey facial features. Stick figures debuted in The Last Block, a non-BFDI animation by Jacknjellify. They have been used in several commercials.



  • A stick figure is used to represent Cary Huang in Ten Words of Wisdom and other carykh videos.
    • He has the name "Yellow Cary", which is a reference to Yellow Face's namesake.
    • Another stick figure called "Orange Cary" appears in other Carykh videos.
      • Orange Cary typically opposes or criticizes Yellow Cary, to the point where a challenge in TWOW was based off of simulating an argument between the two via response orders.
      • Orange Cary is often seen as the opposite of Cary.


  1. "Puzzling Mysteries": Popped like a bubble in the Bubble Transformer advertisement.
  2. "Crybaby!": Slam the head into the ground by a banana in the Box of Paper Slips advertisement when Yellow Face say "Slips".
  3. "Get Digging": Killed by unknown product.



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