In BFDI, mainly in the commercials, stick figures with yellow heads are used to represent people. They are similar to David, but he is drawn worse and has a white head with grey facial features. Stick figures debuted in The Last Balloon, a non-BFDI animation by Jacknjellify. They have been used in several commercials.



  • A stick figure is used to represent Cary Huang in Ten Words of Wisdom and other carykh videos.
    • He has the name "Yellow Cary", which is a reference to Yellow Face's namesake.
    • Another stick figure called "Orange Cary" appears in other Carykh videos.
      • Orange Cary typically opposes or criticizes Yellow Cary, to the point where a challenge in TWOW was based off of simulating an argument between the two via response orders.
      • Orange Cary is often seen as the opposite of Cary.


  1. "Puzzling Mysteries": Popped like a bubble in the Bubble Transformer adsverment.
  2. "Crybaby!": Slam the head into the ground by a banana in the Box of Paper Slips adverment when Yellow Face say "Slips".
  3. "Get Digging": Killed by unknown product.



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