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Stingers are short scenes that are typically played after the voting cards and credits, or after the main episode ends. The length of these stingers vary. These are mostly made for a quick laugh, but can sometimes even foreshadow events in the following episode(s).


Take The Plunge

Golf Ball, MatchSnowball, Teardrop, Woody, Needle, Tennis Ball, Rocky, and Firey are seen standing on Spongy. Match suggests that they should get back now.

Barriers and Pitfalls

Almost all of the contestants are seen in the Fallers Waiting Room. Golf Ball asks herself if the announcer will pick them up or not.

Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?

Tennis Ball, Eraser, Coiny, and Woody are in a small hole, all layered on top of each other. Tennis Ball states that he has to go to the bathroom.

Sweet Tooth

Needle's Cake in Space.png

A radio plays stating that there is a dangerous planet called Needle's Cake. Leafy says that it is big and calls Needle “Needy”. Needle then slaps her.

Bridge Crossing

Most of the contestants are seen at the bottom of the gorge, stuck in the water. Match asks where Golf Ball is, to which Pen states that golf balls sink. Tennis Ball adds that rocks also sink. This implies that Golf Ball and Rocky have sunk and drowned.

Power of Three

Some of the contestants are shown flying in the air. Pen states that the spring is really strong, to which Leafy wonders whether they're flying up or falling down.

Puzzling Mysteries

Pen finds two pieces of the puzzle that fit together.

Cycle of Life

Icy falling.png

Ice Cube dies 71 times because of a prank Blocky created.

Insectophobe's Nightmare

At night time, Snowball is exhausted, which causes him to fall asleep while crossing the tight rope, and he falls along with his team. Leafy says "When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation."


At the end of the episode, Golf Ball is sitting atop the tub of Another Name and rejoices about her very first tear.


Leafy and Blocky are shown stuck in the air. Leafy thinks that they should get down. Blocky doesn't care.

A Leg Up In The Race

Tennis Ball complains to Firey that he should not light people he does not know on fire. The scene then cuts to all the recommended characters on fire screaming.

Don't Lose Your Marbles

Rocky vomits multiple red balls from earlier in the episode.

Half A Loaf Is Better Than None

Needle, Pin, Coiny, Woody, and Golf Ball have a conversation in the loaves of bread.


Eraser complains about the fact that the Announcer isn't sending them any more tacos.

Bowling, Now with Explosions!

The recommended characters from earlier all of a sudden get set on fire. Yellow Face advertises a new product, which lets consumers listen to a weird noise he made 24/7. The product can have its volume turned up, but it can't be turned down. It also comes with superglue, which makes the product unremovable. After that, some scenes from the next episode are shown. Firey throws a blade at Pencil, and The Announcer revealed that a recommended character will join the game.

The Reveal

The Tiny Loser Chamber gets slanted by the sun.

LOL getting squished by sun.png

Reveal Novum

The Locker of Losers gets crushed by the sun, with the Tiny Loser Chamber on top of it.


The Announcer floats for a while, then slams on the ground. This is a reference to a page from his diary, which was featured earlier.

Gardening Hero

Leafy asks the Announcer since they're in space how they are able to talk, paddle, breathe, and not explode. The Announcer replies, saying it's because of budget cuts.

The Glistening

The Spaceship they used to get back to earth said that it runs on voters.

Don't Pierce My Flesh

Everyone except Bubble becomes Yoyle metal followed by Bubble becoming Yoyle metal.


Firey, Leafy, Bubble, and Flower continuously repeat a cycle of killing and reviving the Announcer.

Insectophobe's Nightmare 2

Firey, Leafy, Bubble, and Announcer get continuously killed and revived.

Return of the Hang Glider

After the credits, Pencil tells Match that the first and last spoken word of BFDI is the same to which she replies "Yeah!" Which was, in fact, the first word said in the first episode. Not only that, but it was said by the same person and said to the same person.


Leafy in YOYLEland.png

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

Leafy sits alone in Yoyleland while listening to an ad for the Leafy Detector on Boombox.

Get Digging

Fries stands around the holes that Nickel, Rocky, Dora, Bomby, and Yellow Face dug stating that they can stop digging.

Insectophobe's Nightmare 3

Frozen evil leafy's back.jpg

Evil Leafy emerges from Spongy's mouth and is frozen by Gelatin, who writes "first" on her back with a stick. This is a reference to a common YouTube trend, where people write "First" on a YouTube video the minute it gets released.

Zeeky Boogy Doog

Flower attempts to poison Gelatin, but he is unaffected because he's immune to bug poison. Gelatin then proceeds to freeze Flower and Evil Leafy suddenly appears and sinks into Flower. Yellow Face than appears on screen yelling "HELLO!".

No More Snow!

While the contestants are still cranking, it is shown that Match and Ice Cube survived the explosion from earlier. Nickel suggests putting the fire on Match's head out since they are in a forest, Match agrees and uses Ice Cube extinguish it.

The Long-lost Yoyle City

Ruby asks everyone how they'll get down. In the next scene, they are seen falling.


Welcome Back

Coiny appears with a bucket of boiling frying oil and offers Fries to do some "deep-fried breaths" with him, to which Fries refuses. Leafy appears from behind a bush and is ready to throw a knife at them, but is shocked at the sight of Coiny doing the "deep-fried breaths", and then proceeds to retreat back into the bush, looking petrified.



Getting Teardrop to Talk

You spin me right round.gif

X is seen in the night with a pile of Baskets. He puts four of them on each of his edges and then proceeds to spin around while screaming.

Lick Your Way to Freedom

David is seen licking a jawbreaker, whereas Nickel tells him to stop because they already lost. We then see that Taco is still trapped in that exact jawbreaker and remains trapped in there for days on end. Taco marks how many days she was trapped inside the jawbreaker with tally marks.

Why Would You Do This on a Swingset

Taco is seen lying on her teams' swingset, after breaking out of the jawbreaker she was stuck in. Snowball then appears with a roll of duct tape and offers to tape Taco back inside the jawbreaker.

Today's Very Special Episode

26024451 1601529416581519 227391517 o.jpg

Teardrop is seen sitting in an open field alone. Eggy approaches her and starts to tell her the story of when she never spoke. Teardrop gladly listens to her story.

Fortunate Ben

X is seen nursing his injured part. A song sung by a distorted voice is heard in the background.

The lyrics are as follows:

Glad to have 2 legs again,
 Glad to be an X again!

Four Goes Too Far

Bleh and A Better Name Than That are stuck on the moon. Golf Ball then asks if people are going to rescue them; a reference to "Barriers and Pitfalls".

The Liar Ball You Don't Want

Loser says his final words, which were cut earlier in the episode.

Questions Answered

Fanny explains to Bubble that Match was hypocritical to be mad at her because she did not know the answers to the questions for the challenge herself. Bubble thanks Fanny for this information. Fanny states that she hates her.

This Episode Is About Basketball

Donut walks by X and tells him he did a good job of hosting the contest for the day. X smiles.

Enter the Exit


Taco approaches Bell, who groans in disgust at the thought of Taco trying to use her once again. Taco tries to tell Bell that this is not the case and that she is only trying to converse. However, Bell is still in denial and states that she will no longer ever trust Taco. Lollipop stares at the two as Bell leaves.

Get to the Top in 500 Steps

Needle turns realistic after eating the cake Leafy gave her.

What Do You Think of Roleplay?

Eraser looks at Ruby. Ruby stretches into the shape of a pentagon and Eraser screams.

Return of the Rocket Ship

Gelatin says "Oh my gosh!" on a black screen.

Don’t Dig Straight Down

Puffball asks Four why X is still hurdling to the center of the earth, which Four says is such a silly question. It then pans to X, who is still hurdling to the center of the earth, and he says, “Why AM I doing this?” He continues for about 20 seconds before the video ends.

The Four is Lava


Firey, Needle, and Eggy are all arguing, while Leafy is sitting on the ground lost in thought. Coiny tries to talk to her and she immediately stops sulking, explaining to him that it's been so routine that she grew bored of it. Coiny tells her that The Losers! were planning to ask Four to revive their teammates that died earlier and Leafy reacts in happiness from Coiny's affection. Later, Eggy asks for Four to bring back their teammates and he tells her to get ready for a "surprise", reviving Pin, Cake, and Clock. To Clock's chagrin, he realizes that only now his teammates remembered him. Needle tries to explain to Clock that they forgot about him, but Eggy tries to lie so as to not hurt his feelings. Not fooled a bit, he asks what episode it is, and Leafy replies it is the fifteenth, causing Clock to sarcastically berate his team as he storms off.

The Escape from Four

Taco asks Four if the show will be OK, but Four reveals that they have advanced to the final 14 of BFB and shows the 14 characters.

X Marks the Spot

Four is happy that X is back. X is not sure whether he is happy reuniting with Four. He asks if Four is good at playing pattycake. Four responds that he's a pro at it. X says "I'm happy as well". It then cuts to the FreeSmart Supervan pulling up in front of Teardrop. Ruby says that they are going shopping, and Balloony complains. Leafy looks on the bright side, but then Balloony reminds her that she killed him. Lollipop then tells the Four Colored Team that they lost.

Take the Tower

Ruby picks up Lollipop in the FreeSmart SuperVan. Because the radio's broken, she decides to sing to her. Lollipop tells her to stop because she hates it. Ruby then picks Leafy and Woody up and Leafy and Ruby sing together. This causes Lollipop to become extremely distressed. Balloony screams in what is supposedly the BRB on a black screen.

How Loe Can You Grow?

X, still on fire, tells Four that there is still something wrong. Four isn't completely sure what the problem is, but then says that fixing it will be the next challenge. Balloony and Spongy are heard screaming in BRB.

A Taste of Space

Four and X are admiring X's garden, and the screen widens to reveal it's only Flower in a pot. Flower asks how long she has to stay there. X says 2 1/2 to 3 weeks should do the job. Leafy walks by and asks what Flower is doing. Flower tells Leafy that she is garden, and to save herself. Balloony, Spongy, and Ruby are heard screaming in BRB.

Let's Raid The Warehouse

Flower is telling Firey about her glittery fused fashion line outfit and asks him if he wants to put it on. Flower put it on for him and the outfit lights up. Flower tells him he looks radient. Balloony, Spongy, and Ruby are heard screaming in BRB while Loser stutters.

Who Stole Donut's Diary?

Four tells Firey they won’t tell anyone else they stole the diary, but also tells him to clean the entire railway as a punishment, saying it's looking kinda gross. Firey responds by saying it's thousands of miles long. Four then tells him good luck with that and leaves. Leafy comes and asks if Firey needs help and they hug, burning Leafy to ashes. Balloony, Spongy, Ruby, and Taco are seen screaming in the cages on the BRB while Loser stutters. Taco then says that Blocky released 58 pages of Donut's Diary online.

Fashion For Your Face!

Bubble is seen in the BRB complimenting Flower's sweater saying it's so "thick and fluffy" and keeps her from popping. Meanwhile, Purple Face asks Flower why has she been kicking people, while telling her its awfully rude. She says that "they deserve it", but admits that she was being a bit harsh. She explains how it was always a dream to distribute her own fashion line, and how it hurt for everyone to bash it. Purple Face says that he likes her sweaters, which makes Flower happy and give one to him. Flower and Purple Face are then shown dancing together as the onscreen text reads:

"With six purchases, Flower's clothing line "Fashion for your Face" outsold her previous venture six-fold. It also boasted an incredible 17% approval rating.

However, Flower's source of glitter was the emulsified magic Yoyle dust extracted from the peak of Yoyle Mountain. This was a huge economic blunder, as this extraction requires months of digging and trillions of dollars of equipment. Flower is now on the brink of bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, her plights are far from over, because the fibers of Flower's sweaters were foolishly made from the reed of the endangered Goiky bamboo. As such, Flower had to cause the deforestation of millions of acres of tropical rainforest to access these bamboo, causing ecological devastation worldwide.

As if that's not bad enough, a myriad of scientific papers have proven that emulsified Yoyle dust is toxic on human skin, which can lead to itchiness and, in rare cases, death. Flower has no lawyer available, should disaster strike. Despite all this, we congratulate Flower on her first satisfied customer."

The Game Has Changed

Blocky is watching the latest Woody's Funny Doings International on a tablet while in the BRB. The prank features Woody talking about how he's going to prank Firey and Leafy. Firey and Leafy are enjoying themselves on the Ferris wheel, until Woody unscrews a bolt in the middle of it, causing the wheel to break lose from the stand and roll out of control. Firey and Leafy can be heard screaming while it rolls out of sight. Woody laughs and says it's "pretty funny". Then the Woody's Funny Doings International title card appears. After the prank is over, Blocky says he'd knew Woody would be great at doing pranks, and calls it "pretty legit".

The Tweested Temple

Purple Face is sad that there aren’t more visitors in the temple, so he advertises more. The scene then fades out and cuts to the BRB and shows the eliminated contestants screaming. Ruby is shown up close with her tablet. She is disgusted by Purple Face's advertisement and blocks it.

The Hidden Contestant

Rusty Coin, Clip and Steamy walk up to Four, trying to convince themselves to join BFB. Four refuses and tells them to go away. Then he says to the contestants that they would be moving to another place. Rusty Coin begs Four to let him on, much to Four's refusal, then he drives away with the remaining contestants. Purple Face then pops up on the bus, saying that he is coming too, before letting out an evil laugh. Then he notices that sounded evil and stopped.

Uprooting Everything

Four says to the contestants up for elimination a few phrases about airplane food and bus food. Gelatin starts to boo him, but Four starts to take it as a compliment and Gelatin stops. Then, a few weeks later, a wall in front of Income Tax Return Document crumbles. He looks through it, then ducks to avoid being obliterated by a spike, revealing TPOT 1's release date.

B.F.B. = Back From Beginning

The Announcer is seen spending money on his laptop, when Taco asks him why he's spending the money, only for him to defend himself by stating they had enough money and that it wouldn't matter, and gives 50,000 dollars to Flower, who plans to make a real store with the money. Taco however, tries to tell the Announcer to stop spending the money, and he calls back to her to be quiet, and uses the disappearing control on her. The panel comes to X, wondering if Four will ever come back. As the screen fades out, a piano-version of the final notes in the BFB intro plays.

SOS (Save Our Show)

Flower and Gelatin are sitting in The Desert at night when Gelatin wishes Flower good luck on winning Battle for BFB to which Flower responds by wishing him the same back. Flower states that Four has been gone for a while and asks when he will return. Suddenly, a cactus moves and the ground starts shaking, Gelatin becomes frightened and asks Flower what she has done to cause this, Flower says that she didn't think she did anything. Then, a large crack forms in the ground and scares Gelatin who asks about what happened and what should they do. Finally, the ground stops shaking, leaving Gelatin and Flower confused about the event that just unfolded in front of them.

Chapter Complete

BFB 30 stinger scene .jpg

At the night time, it was shown that Firey and Leafy are still out in the ocean. They both argue and try to work together on making the first and the last words of the season which is "Hey!". X appears and said they need the boat's propeller for something and takes it away. Firey and Leafy both shout "Hey!" which makes their goal completed.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?

A flashback from about 8 months ago shows the contestants inside the EXIT, including Stapy and Liy, coming up with another plan to get out, and they take down the tower the eliminated contestants built, causing Four to nearly fall from the structure, and forming a dab. As Liy and Stapy build the EXIT inside, the rest of the eliminated contestants wonder what's going on, with Pencil in the lead. Liy is seen taking down the wood Four used to prevent her from entering in the secret door, not wanting to hesitate this time. She takes a staple and unlocks the door just before the screen swipes into a complete white with the words "To be continued..." on top, implying that it might likely be revealed for the upcoming episode.