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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Well, let's see if you could do any better, because the next challenge is all about food, cooking it, and eating it.
Making cakes without recipes is almost as bad making a cake out of 2, metal, balls!

"Sweet Tooth" is the fourth episode of Battle for Dream Island. It was released on April 1, 2010. This marks the first-ever BFDI April Fools video.



The episode begins with a "this video has been removed" message, similar to the one used on YouTube videos that have been removed at that time, but was just a quick April Fools joke. Then the intro plays at the beginning instead of after Cake at Stake.

After the intro

Leafy tells Needle (Needle slaps Leafy for calling her "Needy") that the Announcer is offering them something great but is suspicious of what he is. After this, Leafy attempts to dismantle the Announcer with a hammer but fails. Ice Cube sees this thinking that she's become evil, and despite Leafy's hug and apology for killing her earlier, Ice Cube says she wants revenge. The Announcer then mentions Cake at Stake.

Cake at Stake

At Cake at Stake for the Squishy Cherries, the Announcer enforces the fact that the Cherries lost due to them being "dumber" for having a lower test score than the Squashy Grapes, and states that one of them will go home. The voting screen shows 0 votes, and the Announcer says "Hold on 1/60th of a minute, that doesn't seem right." The voting screen is then corrected to 12 votes, and mentioning that it was the second time the tens digit was used and the third time the ones digit was used. The Announcer also said he was thinking it wouldn't work. After that, he reveals that he forgot to buy a cake and will be using a huge chunk of ice instead, which makes Match gag. Ice Cube moves in front of the cake as she seems to like it, and Announcer states that one of the Squishy Cherries will leave if they don't have a chunk of ice. The Announcer notices Ice Cube and flings her out of the area with a spring since she was on the other team.

The Announcer asks Pin if she wants to use her Win Token again, but still refuses as she thinks she did not do anything mean, and the Announcer brushes it off as he already knows why. As Announcer is about to reveal the contestants that received no votes, Pen says that it has to be Blocky as he mentioned in last episode, but Announcer reveals that it's not him and is all the girls (Bubble and Pencil) who received no votes except for Match and Pin, causing them to fight for neither having zero votes. An ice slice pops Bubble and another knocks Pencil out of the arena as well off beyond the horizon of the Earth. Firey, Pen, and Eraser are also safe. Announcer throws ice chunks at them. The ice chunk burns as it goes through Firey, turning it into water, and some grass grows where the water landed. At the same time, the latter two are knocked out. Blocky triumphs as he finds out he has elbow room. Match and Pin receive one vote "a piece", while Match quickly comments on how this (ironically) refers to them as "objects" and insults Pin a few times by stating that Pin is the only one who can only be considered an object, but everyone else does have their feelings. Announcer throws an ice slice at her. Pencil appears suddenly asking if she was okay, surprising Match as to how she got back as she flew so far beyond the horizon. Pencil proves to Match that she is hallucinating by turning into dumb Bubble, only to be slapped by Match stating that it was "K-R-E-P". As Woody and Blocky are left, the Announcer calls out Blocky's name, causing Woody to freak out again. Fortunately for Woody, Blocky is eliminated with six out of the twelve votes, with the Announcer saying "Whoa, Deja Vu!". Pen disbelieves that Blocky is out due to being a great guy and friend despite him killing two contestants (Bubble and Ice Cube). The Announcer has no remorse, only saying "Yeah, whatever." and Blocky is thrown out of the Cake at Stake area by the Sender Scoop Thrower screaming.

Icon Contestant Votes WT Total votes % of Votes
Bubble TeamIcon.png Bubble 0 No 0 0%
Pencil TeamIcon.png Pencil 0 No 0 0%
Firey TeamIcon.png Firey 0 No 0 0%
Eraser TeamIcon.png Eraser 0 No 0 0%
Pen TeamIcon.png Pen 0 No 0 0%
Match TeamIcon.png Match 1 No 2 8.33...%
Pin TeamIcon.png Pin 1 No 1 8.33...%
Woody TeamIcon.png Woody 4 No 7 33.33...%
Blocky TeamIcon.png Blocky 6 No 8 50%



Battle for Dream Island - Episode 4 "Sweet Tooth"

The Announcer says that the Grapes, the original losers, are now ahead with 9 contestants, compared to the Cherries' 8, and says that GB's chance of winning went from 5.555(repeating)% to 5.882%. Pin attempts to eat the ice cake but claims it is terrible. The Announcer tells Pin if she could do any better by throwing a cooking challenge and eating food. The intro begins to play again, but it is cut short by the Announcer after he realizes it was already played at the beginning. He then decides the three judges for the challenge will be himself, Flower, and the "Magical Die of Judgment" (despite Eraser pointing out it is just a normal die, to which the Announcer says "Um, maybe."). He mentions that the total scores will measure to 26, and introduces the ingredients (including a few unsanitary ones such as boogers and cyanide), stating there weren't any recipes to follow since they can decide what to make. He then states that the person who makes the best cake gets a Win Token and begins the challenge.

Firey baking a cake with himself.

Pencil and Match pick on Bubble for being dumb as they think she could not count to 3. Bubble refutes this as she only died before she got to 3 and attempts to prove she isn't, but she is popped by a strawberry before she gets to 3 leading to Match and Pencil still not believing her. Golf Ball is then seen repeating the word mix while mixing her cake. Snowball complains that lacking recipes is "as bad as making a cake out of dirt", flinging a piece of dirt, which Coiny begs to differ, stating it to be better than an ice cake, after flinging some dirt into the Oven-O-Tron. Snowball's flung dirt enters Golf Ball's mixture. Tennis Ball, already finished, then flaunts his rice cake to Golf Ball.

Eraser spots Leafy making a huge vat of cake mix (Pen spotted it too) and asks why she's making a big cake when she mentions that she's making it to lend it to people who have trouble making their cakes. Eraser corrects that he basically has Leafy do cake for him, she guesses she is. He then tells Pen she is going to give them cake and states that she wasn't planning to do so and forces them to pay the price by showing them cyanide, but revealed it was an accident and show the tip jar. She tells them to pay her at least $5 for 1 slice. Eraser has no money, so he asks Pen if he did. Fortunately, he does and decides to pay with $8 stating it was "enough" to Leafy's anger. Snowball, still angry, compares baking without a recipe to baking with two metal balls (which he then throws). One hits Ice Cube, and the other hits the Ice Cube Recovery Center, increasing the time to build a new one from zero to 75 minutes. Needle is shown pouring many bags of yeast into her vat (Teardrop was also seen passing by). Leafy then mentions that even at 8 dollars, they'll have 1 cake anyway, calling Pen and Eraser "Dum-dums". Pen then finds a $1.99 bill on the ground but ends up only one penny short. Pen and Eraser then use Coiny as a penny to reach $10 (Despite the Character Guide proving that Coiny wasn't a penny all along). Pin then shows Teardrop her intricate "Flower Cake" She seems confident she will get a 10 from Flower, but Teardrop does not say anything.

Bubble is shown counting not just to three, but to eight, leaving Pencil and Match flabbergasted and convinced that Bubble is not dumb after all. Golf Ball was singing when she notices the Oven-O-Tron finished baking her cake. She goes over and smells it. She notices that it has a dirty odor but decides she's just imagining it. Coiny's cake is done, while taunted by Firey, as he can cook his cake without needing an oven by putting it over his head and heating it (as he is a flame himself). Coiny is kidnapped by Pen and Eraser, much to Firey's amusement. Rocky, blatantly standing, randomly barfs onto his "cake", which is just a bowl of water. After Announcer says that there are 30 minutes left to finish their cakes, Match realizes that her alliance has not begun baking, and decides to buy Leafy's cakes from her leftover 20 dollars. Leafy begins baking her cake batter but notices Woody isolated. She offers him a free cake, to Pen's and Eraser's frustration. Match butts in, offering $15 for her alliance's cakes, and $5 for Woody's, and Leafy accepts stating that thinks it all works out. 29 minutes pass.


Since Ice Cube is nonexistent at the moment and being unable to be recreated for a while, due to the Ice Cube recovery center having been destroyed by Snowball, she is excused (XQZ'd). Bubble is first in alphabetical order with her strawberry cake, and Match calls her for good luck considering her a not-dumb-friend, and receiving an 8 from Announcer after tasting it, while Flower stomps on it due to being mad for being kicked off early, and starts to give it a 0 (because it was a "terrible" pile of goop), but then changes it to a 1 because she is "so nice", and the die gives it a 4 for a total of 13. For Coiny's dirt cake, the Announcer gives it a 2 for being inedible since he considered it unsafe, but Coiny says that his cake is still better than an ice cake, which rhymes with Tennis Ball's rice cake. Flower gives a 7 for the "effort" he put into it and also for the "wonderful" things it could have been. The die gave a 5, with a total of 14, much to Bubble's dismay, but Match reassures her that it's okay, mentioning that she can make the cake at a sub-dirt level. Next is Eraser, for his strawberry cake, which, due to it being the same as Bubble's cake, receives a 7 from Announcer, a 10 from Flower, much to his excitement, but a measly 1 from the die, making him disappointed again, for 18. Firey's chocolate cake impresses the Announcer because he didn't use an oven, and gets an automatic 10 for effort. Flower is antithetical to this, and gives a 3, with the die giving a 6 for a total of 19. Golf Ball's turn: the Announcer tastes dirt in Golf Ball's cake, much to his opposition. Golf Ball objects, by saying she didn't put any dirt in her cake, but the Announcer gives her a 0 for both 'putting dirt' and 'lying'. All three judges give her a score of zero, even the die. Much to her questioning leading to her trying to protest that a normal die doesn't have an empty spot (and this explains why it's so magical). Unfortunately, she is quickly shushed by the Announcer and is given the lowest score for her cake of all the contestants at 0. Ice Cube is skipped, leaving Leafy to be next. Announcer, irritated with so many strawberry cakes, gives a 4. Leafy retorts that she was the one who made the cakes, and Flower tells her to wait up and already knows her answer. However, Flower decides to use her spinner called "My Spinner" to decide what score she is going to give Leafy, which lands on ten to Leafy's excitement, but goes against this and gives a zero, confusing her. The die gives an unusual fifteen, for a total of 19, much to the surprise of the Announcer.

10 minutes later, the final scores are posted. Pin wins her second Win Token for the highest score at 23/26, most likely for her outstanding work on her Flower cake, and the Cherries win overall with 134 points to 121. The Announcer mentions to Pin that she can only use her Win Tokens one at a time. A chocolate ball eating challenge is held as Part 2, where the teams have to eat 100 chocolate balls in the fastest amount of time, with the fastest team winning. The Grapes win by a second. So both teams are on a two-way tie. The tiebreaker is a literal "tie-breaker" challenge, where the team who breaks their team neck-tie first wins. No one made a move, but Snowball easily broke it in half. The Squishy Cherries end up losing for the third time in a row.

The last day of voting is shown to be April 10th, and episode 5 is announced to be released on May 1st, 2010.


The episode concludes with a radio reporting that the Earth is now classified as a triple-planet system, consisting of the Earth, the Moon, and Needle's cake, which was supposedly a rapidly-growing cake (as Needle put in too much yeast) which separated from Earth. The radio comments that scientists are speculating that Needle's cake will start nuclear fusion and become a star in three weeks. Leafy makes the final comment, saying to Needle that her cake is pretty big, calling her "Needy" in the process. Needle then slaps her hard as the screen cuts.


Voice actor Roles
Cary Huang Ice Cube/Pin/Match/Tennis Ball/Rocky
Michael Huang Leafy/Pen/Firey/Blocky/Coiny/Pencil/Woody/Golf Ball/Eraser/Bubble/Snowball/Flower
AT&T/NaturalReader Mike Announcer
  • Needle appears; however, she does not speak.


  • Match is proven to hallucinate as Pencil returns quickly and turns into Bubble in her eyes.
  • There is a parody of the opening credits at 3:15 in the video
  • This is the first time Cary voices Tennis Ball.
  • The music for the "April Fools" joke and the Magical Die of Judgment are the same.
    • Also, that music was the tada.wav from Windows Vista to 10.
  • The scores for the challenge are out of 26. This is because Flower and the Announcer could each give a score out of ten, while a normal die can only give 6 at the highest.
  • Coiny is used for his literal purpose of an object in this episode. Though according to the Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide, Coiny isn't a penny.
  • The die lives up to its moniker as "Magical" as it gives a 0 (for GB) and a 15 (for Leafy) for scores, which is not on a normal die.
  • Ice Cube would've been after Golf Ball for grading of cakes, but being non-existent, she is skipped, and therefore, Leafy was next.
  • The contestants scores in no particular order: Pin-23, Rocky-22, Teardrop-20, Firey/Leafy-19, Eraser/Needle-18, Pen-17, Woody-16, Tennis Ball/Match-15, Coiny-14, Pencil/Bubble/Snowball-13, Golf Ball-0
  • Pin wins a 2nd win token from the cake baking.
  • Needle appeared but had no lines.
  • Leafy, Rocky, and Coiny compete in the chocolate ball eating challenge for the Grapes; Pin, Firey, and Eraser for the Cherries. The Grapes win by approximately one second.
  • Snowball wins the final challenge by ripping the team necktie of the Grapes first.
  • Rocky was the only armless contestant who competed in the chocolate ball eating contest.
  • Leafy was the only female contestant for the Grapes to compete in the chocolate eating contest, as was Pin for the Cherries.
    • Coincidentally, the two were the team captains and allies for the first episode.
  • The text on the display of the ICRCC read:
  • Innuendo: The way that Match says to Pencil "Don't do that! It is K-R-E-P" refers to the fact that she spelled either "crap" or "creepy" incorrectly.
  • The score of Rocky's vomit cake is 22, thus placing him in 2nd for the challenge, even though it's just a bowl of water and vomit.
    • This was the first time he had ever vomited.
    • Flower and Announcer gave 10 points each and the die gave 2 points.
  • In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Firey said he couldn't handle ice, but during Cake at Stake, the ice chunk went through him.
  • This episode is tied for the most challenges at 3, along with "Crybaby!" and "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None".
  • All of the assets for the ingredients in this episode later made an appearance in "Get in the Van" as the food stored in the FreeSmart Van.
  • It is unknown what kind of cakes Snowball and Teardrop made.
  • The storyboard for this episode was released on August 11, 2018.

Continuity references

  • This is the second time where 12 votes were cast. The Announcer once again comments that they weren't sure if the numbers would work.
  • Pin declines using her Win Token and attempts to say that there's nothing mean she did to deserve getting voted for, but the Announcer cuts her off.
  • Pin repeats "It's got to be Blocky" as he wants him to be safe with zero votes.
  • Woody panics over being in the bottom two again and sighs in relief when he's safe.
  • Pen argues that Blocky shouldn't be eliminated, as he only killed two people. Flashbacks to Blocky popping Bubble in "Take the Plunge/Part 2" and melting Ice Cube in "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" are then shown.
  • Golf Ball reiterates her chances of winning again.
  • Flower is brought back as a judge for the contest.
  • Match and Pencil continue to mock Bubble for being too dumb to count to three. Bubble attempts to corrects them, saying she died before getting to three but they don't believe her.
  • The ICRCC appears again when the ICRC is destroyed.
  • Pin wins her second Win Token.


The mirrored dollars on Pen's hand

  • Bubble appears when Pencil returns, without acknowledgment of the Bubble Recovery Center. However, this may or may not have been off-screen.
  • In the parody of the intro at 3:15, the music is louder than the traditional level.
  • When Tennis Ball shows Golf Ball his Rice Cake, the distance from Golf Ball is too short for a screen cut to be legitimate in distance.
  • Only one Oven-O-Tron is shown, while multiple cakes are shown - at different, but close times.
  • Match could not have known about Leafy's cakes up for purchase, seeing as no one involved with the purchases before her idea informed her.
  • When Coiny is eating the last chocolate ball, he has no arms.
  • When Pen went to go pick up Coiny, he was holding a few dollars which mirrored and switched into his other hand.
    • The $8 bill is also mirrored at 5:28-5:35.
  • The Radio broadcast mentions the Earth becoming a triple-planet system, mistakenly labeling the Moon as a planet.
  • When Eraser is asking Leafy why she is making a big cake, Eraser’s left hand is not on his body.


  1. Bubble is popped by the ice cake.
  2. Bubble is popped by a strawberry.
  3. Ice Cube is killed by a metal ball and doesn't immediately recover due to the ICRC being destroyed by another metal ball.
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